Monday, December 21, 2009

The Spirited Chart Of DongZhi

My friend BingBazi has been having a wonderful experience with the spiritual domains lately that he brought up some charts that is of interest in spiritually. Some of the questions that most obvious is as the followings: -
  1. How do you see one has YinYang ability.
  2. How do you know one has YinYang eye.
  3. How do you know one is gifted in the art of metaphysics
  4. How do you know one is a ghost buster
This chart belongs to someone I knew who has the YinYang ability. He is a Daoist Master (TianShi) and at times a FengShui master and also a Ghost Buster. 
One has the YinYang ability when Bing (the ultimate Yang) meets the Gui (the ultimate Yin) in the chart. These are what is called YinYang stars. The quality of the YinYang stars must therefore be further qualify, such as when Bing meets Gui, what does it portends? The GuiSi pillar at the month is so strong penetrating heaven and rooted on earth. His ability for the paranormal is extremely high. With 2 Gui protruding, that has also cost him dearly. Imagine how would the sun be when it is shrouded between clouds?
The Hai-Si clash is a strong indication of the crashing into the heaven's gate with again, the revealed of the Gui among others signifying spiritual entities. When the Li Gua imagery of Bing is among others rested among the heavenly clouds, he sees deities and demons. Very often he communicates with them to an instant he was accepted as a disciple to one of the Deity of very signification role in the Taoist Trinity. The Wu-Gui has the tendency to combine without transforming, indicating a strong affinity with the unseen world.

We often says that only the water day person can handle the art of metaphysics, because the art belongs to Fire. However, this is not necessary the case, as the art of metaphysics has the 5 elements where water and fire are the most obvious. For this very person, the chart follows authority, which is water. In his role as a Daoist and a medium, he finally found a niche for himself after many years of struggles with other ventures.

Being a strong 7Killing structure. That indicates his guts, among others to catch ghost and venturing into the realm of the paranormal. Strangely, we often said that a person must have a strong indirect resource in order to feel the vibes of the paranormal and yet no resource is seen in this person? Even without having Gui-Hai as his day pillar, he has managed to path the paranormal with ease, thanks to the month pillar. 

I take the opportunity of the arrival of the winter solstice, to wish all BaZi enthusiasts a happy DongZhi festival of TangYuan and family reunion besides the more happening Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Different Stroke

Finally, BaziDiary has got his inspiration back in the Chen Hour to update his blog. Welcome back!

What caught my attention was this statement: -

“… But by layering different ‘schools of thoughts’ the reading becomes more accurate. That is one reason why I always do my analysis (online consults) via a questions and answers approach…”.

Most school advocates the strength of the chart as the entry level in deciphering BaZi.

Take the following example: - This Yi Wood is born in season. Not supported by stems and branches. One school of thought states that when the season is supportive it is read as a strong chart, while the others; this is structurally a weak chart.

Let’s investigate further; the entire solid winter is present. Born at night Ding fire is very weak. Seated on water thus painting the entire chart overly abundant with water. When there is too much water will it uproot the plant? If the chart is read as a weak chart, wouldn’t water be his favorable god, as weak chart prefers to see resource?

From the dialogue with this Yi person, we found that water related issues were prominent. Yet, if it is a weak chart, why would that be an issue after all?

Reading it as a weak chart is not entirely wrong. A weak Yi needs resource, water. In the father palace, there is a resource star. Reflecting on real life, it is true he is very reliable to his father in terms of finance and materials. Because water is favorable, therefore the outcomes to him are favorable.

So water can be both favorable and unfavorable?

In the more so called advance level, strength of charts becomes secondary. The context of the chart becomes primary. We only use the strength as a point of departure, not entirely as a reference cast in stone.

The overall context will single out the useful element as in this case is…?

So, I quite agree with BaziDiary on the layering of different strokes, but I constantly remind myself not to be confused and fixated to the rule of the games. Do you think otherwise?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Judge's Chart

Seldom do we come across a chart belongs to a Judge. How do a judge's chart looks liked?

This gentleman is Ji element. Ji Earth is liked soft earth ie. Mud. Soft earth is afraid of being too muddy. An overly muddy soil will not even stick on the wall and rendered useless. He must at all times be watchful of the water elements. What is water to this earth person?

This Ji earth gentleman is born with a strong chart favors output and wealth. Output means he has the ability to write and to speak, and most important, he also looks good in the audience. The more he puts his thought into actions, the better he becomes and the more wealth he accumulates. The problem is that this Ji earth person lacks the ability to manage himself and organize his affairs.

His destiny revealed that his childhood and younger days are turbulent in nature. However, at the later stage of this person life would be good. Saying that this person is undergoing good luck is reflected from the 10 years cycle, however, good luck to him may also be a bumpy ride.

For example, he is currently in the Gui Wei luck pillar. He is geared in the 10 years to accumulate wealth. Yet, seating beneath his wealth is a Wei branch, trying to siphon his wealth away. That will not be a problem, if he makes more wealth then to be robed away by others. With the same token, he has to work doubly hard. The question remains, who are these to rob his wealth?


JICHOU year, a solid earth pillar. As this person is a strong Ji earth, 2009 would be an unfavorable year for him. Earth to this person is seeing his own images, meaning he sees stiffer competitions this year. With a weakened authority star, he too will encounter a lot of petty people. Assuming a lot of projects may be robed away from his desk with others disputing his actions and his action to come may not in any way resolve the problem.


