Sunday, August 2, 2009

When The Self Is Surrounded By Many Selves?

While reading BingBazi's first entry regarding FuYin, I was attracted by the facts that the chart with the Ren self was indeed surrounded by many selves and these had made the readings even more interesting.

First, we rekoned that this Ren person belongs to the strong self. Strong chart disliked seing self or rob wealths.

Second, stems revealed that the self is squeezed by both self and rob wealth in the month and hour pillars and what would that represents from his teenage to his old age and from his parents to his children?

Third, are the water stems rooted? Take a peep into Shen Zi Chen, will a transformation take place? Even more will Si and Shen combine and transformed into water as well?

Fourth, if transformed elements became so easily available, what would have happened to this rich man's chart?

Fifth, for sure when one is that rich, life will be different. There will be tendency for the earthly branches to have undercurrent, to get close to the wealth and in this case will the rich old man loose everything? This, perhaps BingBazi can revealed.


MYL said...

I would like to tentatively answer point 3.
1. According to Shi Xiang’s translation, Shen Zi Chen combo will transform to water in the month of Si, making DM to be strong, nearly domineering.
2. Si Shen combo will not transform to water. Since Shi Xiang has not provided the translation on this subject :-), the ‘common sense’ would suggest that Si Shen couldn’t transform. If the combo transforms to water, DM will not be rich as Si is his wealth star?

BBQ said...

Hi Guys,

No transformation will occur as there are the tendency to combine or fighting to combine between the Si and Shen as well as Shen Zi and Chen. If it transforms then the old man will not be as rich as his wealth will be rob.

Shi Xiang said...


I come across some article before, there will not be tendency fighting to combine in earthly branch. However, Shen Zi Chen is being read first ahead of the six combination. Maybe the Si does not turn into water which result him to be so rich.

yibazi said...

That is a refreshing view there Shi Xiang.

Looking forward for the elaboration about fighting to combine on your blog.

Bingbazi said...


Technically speaking, both shen-zi-chen and shen-si will not transform into water stars since the si month branch does not support these transformations.

However, the present ji-hai LP can pose some problems because the hai is clashing away the si. I don't think he will lose everything
though. The problem year will be 2011 xin-mao year. Bing-xin will transform into water stars supported by the hai branch.


Shi Xiang said...


I will try to translate whenever I can. Through translate, I gain more understanding. One stone hit 2 birds huh?

Maybe this chart had shown that the particular god(main qi) at the month branch is really very strong until it can withstand the counter of water from every side.


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