Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cai GuanYin Fascinations ...

I gathered a number of emails pertaining to the topic of Cai GuanYin and I took the liberty of saying it is quite a number of fans for Cai GuanYin. One question remains, is Cai GuanYin a perfect chart? Along our experiences of reading charts we found that profiling Cai GuanYin to the profile of a Tycoon is rather misleading. There is a subtle different between a Cai GuanYin chart of a rich guy with the Cai GuanYin chart of a poor one. Rooted-ness and Stem-liness are just one of the criteria and there are many more to come.

Our student of BaZi workshop has so much knowledge regarding such to take home as one of them was saying, "I thoroughly enjoyed Master Ng's Bazi class. His easy style of teaching made learning fun and naturally, encouraged students participation. All questions were answered. Unlike other masters where some answers would only be made available at higher modules. Most importantly, he offered a different perspective to Bazi reading and his interpretations and disclosures were striking. Those three days of learning had been very enlightening. Thank you Master Ng and your organizing team, David and Lenny".

As for the new year 2011 to come, we are planning for another workshop stretching for at least 6 days for our students covering both BaZi and FengShui simultaneous applications. Our students knew well the depth we had covered in our preparatory workshop and there is much more to come, to gear up one to be a competent practitioner.

Back to Cai GuanYin, one email we received was quite fascinating as an Indonesian Chinese was thinking along that he has inherited a Cai GuanYin formation and being a weak day master, he would had benefited from it. The following correspondence with him would had shed some light into the nature of Cai GuanYin.  As his BaZi has been made available in other blogs, we had taken some steps to keep it anonymous.

Please feel free to comment if you have any doubt.

J: I always wondered what's with the fascination with the structure of "Cai GuanYin" ? Excuse me, let me introduce myself. My name is J and I know BaziDiary and have met him one time in Penang and talked Bazi over Soft Drinks in KFC. Anyway, I have heard that the structure of Self, Output, and Wealth is better than "Cai GuanYin". What are your thoughts on "Cai GuanYin" charts? Pleased to meet you. P.S. My chart is also "Cai,Guan,Yin" with all elements rooted as well as self and a weak DM. I am trying to learn more the nature of this interesting yet peculiar structure. 

YiBaZi: Can you share your Bazi with us? I do not know where to start but to just say that most millionaires are this structure. There is some exceptional case which we had discussed at length during the last workshop. If you understand the significant of a weak chart, you will understand why cai guanyin is so crucial. Hope to meet you someday.

J: I was surprised that you would reply back. BaZiDiary has posted my chart on his site under "law of attraction". You might want to see that first to know his comments on my chart. No, Cai GuanYin was ever mentioned. I found out about it during September this year. By the way, I disagree on his view that my DM is strong just because it's born in the supporting season. However, I will be interested to know your views and what is not and please do let me know if you want more information to confirm with me. By the way, is my chart going to be posted on your blog? And oh yeah, I am not a millionaire YET. I want to believe the remaining LP I have will help me to achieve my dreams. One more thing about my chart, I don't know if it has any significant whatsoever, but all the right stars fall in the right palace in my chart, Grandparent star is in my year branch, mother star is in my month branch, wife star is in my day branch and children star is in my hour branch. My chart is strange. Anyway, I hope to meet you soon too if you ever come to Australia or I go to Penang again.

YiBaZi: Let me look at your chart first and revert to you for more information. Yes, you are right, my approach and BaZiDiary are somewhat different as we may be from different school.Just for curiosity, are you an Indonesian Chinese?

J: Yeh, it just made me sound desperate which I am not that kind of a person. Yes, I am a Chindo (Chinese Indonesia). BaZiDiary learn all his skills from JY and I don't really apply much from JY himself. Not saying he is bad. What I consider good is when the reading is accurate in reading future not only past. Since I have been studying my chart for quite sometimes I'm sure we can have good banter about my chart. As matter of fact let me start a sneak yet critical preview about my chart. My useful God is fire and it is in season as well as rooted. The bad thing about my chart is the FanYin involving month branch and day branch an It is quite severe one.