GENGYIN year, with metal protruding. This year is better for this person as he seems to be a little harder working, putting more actions, more likely to produce more public speaking and to write more books. However, the undercurrent that his work may upset others is prominent. He needs to use his wealth to arbitrate his critics and to gain a larger audience. The more people buy to his idea the better he will become.

So, in a nut shell, a judge's chart is of no any different from a normal person's chart. The question is what if the judge's chart has lousy officer and yet officer especially direct officer is important to enable a impartial judgment be made?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Muddy Affair

A glance on this Ren water person is astonishing. Embrace by the solid wealth and resource, facing with the elegance of speech. Perfect for a leader or at least a super salesmen quality. Reminded me of selling snow to the Eskimo. JiChou for him is a little bit challenging and we just would like to know why?

First and foremost water needs to be clean to stay elegance. What we see is when a solid mud pillar comes in, pollutions sip in. Polluted water means polluted thinking. Our Ren friend is not going to think wisely. Not being able to think wisely will result in his unsentimental output. This is when the bumpy rides occurred. Born in the month when water is trapped, he favors resource. Resource is idea. Idea is wealth to him. When the year comes when he cannot think out of the box, what would his output be? Imagine stirring a glass of muddy water, would that makes the water clean?

The Ren person is destined to be the boss. Boss doesn’t work. His subordinates do. That is what makes him the boss. However, one forgets who makes the subordinates subordinate, if it is not the bosses’ boss? Err… a bit confusing. Don’t forget the boss’s boss is also the boss’s son. When Chou Wei clashes what does it means? Clashing with the boss’s boss means more confusion. Noblemen become petty people. Not others are petty but self being petty to others. Extremely calculative, becomes he.

GengYin comes with a different twist. Wants more? The same policy applies.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Lady Of The Nite

Sometimes one get a request liked an "Agony Aunt" in the Sunday News that sounded liked this: -

"My name is A. I have a friend (female), still just a friend, and so far I try to make approaching with her but until now I found that it's hard to make it. She know that I love her, but right now I feel she indirectly can't accept me (I still don't know the reasons, maybe about my character, my status, my wealthiness, etc not suitable with her preference?). And many times I try to make approaching but the results still not so good. Please tell me everything what you know about her life, especially in a romance matter. I just make sure that Is she a woman worthy to be loved? So I can avoid unwanted occurrence of love or marital in the future. She has exactly 2 moles under right eyes, and some of my friends said that this is not a good moles especially for woman but I don't know why. If you have addition information about her natal chart, please let me know. So far I have consult some BaZi Master and some of them said that:

"When it comes to relationship with the opposite sex, she is inclined to be overly assertive and this may lead to communication problem. The Hurting Officer suggests a tendency to impose her will on others and your actions can bring misunderstanding with loved ones. There is further harmful interaction of the zodiacs that impacts on her Spouse Palace. This suggests marital problem cause by money and third party affairs. Her chart indicates that she is very popular with guys and can be flirty. She is not the faithful type and can be quite rebellious. For her, the year of the Ox tends to make her prone to sexual entanglement....and so on"
Somehow we feel a little strange having to screen a perfect stranger for another perfect stranger. This comes to mind when someone actually pops in with a beautiful lady by his side, one fine day and start to ask you funny questions liked this. Will one say the same thing as said by the other masters? We send the man away and start to ask the lady in private.

Thus, this is a very interesting chart for a lady. With all the movements in the branches, yet appearing beautiful in the stem. Hidden 7Killings with the combination of the Direct Officer, not transforming, what does this means? "Thong Guan" water in arbitration, yet being the much needed resource on one hand and the lack of it on the other, what is going on with her mindset, thinking, emotions and if she is betray what would she do at the most extreme case? Would one take her as a wife or a concubine?

You let me know...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Strong Reacting As Weak - Where Does It Goes Wrong?

The case of a strong chart that reacts liked a weak chart. Salvaged from another forum of Chinese Metaphysics, a Wu earth male born in Singapore with a strong chart that favours output and wealth. Yet he is not satisfied as his life path does not match with the reading of the strong chart. We would investigate under ONE assumption: -

1) The first chart is based on his birth date and time in accordance to the country of birth. This concept is in lined with the notion of affinity and synchronicity.

His life path among others indicated the followings: -

1) For the first 20 years, he did well in academic achievement.
2) Relationship with dad is distant. Mother is close.
3) For the first LP, family conditions were poor.

Let us investigate these charts…

The first chart, Wu born in summer. Supported by Heaven and Earth. Strong self. Cannot be a vibrant
Chart. Ren and Ding cannot form wood. Some school of thought did not agree on this principle. The chart favours metal and water, among others are the output and wealth. For a strong chart, to be brainy as it claimed, the favourable gods must be prominent. A solid wealth at the hour pillar demonstrated such that this person has IQ, yet the tendency to combine and to clash away such by over self confident is significant and luckily does not transformed. So, the impact is lesser and unrevealed. On his own accord he will do well in school, although not without its price.

The father palace revealed a clash with the resource star and being unfavourable, indicated his distant relationship with his father. However, it is a different stroke for his mum, as revealed in the mother palace, mutually prospers with his resource. Because resource is unfavourable, his mum will have to toil for his livelihood.

Similarly, looking at his home conditions, a palace relationship clash occurred, activated by the 1st LP with the revealed of the unfavourable authority star, meaning their livelihood could have been better if his father would resume the responsibility as the bread winner.

