Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Boss Of "Cai Guan Yin"

Here is another example of "Cai Guan Yin". There is a reason to call it in the order of Cai, Guan and Yin, being resource is kept to the left. In this chart it is called Yin, Guan and Cai, a reverse order. What difference would that make?

Anyway, it is still Cai, Guan Yin structure. Not supported by season, neither are the stems and the branches with the exception of Xin. Can this chart be a fake follower chart?

Officer and wealth rooted. He is a well to do corporate figure. Only 2 roots as compared to 3 roots and yet make such a big difference, why?

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Case Of A Double FuYin

This is another interesting chart.

Jia born in the end of winter. Will this end of winter be an earth month or a water month?

Note also, all the branches are graveyards not supporting the self, neither are the stems.

Technically, this is a follower's chart. Indeed if it follows wealth, then fire, metal and earth are favorable.

Now, comes month, an accident happened to him that nearly cause his life. He is currently in the GengYin Luck Pillar.

Here, we notice a FuYin at the hour pillar with the month and the month pillar with the year. Would these crying events be of favorable? Best, would a follower chart ultimately follows?

Cai Guan Yin

This is an interesting chart.

Yi wood born in summer, supported by the branch and but not the stem. Technically a weak chart. So, favoring water, metal and wood. Liked the chart of the millionaire, he too should have been a millionaire indeed? With rooted resource, wealth and self, yet this person is only of a working class. Why?

So, does owning a so called, "Cai, Guan and Yin" means a millionaire chart? Think about it...

Then, what happened to him at the following day, with technically, in DingHai Luck Pillar?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Fake Follower Chart?

Is another Fake Follower chart season again. This time, will the fake followers really follow?

Ren water born untimely with no support from both heaven and earth. So this is a classic follower chart. With water revealed and rooted as a sub Qi in Chen, will this qualify as a fake follower?

Lets investigate further. Assuming a fake follower, making officer, wealth and output favorable.

She said, “My childhood (WuWu) was good did really well in school, had good friends, has lots of hobbies. Good relationship with extended family during this time…”

One perspective is, because there is no output in arbitration, her authority is “lousy”. However, because of the DE eclipse for her first 10 years matching her DE pillar in the natal chart, these “lousiness” has become very much less unfavorable. She could still be a fake follower.

She continued, “My teenage years and early 20s were not so good, that would be (Ding Si) Luck pillar.
Moved to another country, has an eating disorder, my mother drove me crazy, could not decide what career I wanted for the longest time. Finally went to college for graphic design. Generally lot of instability and worry during this time. A lot of men wanted to date me, but I somehow picked the wrong type of guy.”

Ren is afraid of contamination, notably by Ji earth. During the solid fire pillar, such contaminations result in confusion especially coming from her mum as it involves her mother palace. Assuming a follower structure, the outcome is favorable.

She resumed, “Starting at age 26-27 (Bing Chen) everything got a lot more stable. I moved in with my boyfriend and we have our own apartment. I got a job doing graphic design, very close to home, the people are nice and they seem to like me and appreciate my work. It is a little boring at times, not enough variety and challenge. My boyfriend is nice and loving, but he does not have any money. He works hard, but is irresponsible, spends too much and never remembers to pay his bills on time. I feel that he has to be monitored like a little child and I don't have any desire/ability to control someone else. He can be impatient and sometimes has bad temper. I met him when I was 20, we broke up after 2 years, then got back together 3 years later. I considered leaving him many times. He asked me to marry him, I don't know if I want to do that. I don't want to leave him either.”

First, there is a Chen-Chen self punishment at the spouse palace. Then there is a Ren-Bing clash. So, it tells the story of learning to live together is a greater “self-inflicted” task. They will consolidate their differences and live happily ever after although not without a roller coaster ride, given a follower chart.

She concluded by saying, “My relationship with my mother got really bad when I was growing up. Now it got a little bit better, but I still don't like her and would rather not visit her if I can help it. My dad is cold and indifferent and I never had any type of "relationship" with him. He is generous, but any time he had any intentions of giving me money (when I was a teenager) my mother quickly put a stop to it. She is very controlling. He only started doing really well financially when I was an adult. My relationship with my sister and brother is very good.”

Her mother is always there for her although her actions may be seen over controlling. That is the nature when a fake follower lacked output, having a wealth in her mother palace. At the end, it means well for her. Similarly to her father, with a lack of “relationship” due largely to the DE. No doubt, her relationship with her sibling is good, there is a tendency for a Mao Chen harm, which among others leading to some rotten relationship between her spouse with her siblings.

In summary, a fake follower does follow. Do you think otherwise?


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