YiBaZi: No wonder you did not match up a Cai Guan Yin profile! You are a strong chart, my friend! So, BaZiDiary has given you a correct interpretation as to the strength of your chart. Just be a little careful when the Wei comes in.

J: Now I am a strong chart? I thought it was weak due to the fan yin involved. I might be a one of this confusing chart like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey charts. Why do I say my DM is weak because in year of BIngXu 2006 I was having a great year that time? If I were strong then BingXu year would be awful for me. Just out of curiousity, Cai guanyin don’t work with strong DM?

YiBaZi: Your chart is easy to read. It is not because I agree with Chris the way a chart's strength is determined only by the month, it is because of something else which I do not wish to disclose. Wouldn't it is strange when BingXu comes in; you would have screwed up, but not? Why? If you understand the rules of transformation, you will see the true picture. A Cai GuanYin is preferred for a weak chart. When the LP and AP come in, a weak chart is better in handling the 5 elements compared to the rest.

J: Thanks for your help in casting a light on the strength of my chart. I kind of understand where are you coming from now. Too bad I got all the right stars and now it is a strong chart. Well, according to ShenSha which I dun like using, my month branch is in Kong Wang but the Wei LP is already over and my life is much better now. Thanks for your help.

The correspondences continue…

My question is, Mr J has been reading more than hundred charts and yet the most profound and fundamental question of the strength of the chart is still prevailing and that has not account to, the accuracy of catching of the useful gods or YongShen. This may not be an isolated case. Unless otherwise, one speaks out liked Mr J did, one will not understand as to why after investing a fortune in BaZi courses and consultations, readings the chart is still way off the actual life events. Something must be so damn wrong, somewhere.  It proof s one thing, you are still your own best teacher. 

We would like to hear your view.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perfect Chart?

BingBazi introduces us a near perfect chart for discussion, apparently a date selections for C-Section. Jia wood born in winter. Strong self? If it is a weak chart, then on a superficial level, everythings seems to fall into place. Perfect star in the correct palace? No clash, punishment and of the sort. Impeecable stillness. Is that really so? 

It is a blessings that the students of the currently completed workshop has an opportunity to understand more layers beyond just strong or weak. More importantly do you think this is a chart befitting an emperor?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Accurate Way To Understand Strength Of BaZi

In view of the upcoming BaZi workshop, let’s discuss about the strength of the Day. This is a BaZi chart from the internet. Someone asked, what is the ACCURATE way to determine the strength of the Day? Someone volunteered his BaZi for dissertation. This is not a simple example to start with.

Gui born in autumn - born in season. No supporting element neither in the stem nor the branch. One perspective state, this is a strong chart because he is born in season and can disregard the rest of the qualifier. Another state that he is a lopsided fake follower chart being only supported by one element in the branch. While others, state that it is a weak chart because it does not fulfilled the other qualifiers. So, which is which?

If a weak chart, he favors water and metal. Earth is Ghost. Otherwise, fake follower or a strong chart favors wood and fire. Earth is nobleman. So, which is which? The entire chart is read differently with the wrong diagnosis of its strength. That is the DANGER!

There must be the ACCURATE way to determine the strength of the Day. It is only a judgmental where the chart does not match the life of the person in question. How about the issue of in-between? Liked strong and yet not so strong? The in-between is one reason why students go astray when reading such chart. This is very dangerous for DIY student with misleading information.

How about structure? Born in Shen, Direct Resource (DR) structure.  No resource in stem, too much earth and fire instead. Inclined to be influenced by earth rather than metal? Follow the season school will state that it is a DR structure whereas other differs. So, which is which again? The structure may be read differently with the wrong diagnosis of its influences to the Day. That is another DANGER!

Assume that it is DR structure. In a fanciful name it can be coined as a PONDERING profile. What makes a good PONDERER and a bad one resides on the strength of the Day. If it is a weak one, then the PONDERER is a good one. Whereas, for a strong one, then the PONDERER is a bad one. Good and bad are the different sides of the same coin. You can figure out yourself, if one is knowledgeable and resourceful while the other being stupid and damn lazy. Isn’t the strength of the Day being very important to know what works for you or against you?