So, this chart does reflect his life path after all, the only problem is the way it was read or as taught to him by others, makes it entirely lopsided as though it should have been a weak chart.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Boss Of "Cai Guan Yin"

Here is another example of "Cai Guan Yin". There is a reason to call it in the order of Cai, Guan and Yin, being resource is kept to the left. In this chart it is called Yin, Guan and Cai, a reverse order. What difference would that make?

Anyway, it is still Cai, Guan Yin structure. Not supported by season, neither are the stems and the branches with the exception of Xin. Can this chart be a fake follower chart?

Officer and wealth rooted. He is a well to do corporate figure. Only 2 roots as compared to 3 roots and yet make such a big difference, why?

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Case Of A Double FuYin

This is another interesting chart.

Jia born in the end of winter. Will this end of winter be an earth month or a water month?

Note also, all the branches are graveyards not supporting the self, neither are the stems.

Technically, this is a follower's chart. Indeed if it follows wealth, then fire, metal and earth are favorable.

Now, comes month, an accident happened to him that nearly cause his life. He is currently in the GengYin Luck Pillar.

Here, we notice a FuYin at the hour pillar with the month and the month pillar with the year. Would these crying events be of favorable? Best, would a follower chart ultimately follows?

Cai Guan Yin

This is an interesting chart.

Yi wood born in summer, supported by the branch and but not the stem. Technically a weak chart. So, favoring water, metal and wood. Liked the chart of the millionaire, he too should have been a millionaire indeed? With rooted resource, wealth and self, yet this person is only of a working class. Why?

So, does owning a so called, "Cai, Guan and Yin" means a millionaire chart? Think about it...

Then, what happened to him at the following day, with technically, in DingHai Luck Pillar?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Fake Follower Chart?

Is another Fake Follower chart season again. This time, will the fake followers really follow?

Ren water born untimely with no support from both heaven and earth. So this is a classic follower chart. With water revealed and rooted as a sub Qi in Chen, will this qualify as a fake follower?

Lets investigate further. Assuming a fake follower, making officer, wealth and output favorable.

She said, “My childhood (WuWu) was good did really well in school, had good friends, has lots of hobbies. Good relationship with extended family during this time…”

One perspective is, because there is no output in arbitration, her authority is “lousy”. However, because of the DE eclipse for her first 10 years matching her DE pillar in the natal chart, these “lousiness” has become very much less unfavorable. She could still be a fake follower.

She continued, “My teenage years and early 20s were not so good, that would be (Ding Si) Luck pillar.
Moved to another country, has an eating disorder, my mother drove me crazy, could not decide what career I wanted for the longest time. Finally went to college for graphic design. Generally lot of instability and worry during this time. A lot of men wanted to date me, but I somehow picked the wrong type of guy.”

Ren is afraid of contamination, notably by Ji earth. During the solid fire pillar, such contaminations result in confusion especially coming from her mum as it involves her mother palace. Assuming a follower structure, the outcome is favorable.

She resumed, “Starting at age 26-27 (Bing Chen) everything got a lot more stable. I moved in with my boyfriend and we have our own apartment. I got a job doing graphic design, very close to home, the people are nice and they seem to like me and appreciate my work. It is a little boring at times, not enough variety and challenge. My boyfriend is nice and loving, but he does not have any money. He works hard, but is irresponsible, spends too much and never remembers to pay his bills on time. I feel that he has to be monitored like a little child and I don't have any desire/ability to control someone else. He can be impatient and sometimes has bad temper. I met him when I was 20, we broke up after 2 years, then got back together 3 years later. I considered leaving him many times. He asked me to marry him, I don't know if I want to do that. I don't want to leave him either.”

First, there is a Chen-Chen self punishment at the spouse palace. Then there is a Ren-Bing clash. So, it tells the story of learning to live together is a greater “self-inflicted” task. They will consolidate their differences and live happily ever after although not without a roller coaster ride, given a follower chart.

She concluded by saying, “My relationship with my mother got really bad when I was growing up. Now it got a little bit better, but I still don't like her and would rather not visit her if I can help it. My dad is cold and indifferent and I never had any type of "relationship" with him. He is generous, but any time he had any intentions of giving me money (when I was a teenager) my mother quickly put a stop to it. She is very controlling. He only started doing really well financially when I was an adult. My relationship with my sister and brother is very good.”

Her mother is always there for her although her actions may be seen over controlling. That is the nature when a fake follower lacked output, having a wealth in her mother palace. At the end, it means well for her. Similarly to her father, with a lack of “relationship” due largely to the DE. No doubt, her relationship with her sibling is good, there is a tendency for a Mao Chen harm, which among others leading to some rotten relationship between her spouse with her siblings.

In summary, a fake follower does follow. Do you think otherwise?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Rich Man Chart

“… I have the set of rules from Joseph Yu, saying like this:

1. The DM is untimely and has no roots. Minor roots NOT in the month branch are allowed.

2. There must be one RULING GOD that is the strongest in the chart. This GOD must appear in the STEM. The ruling GOD MUST timely.

3. There must not be any resource in the pillars. Minor resource in the BRANCHES may be allowed*If Resource appears in the STEM, it must NOT have even a minor root.

4. There must not be any major GOD that controls the Ruling GOD.

Have a look over my chart if you are free.... I suspect my chart is the Follow Power... Then, if you are agreeing, all the reading is different, my DM becoming the RULLING GOD, which is METAL... “ – A Friend from Nusantara.

Let us look at the chart. Jia born in You, autumn month. This is called not being born in season or the self is untimely. True enough, not a minor root shall be in the month branch otherwise it will not follow. Jia is only earthly supported by Yin and next to heavenly resource Gui. This cannot be a follower chart. It is just another weak chart, as there must not be any resource in the pillar.

