Tuesday, February 1, 2011

XinMao Face Value Malaysia KanaSai!

KanaSai! (Like Shit)! 

Tommorow is already the first day of Chinese New Year. Went to the bank to change some new notes and was told that they had ran out of new notes. Just a couple of day, one Yang Berhormat  from the MCA (Make Chinese Angry) trying to save face by touring local banks to check on the availability of new notes to be told it is sufficient. Bullshit! Saw an old lady beg the officer to spare her some new notes for HungBao money just to be sent away. What is freaking wrong with our Central Bank? Insufficient funds to save grace for the 1 Malaysia? KanaSai!

Went to Tesco and Carrefour to do some last minute shopping. Went to the cooking oil section just to find that it is empty (yeh!, only that the premium sun flower oil is available because the assumption is all Chinese are wealthy)! WahLau eh! Remember that the government has promised that stocks are sufficient for the up coming Chinese New Year celebration. KanaSai! what sort of promise is that? Government is trying to tell lie to the Rakyat (People) and treat them liked fools. Another face value antic for the 1 Malaysia? KanaSai!

We knew that XinMao has not arrive, yet we see some signs of it. Perhaps Namewee lastest Chinese New Year songs are best, represents the KanaSai sentiment of our beloved Malaysia.


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