Knowing what works for and against you, you would want to strategize, meaning using only the good sides and suppressing the bad one. Peep a little deeper, being a PONDERER you can be either the Direct PONDERER or the Indirect PONDERER. Others coined it as the ANALYST and the DREAMER. In the case example, it is an ANALYST. Being one, the strength and weaknesses are all annexed to the strength of the Day again! Isn’t the strength of the Day being extremely important to know what works for you or against you?

For beginners, strength of the Day becomes extremely important before we even consider the other layers of the elemental interactions called the 10 gods in the 8 palaces. It allows you to have a stepping stone in reading a chart. Doing it pictorially and disregard on its strength is yet another cup of tea. Doing it DIY? Better think again… very dangerous.

We take this opportunity to inform that the BaZi workshop enrollment is closed. We thanks everyone for the interest in our worshop. If time allows we will be writing more about BaZi reading, now in a pictorial manners. Stay tune...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BaZi To Establish House Sitting

The BaZi Preparatory Workshop enrollment has been picking up FAST! We left 3 more seats for the early bird enrollment! What are you waiting for? Just for the recap, our venue has been fixed as the followings,


DATE: 26 - 28 NOVEMBER 2010
TIME: 9am - 6pm (Official)

VENUE: Royale Bintang Resort & SPA Seremban (
Frequently Asked Question: Please click HERE

Just for some introductions to things to come, how do you ascertained that a person's house is sited in accordance to a certain structure, based on the BaZi of the person himself? That is simple if you follow the following rules. Before that one will need to be familiarized with the following terms.

Structure of a house is defined as what made up a house. Just liked in construction, we said the structure of the house is made of structural reinforced concrete, meaning the house is constructed mainly of reinforced concrete posts and beams. However, in FengShui the structure of the house is related to the house sitting in within stipulated formations in relation to the external environment. The external environment means the natural formations of mountain and water within the vicinity of the said house. It must be natural and not manmade. Ideally that is where the terms the four guardian paying attention comes to play, meaning an ideal environment should have a complete parent mountain, embrace and a table mountain to protect the open space in front of the said house called the bright hall. This structure will then determine how the house should be sited. The classics say the structure established facing and this is what it meant.

From a person's BaZi, it is very easy to recognize the house location that is in sync with the person's affinity. Let say he is a RenShen person, taking the Day pillar of his BaZi. Well, the textbook out there illustrated what this Ren water person may be and the characteristic of the water person would not like to be polluted especially with Ji earth or wet earth. So, he will shun low laying area. He would prefer to be controlled by Wu earth or huge dry earth. So he has the tendency to choose higher ground to live in. The illustration can go on and on? However, this is what is called STEREOTYPING in profiling using BaZi. 

Again, let say he is born in Xu month or the end of autumn with Ji earth protruding. Technically we called this Ren person born in the Earth season and his BaZi structure is Officer or Authority Structure. Reason is earth controls water in the 5 elements study. This is also sometime called Influence Star Structure. What it meant is this person has the tendency to be influential and he has the tendency to choose house sitting Earth elements according to the 24 mountain of the LuoPan, coincides with the hypothesis of the above said paragraph. This is again STEREOTYPING in profiling using BaZi. 

Stereotyping using BaZi can sometimes be misleading. To make matter worse, the method of taking measurement in establishing sitting differs from one school to another. Some take the sitting direction of the house while other takes the sitting direction of the Main Door. So which method is correct? Our practice has given us a consistency in determining the correct sitting of a house in relation to a person's BaZi? NOT in accordance to a stereotypical manner. Just think about it, even in taking a simple reading as in establishing sitting and facing could be wronged, how could one do FengShui? In our case, the BaZi tells it all.

There may be many books written with many theories on FengShui and BaZi available out there, costing below USD100, yet none actually tells you how to apply it with consistent results. Want to know why? Join us for this up and coming BAZI PREPARATORY WORKSHOP, where simple secrets liked these would be revealed?

