Monday, November 8, 2010

Accurate Way To Understand Strength Of BaZi

In view of the upcoming BaZi workshop, let’s discuss about the strength of the Day. This is a BaZi chart from the internet. Someone asked, what is the ACCURATE way to determine the strength of the Day? Someone volunteered his BaZi for dissertation. This is not a simple example to start with.

Gui born in autumn - born in season. No supporting element neither in the stem nor the branch. One perspective state, this is a strong chart because he is born in season and can disregard the rest of the qualifier. Another state that he is a lopsided fake follower chart being only supported by one element in the branch. While others, state that it is a weak chart because it does not fulfilled the other qualifiers. So, which is which?

If a weak chart, he favors water and metal. Earth is Ghost. Otherwise, fake follower or a strong chart favors wood and fire. Earth is nobleman. So, which is which? The entire chart is read differently with the wrong diagnosis of its strength. That is the DANGER!

There must be the ACCURATE way to determine the strength of the Day. It is only a judgmental where the chart does not match the life of the person in question. How about the issue of in-between? Liked strong and yet not so strong? The in-between is one reason why students go astray when reading such chart. This is very dangerous for DIY student with misleading information.

How about structure? Born in Shen, Direct Resource (DR) structure.  No resource in stem, too much earth and fire instead. Inclined to be influenced by earth rather than metal? Follow the season school will state that it is a DR structure whereas other differs. So, which is which again? The structure may be read differently with the wrong diagnosis of its influences to the Day. That is another DANGER!

Assume that it is DR structure. In a fanciful name it can be coined as a PONDERING profile. What makes a good PONDERER and a bad one resides on the strength of the Day. If it is a weak one, then the PONDERER is a good one. Whereas, for a strong one, then the PONDERER is a bad one. Good and bad are the different sides of the same coin. You can figure out yourself, if one is knowledgeable and resourceful while the other being stupid and damn lazy. Isn’t the strength of the Day being very important to know what works for you or against you?

Knowing what works for and against you, you would want to strategize, meaning using only the good sides and suppressing the bad one. Peep a little deeper, being a PONDERER you can be either the Direct PONDERER or the Indirect PONDERER. Others coined it as the ANALYST and the DREAMER. In the case example, it is an ANALYST. Being one, the strength and weaknesses are all annexed to the strength of the Day again! Isn’t the strength of the Day being extremely important to know what works for you or against you?

For beginners, strength of the Day becomes extremely important before we even consider the other layers of the elemental interactions called the 10 gods in the 8 palaces. It allows you to have a stepping stone in reading a chart. Doing it pictorially and disregard on its strength is yet another cup of tea. Doing it DIY? Better think again… very dangerous.

We take this opportunity to inform that the BaZi workshop enrollment is closed. We thanks everyone for the interest in our worshop. If time allows we will be writing more about BaZi reading, now in a pictorial manners. Stay tune...


Shi Xiang said...

hello David ,

I thought you were planning to determine the strength of DM of me for free ! haha

DIY student has to do it DIY because of the sky rocketing bazi course fees (mouth zipped)


Shi Xiang said...

hello David ,

so, which is which ? haha

Shi Xiang said...

hello David ,

with sky rocketing enrollment fees, one has no choice but to DIY lah ...

Shi Xiang said...

hi ,

I can also suggest you to advertise the workshop next time at, under the section of "Further Education" , who knows other member will find it interesting . o.O


YiBazi said...

Hi ShiXiang,

It has been sometime since I last wrote to you. Drop me a mail and I will explain more. But first allow me to ask you a few questions: -

1) What happened to your blog?
2) Is that your BaZi?

Here is my response to your question: -

1) I haved vividly tell you your strength of the Day. Just read between the line you will know. Otherwise just email me lah!

2) I may suggest you better don't DIY especially for others. Where opportunity arise pick up these skills from reliable sources.

3) Thanks for the suggestion. We manage to ask one of our student to publicise in Fivearts and we did have good response. Within the first 2 weeks we reached our quotas and subsequently we close the enrollment.

4) Just for your info our early bird fee of RM3,000 plus is inexpensive compared to our Asian counterparts such as the followings: -

1st Module - where they teach you how to plot a chart - RM2,000
2nd Module - where they teach you about the 10 gods & 8 palaces - RM3,600
3rd Module - where they teach you to read the LP and AP - RM 4,600

Total for 3 modules - RM 10,200

+ 4th Module - where they teach you DiTianSiu and QTBJ - RM 10,200

Grand total - RM 20,400.

Now, you tell me which is expensive, huh?

Shi Xiang said...

I thought I deleted the previous comment that I had made ... o.O .

