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Cai GuanYin Fascinations ...

I gathered a number of emails pertaining to the topic of Cai GuanYin and I took the liberty of saying it is quite a number of fans for Cai GuanYin. One question remains, is Cai GuanYin a perfect chart? Along our experiences of reading charts we found that profiling Cai GuanYin to the profile of a Tycoon is rather misleading. There is a subtle different between a Cai GuanYin chart of a rich guy with the Cai GuanYin chart of a poor one. Rooted-ness and Stem-liness are just one of the criteria and there are many more to come.

Our student of BaZi workshop has so much knowledge regarding such to take home as one of them was saying, "I thoroughly enjoyed Master Ng's Bazi class. His easy style of teaching made learning fun and naturally, encouraged students participation. All questions were answered. Unlike other masters where some answers would only be made available at higher modules. Most importantly, he offered a different perspective to Bazi reading and his interpretations and disclosures were striking. Those three days of learning had been very enlightening. Thank you Master Ng and your organizing team, David and Lenny".

As for the new year 2011 to come, we are planning for another workshop stretching for at least 6 days for our students covering both BaZi and FengShui simultaneous applications. Our students knew well the depth we had covered in our preparatory workshop and there is much more to come, to gear up one to be a competent practitioner.

Back to Cai GuanYin, one email we received was quite fascinating as an Indonesian Chinese was thinking along that he has inherited a Cai GuanYin formation and being a weak day master, he would had benefited from it. The following correspondence with him would had shed some light into the nature of Cai GuanYin.  As his BaZi has been made available in other blogs, we had taken some steps to keep it anonymous.

Please feel free to comment if you have any doubt.

J: I always wondered what's with the fascination with the structure of "Cai GuanYin" ? Excuse me, let me introduce myself. My name is J and I know BaziDiary and have met him one time in Penang and talked Bazi over Soft Drinks in KFC. Anyway, I have heard that the structure of Self, Output, and Wealth is better than "Cai GuanYin". What are your thoughts on "Cai GuanYin" charts? Pleased to meet you. P.S. My chart is also "Cai,Guan,Yin" with all elements rooted as well as self and a weak DM. I am trying to learn more the nature of this interesting yet peculiar structure. 

YiBaZi: Can you share your Bazi with us? I do not know where to start but to just say that most millionaires are this structure. There is some exceptional case which we had discussed at length during the last workshop. If you understand the significant of a weak chart, you will understand why cai guanyin is so crucial. Hope to meet you someday.

J: I was surprised that you would reply back. BaZiDiary has posted my chart on his site under "law of attraction". You might want to see that first to know his comments on my chart. No, Cai GuanYin was ever mentioned. I found out about it during September this year. By the way, I disagree on his view that my DM is strong just because it's born in the supporting season. However, I will be interested to know your views and what is not and please do let me know if you want more information to confirm with me. By the way, is my chart going to be posted on your blog? And oh yeah, I am not a millionaire YET. I want to believe the remaining LP I have will help me to achieve my dreams. One more thing about my chart, I don't know if it has any significant whatsoever, but all the right stars fall in the right palace in my chart, Grandparent star is in my year branch, mother star is in my month branch, wife star is in my day branch and children star is in my hour branch. My chart is strange. Anyway, I hope to meet you soon too if you ever come to Australia or I go to Penang again.

YiBaZi: Let me look at your chart first and revert to you for more information. Yes, you are right, my approach and BaZiDiary are somewhat different as we may be from different school.Just for curiosity, are you an Indonesian Chinese?

J: Yeh, it just made me sound desperate which I am not that kind of a person. Yes, I am a Chindo (Chinese Indonesia). BaZiDiary learn all his skills from JY and I don't really apply much from JY himself. Not saying he is bad. What I consider good is when the reading is accurate in reading future not only past. Since I have been studying my chart for quite sometimes I'm sure we can have good banter about my chart. As matter of fact let me start a sneak yet critical preview about my chart. My useful God is fire and it is in season as well as rooted. The bad thing about my chart is the FanYin involving month branch and day branch an It is quite severe one.

YiBaZi: No wonder you did not match up a Cai Guan Yin profile! You are a strong chart, my friend! So, BaZiDiary has given you a correct interpretation as to the strength of your chart. Just be a little careful when the Wei comes in.

J: Now I am a strong chart? I thought it was weak due to the fan yin involved. I might be a one of this confusing chart like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey charts. Why do I say my DM is weak because in year of BIngXu 2006 I was having a great year that time? If I were strong then BingXu year would be awful for me. Just out of curiousity, Cai guanyin don’t work with strong DM?

YiBaZi: Your chart is easy to read. It is not because I agree with Chris the way a chart's strength is determined only by the month, it is because of something else which I do not wish to disclose. Wouldn't it is strange when BingXu comes in; you would have screwed up, but not? Why? If you understand the rules of transformation, you will see the true picture. A Cai GuanYin is preferred for a weak chart. When the LP and AP come in, a weak chart is better in handling the 5 elements compared to the rest.

J: Thanks for your help in casting a light on the strength of my chart. I kind of understand where are you coming from now. Too bad I got all the right stars and now it is a strong chart. Well, according to ShenSha which I dun like using, my month branch is in Kong Wang but the Wei LP is already over and my life is much better now. Thanks for your help.

The correspondences continue…

My question is, Mr J has been reading more than hundred charts and yet the most profound and fundamental question of the strength of the chart is still prevailing and that has not account to, the accuracy of catching of the useful gods or YongShen. This may not be an isolated case. Unless otherwise, one speaks out liked Mr J did, one will not understand as to why after investing a fortune in BaZi courses and consultations, readings the chart is still way off the actual life events. Something must be so damn wrong, somewhere.  It proof s one thing, you are still your own best teacher. 

We would like to hear your view.

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