Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Lost Of A Master

One of my masters in DaoFa (The Art of Mountain) has recently passed away. I owed much to him for the last favors he rendered were to initiate one of the altars for the Bodhisattva Manjushri and Samanthabrada, besides all the methods of ShenDao (Daoist Practice) he bestowed upon me. The initiation is an event worth remembering as the arrival of the spirits is reflected in the Xiang or imagery similar to the signs of QiMen, not able to be fabricated by man. Indeed, it was a great lost to myself and many more others, whose lives, he has helped to change for the better.

Death can occurred in the Good Luck pillar. The indications were a completed clashed or combined away of the useful Gods. In these instances it was a combination factors. For his fake following chart, when the combinations transformed into his self element, nothing is there to protect him, not even his protective Gods. The acute lopsidedness happened at the time of JiaYin, imagery foretold a ladder to heavens. He has a peaceful passing moment and he shows no sign of fatigue the very night before, while enjoying his last moment with the company of disciples and friends over supper. Combinations indicate among others, a peaceful passing away.

We prayed for him to attain the bliss of Nirvana and our condolences to his family and disciples at large. May he enjoy in the merits of our knowledge sharing, practice of Dao and good deeds. May all beings be well and happy, Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

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