Because this is a weak chart, resource, authority and self becomes favourable. In fact, there are more to this chart! This is a classic example of a rich millionaire chart with lots of properties and inherited wealth. The only shortfall is the useful god is not rooted otherwise it will be superb. Anyway that can be arbitrated when the roots find its way in the Annual or Luck pillar. This friend can use all the 5 elements to his advantages. Just the luck pillars alone tell that this person is very lucky with little bumps in his road of destiny.

Luckily he does not inherit a follower chart, likewise as he says, all the readings will be different.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Case Of Miscarriage

This is a lady's chart who has 2 miscarriages in: -

LP: XinHai, BingShen month, XinSi year
LP: RenZi, XinHai month, RenWu year

The Question is what causes the miscarriage?

There is a tendency to combine between Mao and Xu to transform into fire. The transformation does not take place. Born in the season of Autumn with no support from heaven and earth, this make resource and self favorable.

Although we knew that a weak self will like to meet itself, in this case too much self elements are also no good as it makes the chart lop sided without the authority star favorable. With all transformation taking place to form water, she succumbs to water related health issue that results in miscarriage. Water, among other represents the urinary and reproductive organs and in this very case, gynecological issues with the weak womb.

Do you see this in her chart with the related LP and AP?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Built To Rule Or Cut For Business

First and foremost thanks to BaziDiary's announcement of going professional that I managed to receive a paycheque of USD38.00 from friends of this blog. A great thank you to our friend from Indonesia for his supportive gesture and material contributions. Although I do not fix a price for readings and most of the collections are ended up for charity, I must admit if I charge the rates similar to most famous academy in town, I will be filthy rich. But that is another story.

So as not to spoil the market rate, I will concurred the same as first an email to me with the respective date of birth and time of birth, the gender, questions limited to 5, consent for me to use the Bazi chart for this blog in a anonymous or pseudonym basis and a payment of USD38.00 to be paid first via the paypal account.

In return, the chart will be read and discussed in this blog. I must admit friends of this blog has been kind and kept their promises with one exception of the Romanian boxer. Perhaps, I did not read his chart as a strong chart that he is not happy with me? I guess, Bazidiary has had a gala time in Romania by now, but I dunno why he ended up in Vegas instead?

So, as an appreciation to the Indonesian friend, I attached herewith a request from Indonesia as the followings:-

"... I was wondering if you would read my Bazi? I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia (21-April-1982 @ 19:25). My business currently in mining and shipping. Also, since two years ago I join one of Indonesian political party. I was wondering whether or not the line of businesses that I'm in are suitable for me and should I pursue career in politics as well? I'm also curious regarding wealth and business for me in the future..."

This is a Jia self born in the season of spring where wood is prosper. One perspective said, when Jia is born in season, it must be read as a strong chart. So, this is a strong chart making resource and selves unfavourable. It also denotes that authority for this person is negative.

So, will a negative authority star people cannot be a good leader? The answer is NO. They can still be a good leader if they know how to use the negative authority star to his advantages. But this is just too "rocket science" for this blog. Generally, chart with negative authority star tend not to be people friendly, a little authoritative and pushy although with good intentions but was perceived to be negative. On another perspective, it also means there are plenty of petty people lurking to rob him, especially when meeting friends. I will say no to the bearer of this chart to go for a political career unless he knew how to use wealth to his advantages. Oops, did I spill the way out?

Business and politics, to a certain degree is similar. Perhaps Bazidiary can advised as he is a successful businessman. One just need to sell ice to the eskimos and that is difficult when one has a bad authority star. Saying so much, there is a catch! This chart has no authority star. With no affinity with his lousy authority will that make him a built to rule or a cut for business?

Think again, and you let me know...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Reaper And The Chart

Death can occur during Good Luck, this is NOT a Fallacy.

The protective element of the chart is REAPED off.

The useful god is DEAD!
The Self is vulnerable for attack.

BaZi Diary has notify us about his lost of a partner. We are sorry to hear that. As his partner's chart was put up, it will be an opportunity to see, for real case, as how the reaper works on the chart. The Ding self is strong, making resource and self as his vulnerable elements. This is elementary. A deeper look revealed that this chart is rather lop sided, being too many fires. So, output to him becomes important, his life source.

Comes Xin Chou, his guardian angel revealed. How bad could it be? Heaven and Earth are his favorable elements. He is destined for GOOD LUCK. Since metal is not in his natal chart, he has no affinity with this guardian angel. This is the first cut.

FanYin with three pillars! Not enough? Removed away all his useful gods, when Chou year comes in with a revealed Ji, Ding is no longer a strong chart. The clash of the graves with lure and support by season also pulled the Ding into his own grave making it a grand finale. The self finally was broken.

On a XuanKong level, there will also be a FanYin in the abode of his residence and I reserved such discussions for another blog on another day.

So, quickly scan through your own chart and if preventive is not an option, then lived life to the fullest! On a lighter note, since BaZi Diary has gone professional, an investment of USD 38 is a good bargain for this piece of information. Liked the saying goes, preventive is always better then cure, so hurry up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When The Self Is Surrounded By Many Selves?

While reading BingBazi's first entry regarding FuYin, I was attracted by the facts that the chart with the Ren self was indeed surrounded by many selves and these had made the readings even more interesting.

First, we rekoned that this Ren person belongs to the strong self. Strong chart disliked seing self or rob wealths.

Second, stems revealed that the self is squeezed by both self and rob wealth in the month and hour pillars and what would that represents from his teenage to his old age and from his parents to his children?

