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BaZi To Establish House Sitting

The BaZi Preparatory Workshop enrollment has been picking up FAST! We left 3 more seats for the early bird enrollment! What are you waiting for? Just for the recap, our venue has been fixed as the followings,


DATE: 26 - 28 NOVEMBER 2010
TIME: 9am - 6pm (Official)

VENUE: Royale Bintang Resort & SPA Seremban (
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Just for some introductions to things to come, how do you ascertained that a person's house is sited in accordance to a certain structure, based on the BaZi of the person himself? That is simple if you follow the following rules. Before that one will need to be familiarized with the following terms.

Structure of a house is defined as what made up a house. Just liked in construction, we said the structure of the house is made of structural reinforced concrete, meaning the house is constructed mainly of reinforced concrete posts and beams. However, in FengShui the structure of the house is related to the house sitting in within stipulated formations in relation to the external environment. The external environment means the natural formations of mountain and water within the vicinity of the said house. It must be natural and not manmade. Ideally that is where the terms the four guardian paying attention comes to play, meaning an ideal environment should have a complete parent mountain, embrace and a table mountain to protect the open space in front of the said house called the bright hall. This structure will then determine how the house should be sited. The classics say the structure established facing and this is what it meant.

From a person's BaZi, it is very easy to recognize the house location that is in sync with the person's affinity. Let say he is a RenShen person, taking the Day pillar of his BaZi. Well, the textbook out there illustrated what this Ren water person may be and the characteristic of the water person would not like to be polluted especially with Ji earth or wet earth. So, he will shun low laying area. He would prefer to be controlled by Wu earth or huge dry earth. So he has the tendency to choose higher ground to live in. The illustration can go on and on? However, this is what is called STEREOTYPING in profiling using BaZi. 

Again, let say he is born in Xu month or the end of autumn with Ji earth protruding. Technically we called this Ren person born in the Earth season and his BaZi structure is Officer or Authority Structure. Reason is earth controls water in the 5 elements study. This is also sometime called Influence Star Structure. What it meant is this person has the tendency to be influential and he has the tendency to choose house sitting Earth elements according to the 24 mountain of the LuoPan, coincides with the hypothesis of the above said paragraph. This is again STEREOTYPING in profiling using BaZi. 

Stereotyping using BaZi can sometimes be misleading. To make matter worse, the method of taking measurement in establishing sitting differs from one school to another. Some take the sitting direction of the house while other takes the sitting direction of the Main Door. So which method is correct? Our practice has given us a consistency in determining the correct sitting of a house in relation to a person's BaZi? NOT in accordance to a stereotypical manner. Just think about it, even in taking a simple reading as in establishing sitting and facing could be wronged, how could one do FengShui? In our case, the BaZi tells it all.

There may be many books written with many theories on FengShui and BaZi available out there, costing below USD100, yet none actually tells you how to apply it with consistent results. Want to know why? Join us for this up and coming BAZI PREPARATORY WORKSHOP, where simple secrets liked these would be revealed?

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