Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Spring Seasonal Chart - What Is The Useful God?

This is an interesting Chart where the roots are lushly covered in Spring and supported by the wood month. Note also the 3 stubborn pillars. Will this be another follower chart or just simply a weak chart? Given such, what would be his useful gods?


Chris said...

This is another weak chart. Strongly rooted day pillar.


Anonymous said...

His UG would be Fire(Resource) and Earth(F/RW)


YiBazi said...

It is not wrong to say that resource and selves are favorable in view of a weak chart. However, a deeper review also indicated he needs something else... do you see it?

A little background may help: -

He is a petrophysicist working for a oil service company. Has no children ... yet. Travels alot.

Eric said...

Officer star is also his UG. Too many woods. Cover by bushes and trees. Fire to burn down the tree.


Anonymous said...

He may need Output(METAL) to cut the abundant WOOD. Interestingly, his earthly branches Chen and Mao is a Harm relationship. What materialize regarding this Harm?Does it make it hard for him and the missus to conceive?Also, Water(Wealth) is very shallow, it could be translated the same?

YiBazi said...


Yes indeed you need fire to burn it down. But that is alittle on the surface.


Your take is a little bit deeper. Contrary to the normal analysis, metal becomes instrumental. WATER is the answer to everything. Bravo!

You may, next asked WHY?

Chris said...

For Yang earth to be useful, it requires Jia wood to loosen it and water to moist it.

Jia wood is found in year pillar (rooted strongly), but traces of water is found only in the storage in day branch. The situation is worsen when it is harmed by two maos.

How is his health? Does he suffer from any kidney or blood related illness? Diabetic perhaps?

Yibazi said...

Hi Chris,

True, for a Huge Mountain, it requires Jia to loosen it and WATER to moist it. What happened when there are too much wood? How does a WuChen look liked? Does it need anymore water?

Good take...

Shi Xiang said...


just pass by,

In my opinion, wood is the sickness, fire is needed to "tong guan", arrival of water (gui at heaven stem) is greatly unfavorable. Arrival of water (Hai) of earthly branch is greatly unfavorable.

Good luck comes during fire heaven stem and earthly branch.

Wood is too strong, can't use metal.


Chris said...

Hi David,

Although the mountain is covered with wood, these woods might not be lush. It might be withering. Pictorial wise, it looks more brownish-yellow than lush green. It looks dry and dry wood is excellent fuel for fire, strong fire can scorch the earth...even mountain.

Which luck cycle is he going through? GengWu, XinWei or RenShen?


Yibazi said...

Shi Xiang,

Yes, the "sickness" needs to be arbitrated is wood. It is not because wood is too strong, but the arrival of one element makes the metal useless.


The imagery you had painted is interesting. Why would you say these woods were brownish-yellow instead of green?

LP = XinWei

Chris said...

Hi David,

I see the woods to be more yellowish-green or brownish-yellow but definitely not lush green (something like this http://www.wilddreamliners.com/images/tsavo_lions.jpg), taking into consideration the luck cycles he has gone through and going through are Fire branches - prolonged heat over 3 cycles, hardly enough water to go around, how can the woods be healthly and green?

Fire branches, earth can be scorched and temperature can be as hot as fire.

How is he doing? Perhaps you can shed some light and we can learn from it too?


Yibazi said...

Hi Chris,

I see your point. But that is not how we should view the seasons. Otherwise, it will be playing football with changing goal posts. This is again, a subject that may not have been agreed upon by other schools.

However, liked you said, water is instrumental in keeping fire in control, thus rendering metal useless.

By the way, he is fine.

Can_Soup said...

arrival of yi wood? make metal useless?



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