Thursday, March 18, 2010

Financial Issue - A Weak Or Another Follower Chart

This is the chart of the wife who is suffering from bad luck as mentioned in Yifengshui blog: When there is no warranty in a FengShui audit and I find it a little bit interesting as it can be read as a weak chart or a fake follower chart. Perhaps anyone out there may shed some lights?

Gui born in Wu (Summer), with Si,Wu Wei, forming the entire Summer seasons and Ding revealed. Overly powered by fire, thus making the chart imbalance. Too much fire.

So, for the Gui DM, this is a weak chart. It could also be a terribly weak chart that no amount of strengthening is able to arbitrate it. We sometimes call it a fake follower chart (special chart), but  the self rooted in the spouse palace. Can this be a fake follower chart?

Well, no wonder she is so capable to be easily conned by unscrupulous FengShui master because of her GuiHai day pillar. When will the GuiHai turns negative, that is the answer to its strength of the chart.

Good take.


huang said...

Hi David,

What kind of business is she dealing in?

YiBazi said...


Earth related industry.
By the way, what do you think this chart should have been read?

huang said...

My opinion a weak chart

Anonymous said...

Hi David, this chart looks like a fake follower chart, but, there is a conflicting theory regarding (Fake) FOLLOW chart,..some would say, even the chart suspectedly to be a (Fake)FOLLOW chart, once it has a root, then the rules is broken. This chart, the root of DM is at the DI WANG, which is a strong root, prevneting to follow the leader. WOuld it be fair if we READ this chart as a weak chart,with Direct Wealth Structure instead? If so, then, Fire, Earth and Wood would naturally be the Negative God...


YiBazi said...

Hi Kuang,

How do you do?

That is where a thin line is drawn between a Pro and an Amateur. The reasons that you had put forward is not without its valid reasoning. However, do you necessary need to bring in other evaluation tools such as the 12 growth in justifying the strength of the self?

Given the situation that she is entering into GengXu LP with this very GengYin year, how would she score in her career and wealth, if she is read as a weak chart and not a fake follower?


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
thanks for asking, I am fine, wish you the same!

As I am just an observer and try to understand more, I need more guidance in understanding any given chart.
Since, I am just a self-learned, after going through some case studies and with the maximum understanding I could derive from those, I come to a conclusion, that some of the LEARNED seniors, would take the stages of DM, and ROOTEDness into the picture.
This chart we are discussing now, LOSS in HEAVEN, also born in the SUMMER season, when the FIRE is the strongest, also, earthly branches could form another FIRE QI,except the root in HAI, that make the condition rather doubtful to follow.
GENG XU LP with GENG YIN year, the FIRE will become fierce, with her already default fire in WU, advisably she must exercise more cautious, especially with the Resource related, such as wrong take of information, and also her wealth related issue.

Please advice, as I need more information and understanding to be disclose...

YiBazi said...

Hi Kuang,

This case demonstrated that the Rootedness may prevent the DM from following the strongest element in the Chart, however there is a caveat. Yin, Wu and Xu combines to form the fire frame. What is fire to this Gui DM? If indeed it is a fake follower, she would have made a lot of money. However, she has made a distress called for life being miserable enough to the stage of rock bottom when her husband is out of job since 2008/2007. Could fire (wealth) be form?

If this is a weak chart to begin with, her resource will be favorable. Yet, comes the Geng protruding, everything turns topsy-turvy including her mental mind set. Such, can we conclude that the protruding Geng breaks the Fake follower structure instead and it is indeed a fake follower chart, to begin with?

There is something interesting about her spouse star, Hai. Comes Yin-Hai combination to transform into wood, but not transforming, what does it means? Can you see the picture clearer about her husband predicament?

Saying thus, even the quality of the Self itself is not very "attractive". With all stubborn pillars to begin with. Would you think she would want to follow?

Anonymous said...

Hi David

Thanks for disclosing... let me digest it ..

Have a good day


Chris said...

Hi David,

This is an interesting chart indeed. I see this as a weak chart, simply because the Day pillar is a strong Water pillar, which ever way we look at it, even na yin element is water.

GengXu Lp and Gengchou, she scores big with wealth and career. Could this be a short term windfall? Geng resource in heaven stems without any root, pretty surface not very sustainable. Plus Xu and Wei earth are hardened and dry earth in the peak of summer, cant produce metal, therefore cannot support the weak DM for long.

The only good thing here that can explain her sudden windfall is Chou - Wei clash, unleashing her much needed resource storage (chou).

One more thing - Geng, Jia (in Yin), Ding - Geng metal needs to be forged to be useful which is a favourable resource for the weak Gui. Resource can be interpreted as some nobleman helping her during this period, but wont stay with her long. Just my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

A very thoughtful commentary.

Yes indeed, if we single out the entire day pillar, itself, there are many things we will able to look at regarding this very person from being ultra-superstitious to ultra-sensitive. Similarly so, with the other so called, stubborn pillars, penetrating heaven and rooted on earth. For such, one school of thought, determines that she cannot follow. Thus, read as a weak chart.

Sharon said...

Hi David,

I enjoy reading this blog and is a newbie at bazi. Can you explain what are the characteristics of a "follower chart" and "fake follower chart"? I suppose both are referring to different things. Much thanks.

Yibazi said...


Both are special charts. Meaning too weak that needs to be weaken further. Just as good in theory, as in practice very seldom applicable as the lp and Ap will offset it's structure.


Ericka said...

Don't think is a follower chart. Water is a rare dm that can't be weakened by its wealth element. Water evaporate to GUI which can dominate Bing, come right down as rain to dominate Ding. Ren itself dominates Ding too. If her chart is weakened, its done by Earth and wood.

Bernard Chia said...

So how's she doing now? Things got better or worse? It seems like there is no conclusion of her chart. Does she has other real life situation that she can relate to determine her actual chart? Purely based on one case is not sufficient.



Hi Bernard,

No updates on her case.


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