Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dawn Of The Metal Tiger

GENGYIN – Imagery as above Metal, as below Wood. Metal chopping Wood. A chopped tree is a dead tree. If the representation of the tree is a Tiger, then it is a dead tiger, cannot strike. The ruling self Yi wood, rooted and supported by season, a strong chart, favoring fire, metal and earth. These three industries are prospering while the others will take a dive.

If we take the year pillar as the natural phenomenon affecting one’s country, famine, over exploitation of the natural resources, earthquake and the likes are the norm. Resource to a strong chart is generally unfavorable. This means to say, the situation of such as the escalating of global warming, drastic weather change and reduction in crops production, at hands are not entirely favorable. With the current policies, practice and die hard habits of not conserving Earth’s limited resources, the situation will be worsened. Although it may appeared to be worst off, significantly there are continues efforts to call for a better resource management worldwide. However, this may not meet its objective in this year.

Likewise, in many countries, government efforts are building up to curb such occurrence but will faced uphill obstacles. With the rise of democracy where the mightiest country is now headed by a black president and what deemed to be the strongest ruling party may also lost its 2/3 majority, the governments may be more willing to listen to the needs of its people. Intrinsically, there is a lot of works and efforts that the governments need to do to maintain the continuous trusts of the people. That is a good relieve sign especially to the third world countries.

Whereas the people, generally may lost their incomes and this will affect their livelihoods. These may denote another wave of economic downturn in the 3rd quarters as the imagery Yi wood is sitting on seven-killing. Furthermore, the clashes on both stems and branches do not bring good tidings. Such also indicates the rise of robbery and security matter is always a concerned. With the fall of the Gross Domestic Product, clashing into the day pillar, these indicate that the recession is going to hit hard on the people. So, better braced up!

Someone wrote to me, asking me to demonstrate the secrets of annual forecasting using BaZi. As these are secrets of the authors that produce the annual “Animal” forecast books, I am quite reluctant at first to disclose. After much persuasion, here are my opinions: -

There are many ways of looking into the LiChun BaZi and to tell a tale of the entire year. One way is to look at the pillar by pillar relationship as demonstrated. The Year as the fate of the natural phenomenon, Month as the fate of the Government, Day as the fate of the People and Hour as the fate of the Economy of the People. Needless to say there is another way as to look at the chart by placing the emphasis on the star and palace relationship, example, fire is produced by wood, and therefore fire is the economy of the people and fire is not seen on the chart. With the absent of fire, what does it portend? Then it can be further narrowed down to each month starting with JiMao to GengYin. Then, we can move on to locality where an occurrence ought to take place and so on and so forth. It is very interesting when one knows how to play with the chart as it can tells you a lot of things.

You do not have to overly dependent on the annual “Animal” forecast book. Feels free to email me if you need further dosage of such or perhaps you may tell me how you could play with the chart further…

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Guest said...

Hi David,
thank you very much for demonstrating the secrets of annual forcasting. I wonder if you use also NaYin in a yearly forcast?
Have a great 2010,

Yibazi said...

Hi S,

You are familiar with the application of NaYin?
Yes indeed, NaYin will add another dimension to it especially when the elements may not be seen in the branches or the stem. However, it is not shown here.


Shi Xiang said...

hi david,

Happy new year.

So this is how we identify the dead wood from the luck? Then Bing Yin will be the "live wood"?

San Ming Tong Hui did talks a lot about Na Yin, but it din't show how to apply it into a chart....


Yibazi said...

Shi Xiang,

Happy New Year to you too...

Ha,ha... that is just the imagery. However, the are 2 Yins, so the roots may not have been uplifted and to a certain extend blunt the axe. Because we don't see water, it could be a nice piece of furniture.

Bing Yin is not a live wood. Jia Yin fits the description. Bing Yin is a tree on fire or a tree in Autumn, I guess...

Emmm... perhaps GuiHai can explain to you, on its application of NaYin.


Robert said...

Dear Master David,

Why I can't get access to yifengshui anymore? Are you going to make it for private reader?

Thank you.

Yifengshui said...

Hi Robert,

We are in the progress of HOUSE KEEPING to purge all the unnecessary vermin for potential risk of contamination. We will re-commence once the hazardous level has been kept at bay. Meanwhile for those who is sincere in their quest of metaphysics, please email me your interest with the following information: -

1) Full Name
2) Sex
3) Date and Time of Birth
4) Email
5) Areas of Expertise
6) Telephone Contact Number
7) Address

We will return to your request soonest possible. Thank you.


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