Third, are the water stems rooted? Take a peep into Shen Zi Chen, will a transformation take place? Even more will Si and Shen combine and transformed into water as well?

Fourth, if transformed elements became so easily available, what would have happened to this rich man's chart?

Fifth, for sure when one is that rich, life will be different. There will be tendency for the earthly branches to have undercurrent, to get close to the wealth and in this case will the rich old man loose everything? This, perhaps BingBazi can revealed.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A New BING Is Born

One of the most frequent contributor to this blog has finally been addicted to the world of blogging and decided to graduated from the cocoon of YI Bazi to his own and lets give a warm welcome to BaZi blogger Mr. Lwee Wan Sim of

Over in YI Bazi, I may have lost a frequent contributor, but rest assure he will be popping in from times to times to do what he does best, commentaries in the method of BaZi readings. We often find bucket loads of gold nuggets from his commentary especially of methodology of the Art of deciphering BaZi.
I must admit that he came from both the imagery school and technical ZiPing method. If one finds his unreserved manner of technical readings to be both profound and interesting, till he tells you about imagery readings. One will never be bored by his straight forwardness.

Being in a teaching professions, I was told he has seamlessly shared his passion in this art almost double up his classes as a metaphysics classes as well, part time. His exposures to many students has been a great source of learning experiences to him as he is known to know his student by person and not just a student. I knew, because I was his student before about a dacade ago, in mathematics. So, I suggested to him to put up more charts pertaining to how to identify a student leader or someone who can lead, how to identify straight A students and most important of all how to identify a genius! Then it will be a good tapestry among YI Bazi, Bazi Diary, Shi Xiang and now, BING Bazi.

A link will be provided in this blog and I have just confirmed with him, he is currently finding his ways to work around Blogger's Templete and in due time, another BING will shine brightly on the bloggersphere of BaZi.

Look out for the

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Case Of A Childless Couple

There has been many questions related to wealth, health and career. Lwee has been instrumental in providing cases relating to health. Currently I was reading a case about childless couple that I wish to share. Attached is his request:-


My wife and I are childless, due to two miscarriages. Are we fated not to have a child? Even adopting (illegal way) many years ago met with obstacles ie. the authorities were clamping down on the activity. We, especially me, occasionally get depressed of the current (childless) state we are in.

Born Yi wood at the end of autumn season. Not supported by Earth and neither is supported by Heaven. Technically speaking, this is a true follower chart, favoring fire and earth. Most fear of resource, water and self, wood. Authority could have been favorable, but because there is another output that will eventually keep his authority at bay, unless wealth is there to arbitrate, but is not seen. Heavenly clash of Bing and Ding and earthly harm in Xu and You among the self, parents, ancestor and children palace summarized part of the reasons of being childless and emotional stress that reach beyond the couple and also the immediate family.

Investigating the children star, for a Yi male, authority star among others represents children. Noted that the Heavenly clash of Bing and Geng. Another clash of Bing and Geng occurred making it a three tier whammy. These are seen. The unseen revealed harm into the marital palace making childlessness an issue between the couples with their family especially the mother. Xu and You harm usually denotes physical or bodily harm, because it is unseen, there are implications that in the anxiety of getting a child, intake of food or practices, through a slow process may have affected the miscarriage.

As this is shown in the natal chart, it is a difficult to break the spell, although he may try again in the GengYin luck and XinMao luck, although he must be wary that it is another FuYin for both luck pillars affecting the children star and self. As to why a preference is given to a metal stem, is that the authority star is revealing. Unfortunately, there are again, obstacles – FuYin.

FuYin, is known as crying event. Liked BaZi Diary experienced from his wife’s chart revealing through his blog, “…There was a FuYin in my wife’s chart – but I didn’t expect that it would mean losing a dear friend…” the gravity could sometime be heavy. So, stepping into his shoe, I would not take the risk although through some FengShui help, the crying event would actually mean he would finally have his own child!

Because metal to him is not favorable, no point taking the risk.


What would one suggest to make this person to have his own child or is this the end of the road?

PostScript: A harm in the home conditions, for a FengShui master's concerns and perspective also indicate a foregoing FengShui problem affecting the household. Most likely in the SanHe view, it indicates that the water is exiting at Conception (Tai) palace.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Fake Follower That Refuse To Follow?

In one of the commentary to the tread, MYL has requested for a reading of a female chart that is seen as a fake follower chart as the followings: -

“… Please kindly confirm that my diagnosis of the following chart as fake follower is correct?
Year: Gui Mao
Month: Ding Si
Day: Gui Chou
Hour: Yi Mao
I understand that the favourable elements become Fire and Wood?...”

Technically speaking, Gui self born in Si month, not in season. Not supported by the branches neither are the stems with a small exception of Gui, at the year pillar. Because Gui is not rooted at all, it can be construed as a fake follower chart, following summer season which is wealth. So her favourable elements are fire, earth and wood. All the presumably negative stars become positive. Here we shall match her life path to determine does a fake follower really follow.

[MYL Quote]: I did ask her to give me a bit more insight of her life. I have also known her for some years now and she has generously let me practice on her chart while I am struggling to make sense of what I had read on BaZi! She told me that she was born overseas (country 1) and spent her earlier years there. The family move back to the parent homeland (country 2) when she was about 7 or 8 where she started to learn new language and new custom at new environment. But she does not think that it is stressful to her, she said may be it is stressful for her parent but since she is too young to know any better, she does not think that it is a bad period for her. The family was not rich but she was well provided for within reason.

