Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Lucky Chart

This is a chart of a man with great amount of luck. His wealth accumulation started when he strike over RM60,000 in a lottery draw in the early 90's during the xin-chou LP. With this capital, he found his way into the share market and now he has well over RM10 million.

What makes this chart so favourable?

This is a weak xin DM with his positive resource star, positive officer star and positive wealth star, all protruding in the natal chart. On top of that, the useful god, earth stars are also strongly rooted.

His officer fire stars are also strongly rooted. Positive officer stars also represent nobility. It seems that he has donated much to temples.

Who can guess which golfer too is a weak DM with resource, officer and wealth stars all protruding in the stems?


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This is a classic example of Wealth, Officer and Resource for a weak chart, especially when his favourable elements are all rooted. One root is better then 3 in the stems. Usually you will find these structures in a millionaire chart. The next fellow I can think of is Tiger Woods. However, people without this structure may also be wealthy based on the luck pillars itself. Similarly what use is this chart if it is undergoing bad luck pillars? Something liked a pedigree car running on potted holes muddy road? Food for thought, anybody?


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