Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Missing Element

Thank you for all the generous donations to YiBazi. We were blessed with our audits and professional works; we had little time to spend on online reading. We had since, stop taking in request for reading via email. We found that it is too taxing to response in writing. 

A Samaritan’s word, “…It is also not feasible for you to explain this in laymen terms for my easy understanding and even if you do, it might take pages and pages of emails.”, sums up our predicament regarding online reading. Most who wrote to us for consultations are enthusiast of BaZi. Therefore, a layman response may not be satisfactory without explaining how a conclusion is arrived at. This is almost like writing a book. 

I am personally, humbled to have met many well versed BaZi fans and friends. Thank you for your continuous supports and donations. 

For such, I take this opportunity to discuss a chart of a notable author of FengShui books, which is easily available, to discuss a simple and largely misunderstood topic – using a missing element.

This is technically a fake follower chart. There are only 2 elements in the chart, Water and Fire. If we only use the favorable gods, it means to say we have very little useful god to play with. The structure of the chart reveals the inclination towards greed. In the chart there is no wood to arbitrate. Luckily, entering JiaChen luck pillar, he is seen to have been writing a lot of books, public speeches and so forth. He is using output, which is not in his natal chart, to his advantages. It is not very surprising if you found the contents of his writing is of shallow and many are repeated contents. This has to stem from the overwhelming wealth structure that Gui person follows. Preparing for the arrival of GuiMao, a large tendency is he is diversifying into properties, with a farewell bid of early-retirement from the center stage – a reason for his student to write book on his behalves. This is one good example of how to use the element that is missing in the natal chart to one’s advantages.


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