Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Rich Man Chart

“… I have the set of rules from Joseph Yu, saying like this:

1. The DM is untimely and has no roots. Minor roots NOT in the month branch are allowed.

2. There must be one RULING GOD that is the strongest in the chart. This GOD must appear in the STEM. The ruling GOD MUST timely.

3. There must not be any resource in the pillars. Minor resource in the BRANCHES may be allowed*If Resource appears in the STEM, it must NOT have even a minor root.

4. There must not be any major GOD that controls the Ruling GOD.

Have a look over my chart if you are free.... I suspect my chart is the Follow Power... Then, if you are agreeing, all the reading is different, my DM becoming the RULLING GOD, which is METAL... “ – A Friend from Nusantara.

Let us look at the chart. Jia born in You, autumn month. This is called not being born in season or the self is untimely. True enough, not a minor root shall be in the month branch otherwise it will not follow. Jia is only earthly supported by Yin and next to heavenly resource Gui. This cannot be a follower chart. It is just another weak chart, as there must not be any resource in the pillar.

Because this is a weak chart, resource, authority and self becomes favourable. In fact, there are more to this chart! This is a classic example of a rich millionaire chart with lots of properties and inherited wealth. The only shortfall is the useful god is not rooted otherwise it will be superb. Anyway that can be arbitrated when the roots find its way in the Annual or Luck pillar. This friend can use all the 5 elements to his advantages. Just the luck pillars alone tell that this person is very lucky with little bumps in his road of destiny.

Luckily he does not inherit a follower chart, likewise as he says, all the readings will be different.


K said...

Hi David,
and, also, Hi Chris....
Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

Would you please elaborate ,since my Dm is weak, then, authority is supposed to be not favourable, is it because of the authority doing its job to support the resource, so you conclude it become useful?
Then, output in not really welcome as well, since, output will do double job, to exhaust the already weak DM, and hurt the resource....?

I have a particular year that was so pivotal, which is 2007, DING HAI year...this one year, simply put,it was so terrible, to the point that my dad passed away...
Is it because the Ding in heaven hurt my Gui? or is it because the yin combined by the hai, that broken the root iniside the yin?

Once again, really appreciate your kind gesture and all the openess in sharing this exquisite knowledge...



YiBazi said...


I do not have a chance to meet you in person although I would like to meet you up someday and thanks again, for your generosity.

A weak Self do not liked to be control. This statement is true only under certain circumstances when authority star is unfavorable.

In your case, the authority is favorable because it is technically weak.

2007: DingHai Yr: Both destruction and combination to the palace of home conditions. Tendency to combine to form wood but it cannot form therefore it does not involve you but someone nearer to you. When the combination do not take place, the destruction does. The outcome to you becomes unfavorable. These sort of earthly branches movement also denotes entanglement and issue related to inheritance.

Output is weakening self. A weak DM do not like output. Your arbitrating resource is floating therefore not able to restrain your output star.

That is why I said it was a good chart but yet lacking the superb factor.

Beware also of Harm when Zi comes into the AP or MP.


BW said...

Hi David

It has been a pleasant experience to be following your blog and your knowledge sharing...
The honour is mine, when we actually can have a coffee and to get to know each other..

I will be digesting all you have answered, and now, the pictures are getting to make more sense and, to be honest, i get to see the whole incidents through a different angles now...

Once again, thank you...

B said...

Hi David,

Could you analyse my Bazi for me please?

I'm B (Male).
My date of birth: 21 Oct 1982, 0941 hrs

Not sure if i'm asking too much but here goes...

My questions are as follows:

- Pertaining to myself as a person:
- What does my Bazi tells about me
- My character/personality?
- My strengths and weaknesses/flaws (and hence what should i focus on)?
- My potential?

- Pertaining to Career / Wealth:
- What type of job scope am I more suited for?
- Are job related critical obstacles that I will face in the next 4 years? (For I'm am bonded to my current job)
- What are the key area of focus for me to brush up on when it comes to excelling in my work?
- Will I be able to accumulate wealth?

- Pertaining to Relationship:
- I was engaged and almost getting married when things turned sour. Had a rough 2 years.
- Based on my charts, any indication that I will find my soulmate and if yes, when?
- What are the pertinent things that I should pay attention to within my own family?
- What's the relationship assessment with my friends, superiors, colleagues and subordinates?
- My mum passed away not very long ago and I am facing quite some issues with regards to my Father. What are some areas that I should look out for and how can I help my Father / myself?

- Pertaining to luck:
- How would you perceive my life to be like thus far?
- How is the outlook for me in this luck pillar that I transited into (if i'm not wrong, it's about 2 year already)
- Are there any critical dangers (and what type) that I should pay attention to?
- Will life get smoother for me in my next few luck cycles? Or am I in for a tough ride?

Anything else starking that you would like to advise me on would be greatly appreciated.


YiBazi said...

Hi B,

Yes I could.

Here is my policy: "... Although I do not fix a price for readings and most of the collections are ended up for charity. So as not to spoil the market rate, I will concurred the same as first an email to me with the respective date of birth and time of birth, the gender, questions limited to 5, consent for me to use the Bazi chart for this blog in a anonymous or pseudonym basis and a payment of USD38.00 to be paid first via the paypal account.

In return, the chart will be read and discussed in this blog..."

Hope this is favorable to you.

K said...

HI David
I have re read your comments over and over, I notice your comments regarding the abritation.
To my knowledge, ABRITATION is to reconnect the missing portion. Yin and Yang to be used together.

I have been reading, and still wondering, for a chart, if there is a sickness element, then, it will be best if it could be cured.
My question is, how do we cure a chart, let say the weak DM, need the resource, but then, if the resource star is not rooted, how to cured?
Reading your comments, "...anyway that can be arbitrated when the roots find its way in the Annual or luck pillar"
Could we do something more actively to cure a sickness element, or, to weaken an overly strong element within a chart, under the influence of a different luck or annual pillar?

YiBazi said...


Yin Yang polarity only prescribe sentimentality. Arbitrating element does not connect Yin and Yang. It keeps the 5 elements in balance. For this chart in question, all the 4 elements are revealed. Arbitrating such is much easy.

Sickness elements mean either: -
1) The natal chart is under attacked namely the useful gods are slain.
2) Over abundant of negative gods.
3) The weakest element in the natal chart.

These indicates the type of illness, the source and the body parts. When it started and when it blooms will be indicated in the annual and the luck pillar.

Curing it, not possible. Arbitrating it, yes.

For your 10,000 dollar question, the answer is yes. You can do something about the sickness elements such as a medical response on the sickness element once it has been identified in the chart and supported by a better FengShui solution.

BaZi is the diagnosis, FengShui is the prescription.

Take Care.

Jorge Ayala said...

Hi David, really awesome your postings and full of knowledege!!!
Please two questions:
1) for this weak chart the stars denoting wealth are his authority stars?? and so the useful god would be water to arbitrate between Jia and metal?
2) if this Rich Man would have been a follower chart (following power), which one would be the elements denoting wealth for him? Thanks a lot for your attention, please I miss your postings!!!

Yibazi said...


1) Wealth is wealth, authority is authority. They are not the same. In a pictorial aspect, when Geng meets water, cannot cut wood.
2) Since his chart is not a follower chart, we shall reserve such question, when we see one. Then it will be meaningful.



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