Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Case Of Miscarriage

This is a lady's chart who has 2 miscarriages in: -

LP: XinHai, BingShen month, XinSi year
LP: RenZi, XinHai month, RenWu year

The Question is what causes the miscarriage?

There is a tendency to combine between Mao and Xu to transform into fire. The transformation does not take place. Born in the season of Autumn with no support from heaven and earth, this make resource and self favorable.

Although we knew that a weak self will like to meet itself, in this case too much self elements are also no good as it makes the chart lop sided without the authority star favorable. With all transformation taking place to form water, she succumbs to water related health issue that results in miscarriage. Water, among other represents the urinary and reproductive organs and in this very case, gynecological issues with the weak womb.

Do you see this in her chart with the related LP and AP?


Robert said...

Hi David, another new perspective from you...Even the self star can cause sickness besides output and resource?
In the first LP double Bing-Xin (year and LP) transform into water, also Si-Shen in the Earth level.
How about in the second LP? No transformation occured at the heaven level, only Zi-Wu clash. Xin revelaed as direct resource to water strenghten the self star?

YiBazi said...


Well, you get the picture slightly.


Ericka said...

Hi, this chart is strong not weak. How do u see it weak?


Hi Ericka,

One school teaches that when the DM support by the season it is automatically a strong chart. However, it may not be true.

Good question.


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