Call us NOW!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't Miss This Chance For New Method of BAZI Will Revealed !!!


26 - 28 NOVEMBER 2010

Venue will be informed later...

For once, BaZi reading course is back by popular demand as a workshop that will provide sufficient knowledge to allow: -

Participants to be able to understand his own BaZi and Destinies.

Participants to be able to read BaZi chart for their immediate family members such as parents, siblings and others

Participants to be able to understand their critical milestone in their Destiny Chart

Direct analysis of Wealth, relationship, academic, career, health issues and more importantly when and what to look for in the Chart.

For a career in Chinese Metaphysics.
The emphasis of this workshop is direct hands-on approach without much to do with academic or theoretical approach. That is why it is a workshop. This manner guarantees the participants of a strong fundamental and methodology to be immediately apply and seeing the results for themselves. More importantly, participants are able to be well informed of their respective destinies and are able to maximize them accordingly.

There is no other person to know oneself better other then our very own self. We are our own teachers. So, this workshop will open up a whole new dimensions to verify first hand our very own destinies based on our past experiences, current predicaments for a better future, as all has been inscribed in our very own BaZi chart.

Look no further if you want to be a better person and to know more about your luck and destiny. The opportunity is now available in a structured and concise manner, never had been disclosed by others.

For more Information on the Teacher, click HERE

For past Review, click HERE

The Workshop Fee is as the followings:-

Launching Price: RM 3,200.00 (Save RM1,600.00)
Reserved only for the first 10 participants with payment made before 16 October 2010.

Normal Price: RM 4,800.00

Repeat Student Price: RM 500.00

Easy Payment scheme is provided (Maybank & Eon Bank only). Kindly enquire within:

Maybank Account:
Ng Chek Chiam
For Further Enquiry please click HERE

All Terms and Conditions Applied.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Lost Of A Master

One of my masters in DaoFa (The Art of Mountain) has recently passed away. I owed much to him for the last favors he rendered were to initiate one of the altars for the Bodhisattva Manjushri and Samanthabrada, besides all the methods of ShenDao (Daoist Practice) he bestowed upon me. The initiation is an event worth remembering as the arrival of the spirits is reflected in the Xiang or imagery similar to the signs of QiMen, not able to be fabricated by man. Indeed, it was a great lost to myself and many more others, whose lives, he has helped to change for the better.

Death can occurred in the Good Luck pillar. The indications were a completed clashed or combined away of the useful Gods. In these instances it was a combination factors. For his fake following chart, when the combinations transformed into his self element, nothing is there to protect him, not even his protective Gods. The acute lopsidedness happened at the time of JiaYin, imagery foretold a ladder to heavens. He has a peaceful passing moment and he shows no sign of fatigue the very night before, while enjoying his last moment with the company of disciples and friends over supper. Combinations indicate among others, a peaceful passing away.

We prayed for him to attain the bliss of Nirvana and our condolences to his family and disciples at large. May he enjoy in the merits of our knowledge sharing, practice of Dao and good deeds. May all beings be well and happy, Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pictorial Reading

Has not been updating this BaZi blog lately, just for a start let us warm up by introducing to you another way of reading BaZi in a pictorial manner, by using the above lady’s chart – career woman. We all know too well that this lady is a Wu person sitting on Zi water. What sort of imagery, Xiang, would WuZi bring to you? Ice capped mountain or mountain hidden by clouds? Is this a beautiful mountain? That tells you how beautiful are this person. The solid water pillar, we nicknamed it as stubborn pillar, also paints you another side of her story in relation to the hour pillar, among others representing her career palace. How do you think she strive in her career?

Ask yourself, what is the useful god (UG) for a Wu earth mountain, so solidify, so stubborn, so hard and too trustworthy? Hardened soil needs to be loosened. In this case Jia or Yi wood? What quality of Jia found in the month stem? Skinny tree or rain forest tree? Rooted in Mao, injured by Xin (pen knife) and not clashed by Geng (axe), what does it means? The tree is still alive, not seen to be growing upward, but has deep penetrating roots among others signify what? That paints the imagery of her superior, quite robust outlook with a very good PR intrinsically – another form of extrapolation? So, her useful god is usable but the question is she doesn’t know how to use it to her advantage. 