Q1)What happened to my blog ?
I stop blogging :p , stop bazi for a period of time, now resume back,just realized there are some material that I can relied on, and will put into practice once I learned them.(those free stuff available from the Internet lah)

Q2) Is this my Bazi ?
yeah is my Bazi, i thought you knew this long time ago, i even posted in my Blog once...

your response:
1) I guess I know, but better to confirm, I will drop you a mail.

2) When DIY, I only decode the past, and I seldom advice others about their future, unless in with disclaimer attached at the board. Of course, no fees.

3) yeah, I saw the advertisement by BuWei after I comment.

4)I know 3000 is a lot more cheaper compare to others, but it's still looks very expensive to me, frankly speaking, I won't spent so much on that, bazi is just a hobby to me.

YiBazi said...


1) What is fascinating in your chart is the pillar of GuiSi as compared to the pillar of GuiHai. That is the reason why you are able to be so resourceful in picking up this art without paying a lot. Caveat, there will be a tendency for being misled. A proper guidance is recommended.

2) Answer this very simple question then all shall be revealed - what is the relationship between you and your mum?

3) I see your point. The question is not how much of fee but to fill back what that has been emptied.

4) Put it this way, would you think there is free breakfast every time you wake up in the morning? even if it is free,you do not have the liberty to choose. Knowledge is best earned, not otherwise.

Will keep your email and in time to come feels free email me.


Shi Xiang said...

hello david ,

1) I hope I can do the same in my studies too.

2) relationship with mom, she nagged me a lot, sometimes I really can't stand her nagged , i feel more comfortable living outside alone, more peaceful, but both parents is very supporting of me, in terms of financial, and some other stuff. Between mom and dad, both equally important, without either one of them, I won't be living my life "as comfortable as it is now" .

3) what is the meaning to filled back what has been emptied?

4) unless in future when 3K become small amount to me, then I will not mind spending it to learn this art. Currently, 3K is a lot to me :p. Of course I hope to learn the "more convincing" thing, but now 3K still looks big to me.

p/s: I dropped you a mail.


YiBazi said...


1) You will.On another note, you have difficulty in your study?

2) That is the answer I am waiting for. You have already got the answer yourself. Think along this way, your mum is your resource. Aren't she favorable to you? Tell me now, are you a weak DM or otherwise?

3) When you offer your service to others, the beneficiary must repay back either in a token or in kind. That is the golden rule.

4) I think 3K is BIG to everyone, not only you. I guess you did not catch my point. Anyway, not important.

Warm wishes.

Shi Xiang said...

Hi !

1)The greatest difficulties lie ahead of me now is to understand these two creature , "group theory" and "algebraic topology". I am struggling to concentrate in reading the stuff that I don't understand, you have any 'cure" to this ? Please reveal to me if you do.

2) I knew I am a weak one :p. So what is the sickness of the chart ? Fire Or Earth ? how to decode the combination of Si and Shen? Is the Resource destructed by wealth ? If a Gui from the external LP/Ap arrive, can this chart read as the transform fire chart? Then, what is the meaning of "Gui not afraid of being weak" ? What is the "Zheng He" denote ? Can the officer in the heaven stem be used to establish the "Guan Pei Yin" structure? See, I have so many question to ask .

3)with my 三脚猫功夫 , i don't expect much as long as they provide accurate feedback. To me, this can benefit me indirectly. Maybe I will proposed to the moderator in fivearts and see how to settle this "filled what had been emptied" issue. You can get different kind of chart with feedback given there, hardly I will stop DIY =p.

4) Ok.


YiBazi said...


1) I supposed there are always things that we don't understand for a moment. Perhaps is also good that you can seek some of your friends in FA to provide some cure?

2) You should be asking, when will the sickness occur. All the 5 elements can also be sick! Just liked what you are experiencing with your resource? Wouldn't it be that way? Good if you have so many questions to ask. I think FA is a good platform for you to do so. Ofcause FOC.

3) 三脚猫功夫 - This is under estimating... especially while you use big heavy jargon liked Zheng He, Guan Pei Yin and so forth. Toy around with the 10 gods - you find your answer there. If not called 5A for rescue...

Have a nice day.

Shi Xiang said...

hello david ,

i will seek the answer myself "slowly" , thanks for spending your time in this chart.


YiBazi said...


No issue. The Chinese saying, eat till old, learn till old.


Jorge said...

Hi, Mr. David, thanks for your posting, I´d like to make you one question, being this chart a weak chart what element could be its Nobleman? Oh, I have another, indirect ponderer o dreamer, what characteristics do they have? A "dreamer" can make a living? hahhaha
Thanks in advance!


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