Friday, July 31, 2009

A New BING Is Born

One of the most frequent contributor to this blog has finally been addicted to the world of blogging and decided to graduated from the cocoon of YI Bazi to his own and lets give a warm welcome to BaZi blogger Mr. Lwee Wan Sim of

Over in YI Bazi, I may have lost a frequent contributor, but rest assure he will be popping in from times to times to do what he does best, commentaries in the method of BaZi readings. We often find bucket loads of gold nuggets from his commentary especially of methodology of the Art of deciphering BaZi.
I must admit that he came from both the imagery school and technical ZiPing method. If one finds his unreserved manner of technical readings to be both profound and interesting, till he tells you about imagery readings. One will never be bored by his straight forwardness.

Being in a teaching professions, I was told he has seamlessly shared his passion in this art almost double up his classes as a metaphysics classes as well, part time. His exposures to many students has been a great source of learning experiences to him as he is known to know his student by person and not just a student. I knew, because I was his student before about a dacade ago, in mathematics. So, I suggested to him to put up more charts pertaining to how to identify a student leader or someone who can lead, how to identify straight A students and most important of all how to identify a genius! Then it will be a good tapestry among YI Bazi, Bazi Diary, Shi Xiang and now, BING Bazi.

A link will be provided in this blog and I have just confirmed with him, he is currently finding his ways to work around Blogger's Templete and in due time, another BING will shine brightly on the bloggersphere of BaZi.

Look out for the

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