[DY Response]: Rendering her coming of luck to be WuWu, the revealed earth is generally favourable to her. There is a harm at her palace of home conditions which affecting her authority, here generally means she needs to learn a new custom and a new language. The classics note that this is called the temperamental harm, among others signify the lack of patient and small anxiety. But she may be too young to recognise as something serious.

[MYL Quote]: At the final year of Ji Wei period (1990) she obtained foreign country scholarship (country 3) where she met her husband, married and settle down there now. She had some hard time to obtain employment during the early year after she had moved to the new country but she got something eventually and so during her Geng Shen and Xin You periods, she thinks she had an average luck as well. So it seems her life has been quite comfortable since childhood until now.

[DY Response]: JiWei solid earth pillar, authority revealed and rooted, she got married. That is natural. However, when the solid metal luck comes in as her resource star, will that be still comfortable for a weak follower chart that disliked to be strengthened? Here, the fake follower does not want to follow?

One perspective states that the season of summer weakened the negative resource of her luck pillar, providing yet another line of defence. That is where it is just another mixed luck, average.

Another perspective states that when the resource revealed, if it is a real follower chart, the effects will be detrimental as the structure will be broken. However for a fake follower, it will be read as a weak chart. So the fake follower cannot follow and the self find itself surrounded by negative stars.

[MYL Quote]: Luck started to turn in 2006 during her mid Xin You Period, her father fell and broken a leg, an arm and pelvic and while waiting at hospital for operation suffered a stroke which paralysed the other leg. She herself had a health scare during this period, which makes her to let go of her employment. She had been given a clean bill of heart now but her father just had another operation last July and she is wondering whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel as she is about to enter her Ren Xu and Gui Hai cycles.

[DY Response]: Did not have a chance to look at the starting and ending year for her luck pillar but from a reverse engineering, 2006 BingXu and subsequent, these movements of the earthly branches make a health scare out of her and metal luck is not consider to be favourable either. Generally the challenging time ahead should have been the metal and water lucks. Since she survived the metal luck period which is by degree is much detrimental then the water luck and at these age, health will generally be an issue. One will have to narrow in to take care of the particular years with her negative stars revealing particularly water and metal with clashes and combinations that may combine away or clashes away her useful gods.

Perhaps this might help.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Family Chart With Disciplinary Problem

Seldom do we discuss the BaZi of the entire family. So, I took the liberty to put forth a family chart for discussion. Qian represents the father, Kun the mother, Xun the elder daughter and Li the youngest daughter of the family of four, living in Europe. Let just not complicate matters, how would a FengShui master goes about it putting the tapestry of these charts into a collective whole?

Among others, the predicaments of this family are as the followings: -

Qian’s career is static, it is difficult for him to achieve his goals as an electronic engineers. In fact, he is a bit fed up by electronics and would like to go back to his real interest: mathematics.

Qian and Kun have a very bad relationship with their eldest daughter who is 15 this year and impossible to manage, giving eventually way to bouts of violence against her father, and breaking things in her bedroom where she locks in when in wrath.

The assumptions are Hour of birth for the Kun is unknown as she has difficult family history with unknown parentage and some violence.

Qian, technically a fake follower undergoing JiaShen or YiYou luck, risked of being just a weak chart instead. Daughter palace indicates elemental producing in, so it is auspicious. In the context of a fake follower chart following wealth, then wealth which is auspicious and thus, weakened. Then, why would there be bouts of violence from his daughter instead? Is she not her biological daughter? So, my take it cannot be a follower chart but just a weak chart. There is where the father spoilt her daughter by over providing her. Again, this is another problem with a lousy officer star.

Career palace of Qian revealed an elemental clash between his resource and output. That is where he is not feeling that his goal has been achieved. With the authority with no root, things may be a little difficult for him. So, as a note, he has authority issue which not keep tab may ended up with legal matters.

Kun, technically a weak chart, with the correct element at the correct daughter palace, things should not have been difficult for her. So, the hour pillar may have been wrong. In terms of disciplining her daughter, without resource, authority for her is unfavourable and beside, authority does not revealed at all.

However, another school of thought provided that the self is a stubborn fire pillar supported by wood season and strengthened by another fire at the side. So this could well be a strong chart. She too has a lousy authority star to start with.

Xun, technically a strong chart as there is a fire frame supported by season and lure. With the absent of the father’s star, she may not have the affinity with her biological father and could that be the case? If not then the father only acts as a material provider for her. A palace elemental revealed that a producing out into her authority star which is revealed and yet weakened by the resource which happened to be the mother, then her authority star is indeed a lousy one. It all boils down to disciplinary matter and the sources are her parents. Over provisions can some times be a harming factor.

So, if one is auditing the FengShui of the house, from the readings of the charts, one could zoom into the officer issues either there could be mismatched in water flowing out of the officer palace or there is a ShaQi located at the officer’s location. That will be the tale for another day.

For a friend who has asked the question as to how do we read the BaZi chart in correspond to a FengShui audit, this is an example. Ultimately, I honestly could not understand that there are respond to say BaZi is not require in the art of FengShui. Perhaps I am a little dull to see beyond that.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breast Cancer

This is the chart of a 50 years old lady who was diagnosed with cancer of the breast in this ji-chou year.

She has undergone an opeartion and is being treated with chemotherapy. Can you see the image of an operation from the chart?

She entered into her present geng-chen LP in 2003.

