Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annual BaZi Forecast - To Catch A Golden Rabbit

XinMao Year, an astonishing year with Seven Killing (7K) reveals! 7K is the Qi representing among others, piercing wind and in this context it is all about face value. So significant that the chart is overshadowed by Metal and Water Qi displaying bountiful of loves and lusts - JingShui DuoQing. No wonder it is always mistakenly taken as a display of lust and it should not be seen as a fortification of the female gender as sex object, just because it is a Yin pillar. Contrary, it is a vision of a male reproductive organ being nipped off instead! With the mushrooming of “PianMen” business especially in the East (Mao), STD widespread is significant. Gentlemen, please take note.

Peach blossom star for the year of Mao rest in Zi, which is nowhere to be found whereas Mao itself being a peach blossom to fire frames is significantly straddle in the year pillar. FengShui wise, for the property conforms to such structure; care must be taken if there is any violation to ground breaking and activation of killing Qi. Then the above predictions will be very true! An annual audit is specifically to tailor suit for such an account based on the resident’s BaZi and it is also one good reason why FengShui has to be done with BaZi as well. Likewise, it is not wise to actually count the number of peach blossom stars and conclude it is going to be a lovey-dovey year instead.

No doubt that GengYin is about to be expired, its presence are felt within the FuYin (repeated pillars) between the month and the day pillar, among other signifying blunders between the government and the people it governs. FuYin may not necessary be bad. In this case, governments will be seen putting lots of effort to save grace and face value. So, expect some kind of drama within the local political scene where dirty politics will be unfolded, report cards and goodies would be dished; more trouble makers would be book to court and many more scandals involving politician may surface especially when the general elections are inevitable. The undercurrent is again, very unpleasant. One cannot put 2 tigers in the same mountain! In this case, monetary issue. No matter who wins, the people would be the casualty, same sort of imagery of GengYin, dry broken tree, brought forward from the Tiger year. Consumer price index if continuing to rise, buying power is going to deplete, reserves fall shorts, subsidies cut and many more creative ways to “fill back what has been taken out” especially when a country is run by a corporate advisor. Ability to forge better governance may not materialize when all is just a display of face value.

One single arbitrating element is unfortunately dormant! Wisdom and fundamental value is the key success in this very volatile year. Corporate restructuring, merger, delisting of company, consolidations, prioritizing of core business, investment into strong fundamentals are still the best policy in this trying time. Whatsoever lures, lusts, bubbles are just mirage so enticing to trap the greedy, hit and go attitude another outlook of JingShui DuoQing! If you are in earth trade like bonds, properties and insurance, continue to prosper!

HUAT AH !!!!

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