Using the 10 gods, Jia among others is her superior. Xin is her action. When Xin is countering Jia, her useful god is countered, meaning that her actions displeased her superior in what degree? Her actions, if it is unmonitored, will brings her more harm in a long run, as Xin is sited on Mao, penknife cutting twig? This means to say, her opportunity to establish networking with others through her superior may be hampered, thus rendering her useful god weakened. So, the real useful god has been shifted from authority to her output. The next question is, would she able to control her action? 

That depends on how wisely she would think – resource. Wu Mountain is best at keeping things and that includes her action? The more resource she has, how she may becomes? However, in her case, the action is revealed! So how good may she control her action, especially when provoked? Would it last as it has no root? She has the tendency to blunder in the month/year of what? So, burying her action is also important, her useful god has been shifted to resource and self.

Her actions produce her solid wealth, water as seen in the career palace. Wu and Gui tendency to combine but not transform, indicating her career mindedness. What sort of quality water does GuiHai represent? The imagery of GuiHai is liked a clouded sky above the still lake. That is a beautiful version! The ugly version is a huge storm in the middle of the cold sea – inhumane! Water wants to be untainted, sentimental and contained. With the tendency to combine but cannot transform and with overabundant of water, will this uproot the Jia and break the Wu? How beautiful is this water? So, has she, the tendency to be superstitious and depressed especially related to her career and in the process affecting her resource, thinking and decision? Is she prone to make the wrong decision in relating to her career which will ultimately make her lose money, in the short run? 

Now, coming back to WuZi, the misty mountain, would the already clouded mountain wished to be clouded further? You have the answer.

In this attempt, there is no tendency to look into the strength of chart. All that is matter is the quality of the elements that present itself as the 10 gods with reference to the self. It is all pictorial; to see what the elements needs most as its useful gods and hate most as its unusable gods, thus using one to arbitrate the others (Thong Guan). Even all the elements are usable. 

Contact us if you want to know more…

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Special Request

Yes, we are finally exploring Facebook (better late then never). Being the not-to-be-missed platforms in the internet, we finally manage to toy around Facebook's interface and thanks to the availability of plug-ins and expertise from one of our long term fans of Yifengshui, we begin to take a small step forward. 

We sincerely hope that all fans and friends of Yifengshui would be able to join in the new Facebook by clicking the LIKE button on the following tread: -

We will soon convert this URL into more user friendly version and on top of that we will make available an ebook download specially dedicated to our fans on workable methods of FengShui, which has never been disclosed before.

Again, we thank all of our visitors, fans, followers, friends, commentators, favorites and all that who has made Yifengshui and FengShui QuanYuan a notable blog in Chinese Metaphysics.

Thank You.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Spring Seasonal Chart - What Is The Useful God?

This is an interesting Chart where the roots are lushly covered in Spring and supported by the wood month. Note also the 3 stubborn pillars. Will this be another follower chart or just simply a weak chart? Given such, what would be his useful gods?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something About Oprah ... Her Strength Of The Chart

It is a puzzle sometimes, as how would the strength of the chart be determined. Look at Oprah's chart for example, where the in season, location and formations are pre-determined: -
  1. Yi born in Chou (Earth) month. 
  2. Winter, water is strong, so it is in season. 
  3. When the season is supporting, it is a strong chart (One school's interpretation)
  4. Her useful elements shall then be metal, fire and earth.
However, another school beg to differ and their arguments are: -
  1. Si You and Chou form a metal structure.
  2. Therefore not supporting the Self element.
  3. Then the next qualifying round is in location and in formation.
  4. Not supported by the branch, but supported by the stem.
  5. So, it is a weak chart.
  6. Her useful elements shall then be wood and water.
So, here is the interesting part, which is which, Huh?