This is a strong geng DM. So, the negative stars are the fire, earth and metal stars. As you can see, the earth and metal stars are strongly rooted and the end product is a very strong presence of metal stars in the chart.

What happens when she moves into the geng-chen LP?

Obviously, the chart will be overload with metal stars as chen-you combines and transforms into metals stars with geng protruding. The strongly rooted earth stars from this ji-chou year is the final blow.

Can you see the consistencies in the charts of people who have serious health issues?

Therein lies the POWER of BAZI. There are so much more.......

Let us pray and hope that she too will recover.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cancer Of The Nostrils

This is the chart of a good friend of mine whom I knew since the schooling days. He is now 47 years of age. He was diagnosed of having cancer of the nostrils in early 2006, which was still technically yi-you year then. He entered the negative ren-zi LP since 2001.

This chart is similar to the previous eyes problem case in many ways.

We shall again begin our analysis from the strength of the DM.

1st criteria : strong - wei is summer season since ding is in the stem (month stem).
2nd criteria : weak - yin against chen and chou.
3rd criteria : strong - jia and ding (month stem) against ren.
Note that ding-ren does not transform because it is not supported by the summer season.

Overall : 2 strong against 1 weak makes him a strong ding DM.

Just like the previous chart, the chou-wei earth clash will release all the negative stars of water, wood and fire when activated since these 3 negative stars are protruding in the stems. Again, water stars strengthen the wood stars and the wood stars strengthen the fire stars which also take roots in the wei month branch. So, this chart is also overload with the end product of the negative fire stars which causes this chart to be off balance.

As for timing, you should be able to tell why ren-zi LP is bad compared to the previous xin-hai LP and all his earlier LPs. Perhaps, the 2 dings in the middle of the chart give the image of the nostrils.

I really pray and hope that he will recover soon. He has 5 children and the eldest is only 16 years old. I remember one wise man said before: "Health is the greatest Wealth; Contentment is the greatest Happiness".


Sunday, July 19, 2009

A case of a very bad eyesight problem

This is the chart of a 17 years old boy who is already blind in one eye and almost blind in the other due to very high power. Normally, serious health issues can be seen in charts that are very ill balance due to the presence of a very strong negative star.

Let us analyse beginning from the strength of the DM.
1st criteria : strong - the chen month is a wood month because jia wood is protruding.
2nd criteria : weak - wu against xu and you.
3rd criteria : strong - jia and bing (month stem) against gui.
Overall : 2 strong against 1 weak. Therefore, this is a strong bing DM.

This chart is unfortunate because there is a xu-chen clash which will release all the protruding negative stars when activated. Water stars will strengthen the wood stars and the wood stars will ultimately strengthen the fire stars. So, this chart is out of balance due to the strong presence of the fire stars which are also rooted in the fire horse.

The heart, eyes and blood are the fire parts of our body.Can you see why it's the eyes from the chart?

Some people think that earth clashes will always bring about health problems. This is not true. If the clashes release positive stars that are protruding in the stems, then it can actually be favourable.

Good health to all, Lwee.

PostScript: Lwee has brought up a novel idea in the interpretation of the strenght of this chart. We are being taught all this while that Yin Mao and Chen were the three seasonal frames representing Spring seasons. The Taiwanese method further described that in the first 9 days, Chen is dominated by Yi, for the subsequent 3 days, Chen is dominated by Gui and only for the last remaining 18 days, Chen becomes a truly earth star. Counting backward, it could have been the days when Chen is dominated by Gui, therefore may be read as not in season. Although Lwee and myself do not subsribed to this method of postulations, however, it could be a worthwile topic for discussions.

Another Fake Follower ?

It was quite strange that when I started, I met whose blog has been dedicated towards applying the art of BaZi to his daily appetites. Then it was an appetizer that has sparked many interesting ideas to come. Especially associating with a Ren personality with many ideas that can potentially be monetized, as he said. Then it came ShiXiang from that made the entrée with deliciously translated BaZi literatures from various sources to the otherwise English speaking communities that solely depended on books by currently 2 most prolific writers whose work only acts liked a teaser to the highly priced live courses to come. Hats off to him as he is assembling the entire rule base of BaZi from various schools and non biased compared to myself, although the adverts on his blog is some times, quite annoying. As for, it will be another platform to spur discussion making it as dissert. Almost liked a salad bowl that makes the three comes together. Liked I always say, the SanYuan began with the three. So, with this blog, I received many queries ranging from reading a chart to identifying a structure especially pertaining to identifying the strength of the Self or the day master. Similarly to the fake follower chart of Miss Blue River, another lady by a pseudonym of CWC has the following request to make,

"... I have been following your blog with much interest. Since I am intrigued by Bazi and have been reading on the subject, your sister blog YiBazi came on timely and with much information too especially on determining the strength of the DM. I am a self-taught Bazi enthusiast and so far knew only that season determines the strength of DM as was given to understand in the books I read! Hence what I learnt from your blog actually overturns what I knew and which means I am not too sure about my own DM now. Could you enlighten me on the strength of my own DM and my favourable and unfavourable elements?
I am a female with this BaZI elements:

Year : Ding Hai
Month: Ji You
Day: Ji You
Hour: Ren Shen

Now, I interpret myself to be very weak, even perhaps a fake follower chart....

