Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LiChun 立春 Has Arrived - Got Lucky Anyone?

LiChun has arrived. The question is how to make sure you are lucky in XinMao 辛卯year. That is a tricky part in the generic reading. 

Know who you are, is the key to being lucky. Having Xu 戌, Hai 亥 and Wei 未 in the branches, with Mao 卯, can a combination take place? Will the combination be favorable? So, it is very unlikely to assume all combination with Mao 卯 is liked having the grand duke to back you up. Having Xu 戌, Hai 亥and Wei 未 will benefit from Mao 卯 if the charts allowed.

Know your annual affliction, is the key of not offending the TaiSui. Having You 酉, the potential of offending the grand duke is viable. BaZi is instrumental in showing you which part of your life had been hampered by the offended grand duke. Similarly it will tell you how to go about it and PiYao is absolutely out of the equation. Having You 酉 with property sitting You 酉 facing Mao 卯 are volatile of offending the grand duke. To know more read HERE.

Know your peach blossom, is the key of your romance and your noblemen. Mao 卯 is a peach blossom star to Fire Frame. Having Mao 卯 with property sitting Yin 寅, Wu午and Xu 戌 are likely to be affected by the peach blossom star as it is the peach blossom location. If they know how to activate it, it will bring good tiding in one’s romance life and great help from noble people. 

Having Zi 子 in the chart, is having the peach blossom luck in the year of Mao 卯. Having peach blossom star and peach blossom luck is totally two different things altogether. Take the instance of a Wu 戊 male having Zi 子 as his day pillar, This Wu 戊 person is sitting on wealth, among others his spouse star. Mao 卯 arriving, his spouse star is activated. If he marries in this year with the arrival of a supporting month, then his marriage is made in heaven. Same apply to female Bing 丙 person with Zi 子 as her spouse star. 

For a married man, does it means to say he will divorce and remarry again? Mao 卯 and Zi 子 is called uncivilized punishment. Perhaps the notion of “acts against one will” warrants another throughout investigation? If the luck pillar is RenWu 壬午, tendency of destruction in a relationship is obvious compared to GengWu 庚午. 

Know your boundary, is the key of not getting into trouble. People with Chen 辰 has the tendency to be harmed with Mao卯 in legal entanglement. The degree differs depends on each individual charts, especially when the authority star is revealed. Legal entanglement does not begin within a short period of time. The seed may have been planted long ago for it to materialize when the Mao comes in. Being harm, it is all hidden deep within the branch. 

XinMao 辛卯 year is also about JingShui DuoQing 金水多情. While writing about its dynamics with the affected stem branch, we heard sad news about 2 suicides due to relationship matters reported over the media and lots more face saving delirium with the Malaysian socio economics. Among the Mao, XinMao 辛卯 is quite annoying to begin with. 

Likewise, is the birthday of the Human being today, Happy Birthday Everyone… HUAT AH!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

XinMao Face Value Malaysia KanaSai!

KanaSai! (Like Shit)! 

Tommorow is already the first day of Chinese New Year. Went to the bank to change some new notes and was told that they had ran out of new notes. Just a couple of day, one Yang Berhormat  from the MCA (Make Chinese Angry) trying to save face by touring local banks to check on the availability of new notes to be told it is sufficient. Bullshit! Saw an old lady beg the officer to spare her some new notes for HungBao money just to be sent away. What is freaking wrong with our Central Bank? Insufficient funds to save grace for the 1 Malaysia? KanaSai!

Went to Tesco and Carrefour to do some last minute shopping. Went to the cooking oil section just to find that it is empty (yeh!, only that the premium sun flower oil is available because the assumption is all Chinese are wealthy)! WahLau eh! Remember that the government has promised that stocks are sufficient for the up coming Chinese New Year celebration. KanaSai! what sort of promise is that? Government is trying to tell lie to the Rakyat (People) and treat them liked fools. Another face value antic for the 1 Malaysia? KanaSai!

We knew that XinMao has not arrive, yet we see some signs of it. Perhaps Namewee lastest Chinese New Year songs are best, represents the KanaSai sentiment of our beloved Malaysia.



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