Her Biodata from the Web:

Oprah Winfrey has risen from poverty and a troubled youth to become the most powerful and influential woman in television and, according to Forbes Magazine, the world's most highly paid entertainer. Though primarily recognized as a talk show hostess, Winfrey also occasionally acts in television movies and feature films. 

Winfrey's parents were teens when she was born in rural Mississippi and never married. She was originally named Orpah after a woman from the "Book of Ruth" but a spelling mistake on the birth certificate changed it to Oprah. She spent her childhood growing up in abject poverty on her deeply religious grandmother's farm. When she was older, Winfrey moved in with her mother in Milwaukee, WI. This proved a difficult time as Winfrey alleges she was repeatedly sexually molested by male relatives. Winfrey became a bit of a wild child during her early teens, experimenting with sex and drugs until at age 14 she gave birth to a premature baby. It died shortly after, and upon recovering, Winfrey chose to live with her father in Nashville. It was under his stern guidance, that Winfrey found discipline, stability and the inspiration to excel in school and change her life. 

When she was 19, Winfrey became a part-time radio reporter for station WVOL, Nashville and also began studying speech and performing arts at Tennessee State University. She dropped out in 1972 during her sophomore year to become an Anchor at Nashville's WTVF-TV. She was the first black woman to hold that position. In 1976, she moved to WJZ-TV and after a stint as a reporter was promoted to co-anchor. Two years after her arrival, Winfrey was slotted (with some trepidation by producers who weren't sure how audiences would respond to a host who was neither white nor thin) to host their talk show People Are Talking. Their worries were unfounded for the charming, empathetic Winfrey's show was a hit and remained so for eight years. 

In 1984, Winfrey took a major risk and accepted a job hosting a Chicago morning talk show, one that aired at the same time as the nationally top-rated, Chicago-based Phil Donahue talk show. This time it was her fears that had no basis for soon she found herself neck and neck in the ratings with Donahue. Her show, too went nationwide through King World Syndicate and as she expanded the operation, the money began rolling in and with the purchase of a large downtown production facility, was able to become the third woman in the American entertainment industry--after Mary Pickford and Lucille Ball-- to own her own studio. She named it Harpo, which is of course, Oprah spelled backwards. Using her considerable business acumen, Winfrey translated her show into a multi-million dollar business, making her the wealthiest black woman in the US. 

Her show was ground-breaking for several reasons, but most of all because Oprah was unafraid to bare her soul and her own past experiences in front of audiences whereas most talk show hosts remained reserved in regards to their personal lives. Though it was difficult, she made public her past abuse, her drug problem during her '20s and her struggle with obesity. In this latter area, Oprah, who is beautiful no matter what size she is, took a lot of heat from unkind critics who were unable to cope with the notion that a round woman could possibly be considered attractive, intelligent and vital. She endured cruel jokes and jibes until she finally decided to lose weight, first with a radical liquid diet-- which only temporarily took off her weight-- and then with a rigorous fat-free diet and exercise regimen that has kept her weight off. 

Like Donahue and the other talk show hosts of the day, Winfrey's program tended towards sensationalism designed to appeal to our most morbid curiosities. Subject-wise, she had begun hitting all time lows by 1994. That year, she was to turn 40 and was thinking heavily about which direction her life might turn, both professionally and personally. There was a question whether or not she would even continue taping the show. She ultimately decided to stay on the air, but only after publicly promising to move her show to a higher, more uplifting level.
I addition to her reign as "Queen of the daytime talk shows," Winfrey has also proven herself a gifted actress, winning an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress with her film debut as Sofia in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple (1985). In 1989, she executive-produced and starred in Donna Deitch's acclaimed television movie The Women of Brewster Place which later became a short-lived series. Winfrey is actively involved in producing high-quality television movies. Her 1997 drama Before Women Had Wings provides an excellent example of the level to which she aspires. On television, Winfrey has also launched a book club in which she endorses novels written by lesser known authors. As proof of her influence, most of the books she has chosen end up best-sellers. 

