Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Special Request

Yes, we are finally exploring Facebook (better late then never). Being the not-to-be-missed platforms in the internet, we finally manage to toy around Facebook's interface and thanks to the availability of plug-ins and expertise from one of our long term fans of Yifengshui, we begin to take a small step forward. 

We sincerely hope that all fans and friends of Yifengshui would be able to join in the new Facebook by clicking the LIKE button on the following tread: -

We will soon convert this URL into more user friendly version and on top of that we will make available an ebook download specially dedicated to our fans on workable methods of FengShui, which has never been disclosed before.

Again, we thank all of our visitors, fans, followers, friends, commentators, favorites and all that who has made Yifengshui and FengShui QuanYuan a notable blog in Chinese Metaphysics.

Thank You.


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