1. Not supported by the Season
2. No root in the branches
3. Only a resource Ding in the Stem of Year Pillar.

Thanking you in anticipation. Also thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely with people like me who is interested in Bazi but couldn’t afford the hefty fees to attend the classes offered…”

To start the ball rolling, my take is this is not a follower chart. It is just another weak chart. If recalled, ShiXiang did mention the followings: -

In determining the strength of the day master, The Three Main Rules are

1. The Season

2. The Ground

3. The Heaven

Here, Ji earth born in You month where metal is strong and water is prosperous, earth is however, weakened. Therefore, Ji self is not born in season. Second, one do not view on ground as just as just root. When there is no other earthly branch that support the self liked fire or earth (root) one can conclude it is not supported by Ground. Thirdly, the heaven. Here it is a little complicated as Ren and Ding may combine and transformed into wood. The question is will this transformation take place? Here, again ShiXiang has written a good piece of guideline as it states,


The eight month of rooster, Ren Ding does not transform.

When this transformation does not take place, it will render the chart as a weak chart. One has a self element and resource to break, even a fake, follower chart structure.

Therefore, in reading a weak chart, its favourable elements are earth, fire and in this case, even wood. Again, why is there a tendency to combine Ding and Ren when they are so far apart? Perhaps ShiXiang can write a piece of work on this.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chart of Tiger Woods

This is the chart of one of the most successful golfer in the world. Of course, this chart belongs to the one and the only Tiger Woods. He is a weak geng DM and he has his positive resource, officer and wealth stars all protruding in the stems. On top of that, his useful god, the earth stars are strongly rooted. His wealth stars, which are the wood stars are also rooted.What a fantastic chart!


PostScript: Just in case, one don't know who this personality is, attached herewith is his write ups from Astro-DataBank.

American golfer who is perhaps the best young golfer in history. On April 13, 1997 he catapulted to fame when he gave a record-setting performance the likes of which golf had never seen. With a record-setting score of 270, he became the youngest winner and the first person of mixed race in the 61-year history of the Masters to achieve such glory. He followed his victory with several more. In 1999, he won the World Cup for both individual and team performance. With his eight-stroke victory at the British Open, Woods became the youngest player to complete a Grand Slam on July 24, 2000, winning all four major championships: the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA. In his unprecedented career, he is the first player since 1937 to repeat a win in the PGA Championships. With his victory in Augusta, GA on April 8, 2001, Tiger Woods swept modern golf's four major championships. No one has succeeded in this sport more quickly or decisively than Woods.

Before his 1996 professional debut, he was the youngest player to win the U.S. Junior Amateur title at the age of 15 and the first to win three of them. He left his amateur status and moved on to the pro circuit on August 28, 1996. In December 1996 and in 2000, he was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year, becoming the first athlete to ever be accorded that honor twice. In 1997 he signed endorsements with both Nike and Titleist that were worth $60 million over five years. His coach since 1992 is Butch Harmon (born August 28, 1943 in Detroit, MI).

Woods is known as a fine man who was raised with love, rules, respect, confidence, and pride in his heritage that includes one-eighth Black, one-eighth American Indian, one-fourth White, one-fourth Chinese and one-fourth Thai, an All-American mixture. His parents raised their only child to take a productive place in society. His father Earl Woods, a retired military man, gave him his first golf club at the age of three and taught him concentration. When Tiger practiced as a kid, his dad would shout, wave things, run around and do whatever he could to distract him, from which the young Woods learned to focus. Now as a professional on the green, he will smile and wave at people, but when he turns his attention to his game, he moves into a zone that is focused. Earl Woods wrote a book about his famous son aptly named "Training a Tiger," published in June 1997.

A Buddhist, Woods confirms that he meditates, but not as much as he used to. Though his world has become a glittering succession of private jets, chauffeured limos and room service, friends say that he is still his own easy-going, video-game-loving young self. Before his 25th birthday, Tiger broke up with former girlfriend Joanna Jogoda and his dad remarked that he’d probably not marry before 30. Young Woods had other things on his mind that year, including his game. In October his book, “How I Play Golf,” was published. Showing that he enjoys a good time, he dyed his hair blond on a short-lived whim while he was partying at a resort with his pal Michael Jordan over New Year’s.

On April 14, 2002, at Georgia's Augusta National Golf Club, the golfing great captured his third Masters crown -- joining Jack Nicklaus (who won in 1965 and '66) and Nick Faldo ('89 and '90) as the only men to win back-to-back Masters tournaments. With a final round 71, Woods shot 12-under-par 276 for the tournament and collected $1,008,000. Later that year, in July, Tiger met his new girlfriend, Elin Nordegren, 22, a gorgeous blond model and nanny. On November 25, 2003, they became engaged at a game reserve in South Africa, and they married on October 5, 2004 at Sandy Lane Beach resort in Saint James Parish, Barbados. The couple said "I do" at 5:40 PM local time according to a Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation reporter quoted on CNN.

In 2004, Woods lost his #1 world ranking to Vijay Singh, but he continues to astound. By late 2004, Woods had accumulated over $53,000,000 in prize money alone. He won his first ever championship match in Japan on November 21, 2004, bringing to 10 the number of countries in which he has won a title. Still a young man, he has many more matches to win and records to break.

His beloved father and mentor, Earl Woods, died on May 3, 2006 at age 74 of prostate cancer in Cypress, CA.

On August 6, 2006, Woods won another PGA Tour championship, adding another “youngest player ever …” to his name. This win confers upon him “the youngest player ever to win 50 titles.”

On August 20, 2006 he captured his 12th major title when he won the 88th PGA Championship in Illinois.Woods took another PGA championship on August 12, 2007.

Woods and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods, born “early Monday morning” on June 18, 2007 according to Woods on his website.Their second child, a son named Charlie Axel, was born on February 8, 2009.


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