Winfrey's commitment towards making the world a better place is backed up by her generosity. Each year she donates millions to several charities, including her own Family for Better Lives foundation and Tennessee State University. She is actively involved in lobbying for children's rights and in 1994 was present when President Clinton signed her proposed bill to create a national database of convicted child abusers. -- Sandra Brennan

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Financial Issue - A Weak Or Another Follower Chart

This is the chart of the wife who is suffering from bad luck as mentioned in Yifengshui blog: When there is no warranty in a FengShui audit and I find it a little bit interesting as it can be read as a weak chart or a fake follower chart. Perhaps anyone out there may shed some lights?

Gui born in Wu (Summer), with Si,Wu Wei, forming the entire Summer seasons and Ding revealed. Overly powered by fire, thus making the chart imbalance. Too much fire.

So, for the Gui DM, this is a weak chart. It could also be a terribly weak chart that no amount of strengthening is able to arbitrate it. We sometimes call it a fake follower chart (special chart), but  the self rooted in the spouse palace. Can this be a fake follower chart?

Well, no wonder she is so capable to be easily conned by unscrupulous FengShui master because of her GuiHai day pillar. When will the GuiHai turns negative, that is the answer to its strength of the chart.

Good take.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dawn Of The Metal Tiger

GENGYIN – Imagery as above Metal, as below Wood. Metal chopping Wood. A chopped tree is a dead tree. If the representation of the tree is a Tiger, then it is a dead tiger, cannot strike. The ruling self Yi wood, rooted and supported by season, a strong chart, favoring fire, metal and earth. These three industries are prospering while the others will take a dive.

If we take the year pillar as the natural phenomenon affecting one’s country, famine, over exploitation of the natural resources, earthquake and the likes are the norm. Resource to a strong chart is generally unfavorable. This means to say, the situation of such as the escalating of global warming, drastic weather change and reduction in crops production, at hands are not entirely favorable. With the current policies, practice and die hard habits of not conserving Earth’s limited resources, the situation will be worsened. Although it may appeared to be worst off, significantly there are continues efforts to call for a better resource management worldwide. However, this may not meet its objective in this year.

Likewise, in many countries, government efforts are building up to curb such occurrence but will faced uphill obstacles. With the rise of democracy where the mightiest country is now headed by a black president and what deemed to be the strongest ruling party may also lost its 2/3 majority, the governments may be more willing to listen to the needs of its people. Intrinsically, there is a lot of works and efforts that the governments need to do to maintain the continuous trusts of the people. That is a good relieve sign especially to the third world countries.

Whereas the people, generally may lost their incomes and this will affect their livelihoods. These may denote another wave of economic downturn in the 3rd quarters as the imagery Yi wood is sitting on seven-killing. Furthermore, the clashes on both stems and branches do not bring good tidings. Such also indicates the rise of robbery and security matter is always a concerned. With the fall of the Gross Domestic Product, clashing into the day pillar, these indicate that the recession is going to hit hard on the people. So, better braced up!

Someone wrote to me, asking me to demonstrate the secrets of annual forecasting using BaZi. As these are secrets of the authors that produce the annual “Animal” forecast books, I am quite reluctant at first to disclose. After much persuasion, here are my opinions: -

There are many ways of looking into the LiChun BaZi and to tell a tale of the entire year. One way is to look at the pillar by pillar relationship as demonstrated. The Year as the fate of the natural phenomenon, Month as the fate of the Government, Day as the fate of the People and Hour as the fate of the Economy of the People. Needless to say there is another way as to look at the chart by placing the emphasis on the star and palace relationship, example, fire is produced by wood, and therefore fire is the economy of the people and fire is not seen on the chart. With the absent of fire, what does it portend? Then it can be further narrowed down to each month starting with JiMao to GengYin. Then, we can move on to locality where an occurrence ought to take place and so on and so forth. It is very interesting when one knows how to play with the chart as it can tells you a lot of things.

You do not have to overly dependent on the annual “Animal” forecast book. Feels free to email me if you need further dosage of such or perhaps you may tell me how you could play with the chart further…

Photo Credit : Adapted from


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