Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Rich Man Chart

“… I have the set of rules from Joseph Yu, saying like this:

1. The DM is untimely and has no roots. Minor roots NOT in the month branch are allowed.

2. There must be one RULING GOD that is the strongest in the chart. This GOD must appear in the STEM. The ruling GOD MUST timely.

3. There must not be any resource in the pillars. Minor resource in the BRANCHES may be allowed*If Resource appears in the STEM, it must NOT have even a minor root.

4. There must not be any major GOD that controls the Ruling GOD.

Have a look over my chart if you are free.... I suspect my chart is the Follow Power... Then, if you are agreeing, all the reading is different, my DM becoming the RULLING GOD, which is METAL... “ – A Friend from Nusantara.

Let us look at the chart. Jia born in You, autumn month. This is called not being born in season or the self is untimely. True enough, not a minor root shall be in the month branch otherwise it will not follow. Jia is only earthly supported by Yin and next to heavenly resource Gui. This cannot be a follower chart. It is just another weak chart, as there must not be any resource in the pillar.

Because this is a weak chart, resource, authority and self becomes favourable. In fact, there are more to this chart! This is a classic example of a rich millionaire chart with lots of properties and inherited wealth. The only shortfall is the useful god is not rooted otherwise it will be superb. Anyway that can be arbitrated when the roots find its way in the Annual or Luck pillar. This friend can use all the 5 elements to his advantages. Just the luck pillars alone tell that this person is very lucky with little bumps in his road of destiny.

Luckily he does not inherit a follower chart, likewise as he says, all the readings will be different.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Case Of Miscarriage

This is a lady's chart who has 2 miscarriages in: -

LP: XinHai, BingShen month, XinSi year
LP: RenZi, XinHai month, RenWu year

The Question is what causes the miscarriage?

There is a tendency to combine between Mao and Xu to transform into fire. The transformation does not take place. Born in the season of Autumn with no support from heaven and earth, this make resource and self favorable.

Although we knew that a weak self will like to meet itself, in this case too much self elements are also no good as it makes the chart lop sided without the authority star favorable. With all transformation taking place to form water, she succumbs to water related health issue that results in miscarriage. Water, among other represents the urinary and reproductive organs and in this very case, gynecological issues with the weak womb.

Do you see this in her chart with the related LP and AP?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Built To Rule Or Cut For Business

First and foremost thanks to BaziDiary's announcement of going professional that I managed to receive a paycheque of USD38.00 from friends of this blog. A great thank you to our friend from Indonesia for his supportive gesture and material contributions. Although I do not fix a price for readings and most of the collections are ended up for charity, I must admit if I charge the rates similar to most famous academy in town, I will be filthy rich. But that is another story.

So as not to spoil the market rate, I will concurred the same as first an email to me with the respective date of birth and time of birth, the gender, questions limited to 5, consent for me to use the Bazi chart for this blog in a anonymous or pseudonym basis and a payment of USD38.00 to be paid first via the paypal account.

In return, the chart will be read and discussed in this blog. I must admit friends of this blog has been kind and kept their promises with one exception of the Romanian boxer. Perhaps, I did not read his chart as a strong chart that he is not happy with me? I guess, Bazidiary has had a gala time in Romania by now, but I dunno why he ended up in Vegas instead?

So, as an appreciation to the Indonesian friend, I attached herewith a request from Indonesia as the followings:-

"... I was wondering if you would read my Bazi? I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia (21-April-1982 @ 19:25). My business currently in mining and shipping. Also, since two years ago I join one of Indonesian political party. I was wondering whether or not the line of businesses that I'm in are suitable for me and should I pursue career in politics as well? I'm also curious regarding wealth and business for me in the future..."

This is a Jia self born in the season of spring where wood is prosper. One perspective said, when Jia is born in season, it must be read as a strong chart. So, this is a strong chart making resource and selves unfavourable. It also denotes that authority for this person is negative.

So, will a negative authority star people cannot be a good leader? The answer is NO. They can still be a good leader if they know how to use the negative authority star to his advantages. But this is just too "rocket science" for this blog. Generally, chart with negative authority star tend not to be people friendly, a little authoritative and pushy although with good intentions but was perceived to be negative. On another perspective, it also means there are plenty of petty people lurking to rob him, especially when meeting friends. I will say no to the bearer of this chart to go for a political career unless he knew how to use wealth to his advantages. Oops, did I spill the way out?

Business and politics, to a certain degree is similar. Perhaps Bazidiary can advised as he is a successful businessman. One just need to sell ice to the eskimos and that is difficult when one has a bad authority star. Saying so much, there is a catch! This chart has no authority star. With no affinity with his lousy authority will that make him a built to rule or a cut for business?

Think again, and you let me know...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Reaper And The Chart

Death can occur during Good Luck, this is NOT a Fallacy.

The protective element of the chart is REAPED off.

The useful god is DEAD!
The Self is vulnerable for attack.

BaZi Diary has notify us about his lost of a partner. We are sorry to hear that. As his partner's chart was put up, it will be an opportunity to see, for real case, as how the reaper works on the chart. The Ding self is strong, making resource and self as his vulnerable elements. This is elementary. A deeper look revealed that this chart is rather lop sided, being too many fires. So, output to him becomes important, his life source.

Comes Xin Chou, his guardian angel revealed. How bad could it be? Heaven and Earth are his favorable elements. He is destined for GOOD LUCK. Since metal is not in his natal chart, he has no affinity with this guardian angel. This is the first cut.

FanYin with three pillars! Not enough? Removed away all his useful gods, when Chou year comes in with a revealed Ji, Ding is no longer a strong chart. The clash of the graves with lure and support by season also pulled the Ding into his own grave making it a grand finale. The self finally was broken.

On a XuanKong level, there will also be a FanYin in the abode of his residence and I reserved such discussions for another blog on another day.

So, quickly scan through your own chart and if preventive is not an option, then lived life to the fullest! On a lighter note, since BaZi Diary has gone professional, an investment of USD 38 is a good bargain for this piece of information. Liked the saying goes, preventive is always better then cure, so hurry up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When The Self Is Surrounded By Many Selves?

While reading BingBazi's first entry regarding FuYin, I was attracted by the facts that the chart with the Ren self was indeed surrounded by many selves and these had made the readings even more interesting.

First, we rekoned that this Ren person belongs to the strong self. Strong chart disliked seing self or rob wealths.

Second, stems revealed that the self is squeezed by both self and rob wealth in the month and hour pillars and what would that represents from his teenage to his old age and from his parents to his children?

Third, are the water stems rooted? Take a peep into Shen Zi Chen, will a transformation take place? Even more will Si and Shen combine and transformed into water as well?

Fourth, if transformed elements became so easily available, what would have happened to this rich man's chart?

Fifth, for sure when one is that rich, life will be different. There will be tendency for the earthly branches to have undercurrent, to get close to the wealth and in this case will the rich old man loose everything? This, perhaps BingBazi can revealed.


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