Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Reaper And The Chart

Death can occur during Good Luck, this is NOT a Fallacy.

The protective element of the chart is REAPED off.

The useful god is DEAD!
The Self is vulnerable for attack.

BaZi Diary has notify us about his lost of a partner. We are sorry to hear that. As his partner's chart was put up, it will be an opportunity to see, for real case, as how the reaper works on the chart. The Ding self is strong, making resource and self as his vulnerable elements. This is elementary. A deeper look revealed that this chart is rather lop sided, being too many fires. So, output to him becomes important, his life source.

Comes Xin Chou, his guardian angel revealed. How bad could it be? Heaven and Earth are his favorable elements. He is destined for GOOD LUCK. Since metal is not in his natal chart, he has no affinity with this guardian angel. This is the first cut.

FanYin with three pillars! Not enough? Removed away all his useful gods, when Chou year comes in with a revealed Ji, Ding is no longer a strong chart. The clash of the graves with lure and support by season also pulled the Ding into his own grave making it a grand finale. The self finally was broken.

On a XuanKong level, there will also be a FanYin in the abode of his residence and I reserved such discussions for another blog on another day.

So, quickly scan through your own chart and if preventive is not an option, then lived life to the fullest! On a lighter note, since BaZi Diary has gone professional, an investment of USD 38 is a good bargain for this piece of information. Liked the saying goes, preventive is always better then cure, so hurry up.


Guest said...

David, it seems even the clash relationship need support from the season and lure in the stem like the combo&transformation of the earhtly branch...

yibazi said...


Yes indeed.

One perspective is to note that, clashes does require a lure and in season to occur. But it cannot just be a clash all the time, otherwise it will be clashes all years round? So, when will a clash really take place? That is when the lure stem up! Indirectly speaking this is called timing. Good observation!

Guest said...

Quote: "FanYin with three pillars! "

Where is the FanYin???


Guest said...


YiBazi said...

Yes indeed. 3 DingWei's pillar knock out at once.

Jorge Ayala said...

Hi, Mr. David

According to his chart: What element (In human actions/activity) coud have been the preventive one to avoid his heart attack? ?
Really scaring knowing it and been unable to avoid/mitigate fate!!, hahaha


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