Monday, July 13, 2009

An Architect's Chart

It is very strange to write a perspective about another Architect, in view that it is also my profession. Some how there is some kind or "deja vu" almost telling of my own story in a third party shoe, there is almost bias at some point. I refer to this gentlemen as Mr. Architect and here are his requests: -

"... My own assessment of my own character:

I have always been a very strong headed person. I have excel in my studies and have been quite succesful working as an architect at the early part of my life after completing my degree with honours in Australia. However, I have a problem with been too "serious" with what I do and probably, with myself. I changed my jobs very often and I realised that it is often because I am unsatisfied with my bossess. It seems that I have a major discipline problem with people or institutions "controlling me" from above.

Now, I have set up my own little design practice offering interior and architectural services to people in Vietnam and am also working as a financial trader at the same time. I have found this arrangment most suitable for myself and am making baby steps progress to making a living using my own design and financial skills.

My main question to you is about wealth because I find that I have been a very generous person to friends and relatives but at the same time I am also very senstive towards spending money and earning lots of money. Am I asking too much or do I have the potential in my Bazi to make good money?...

... Actually, I characterise myself as "hot-headed" not from a stubborn point of view because whether at work or in personal life, I can be a very accomodating person. But I find that I am also extremely pursuasive and good at showing people options in the decisions they make. Maybe that is why I have been popular at work with my staff for "narrowing down" their choices because they truly understand the limited choices they have, and at the end, it is them who make the decisions they have to honour, and not me. I was truly the very artistic type who excel in the arts from chinese opera singing, playing the guitar and Gu Qin, to been an actor in chinese stage play and of course, been an architect. But now in my life, I find that I am moving into something very unusual and that is the finance field. I am begining to see something even more creative and powerful in this field than in design or the arts. So maybe you can help me shed some light on this as well.

Thanking you in advance David!..."

So, this is basically a character reading and I wonder how much do they charge in Singapore for such a service?

He is a strong Self Metal born in Shen, Metal Month, supported by the branch and not by the stem. There is a tendency to combine in Zi and Chou but do not transform, luckily. He favours output and wealth. No wealth star is seen from the chart and could he be poor?

A Geng person liked Shi Xiang said as "... Value brotherhood, clearly demarcated the right and wrong, firm, brave, and decisive. Unyielding, unafraid of difficulties as well as defy the mighty. Prefer to be straight and frank in words and actions. Dislike speaking in a roundabout(ndirect) way. Geng Metal people conduct are unusual mighty. Straight and direct when criticize regarding to a incident or an event, therefore have the tendency to offend a people easily. Individuality and personality does not confine oneself into a trivia matter. However vision is sharp and incisive, sense of feeling is acute. Spirit of boldness is excellent, it is said to be fond of influence and power. Good in struggle and battle, particularly for those who born in the month of You (酉) and Shen (申). The eyes is beautiful ,the voice is excellent, and the skin is flair. Noble charisma in the outward appearance . Character is restrain in the inner, moreover lack of thinking in one’s mind. Normally Geng metal people build up their wealth from nothing. Should pay attention to bones and lung and bronchus, colon, teeth and other issues. Geng Metal people speak directly and straight to the point. It is similar to the characteristic of the hatchet. Often voice out the emphasis yet unaware of offended other people. Most of the Geng people build up their wealth from nothing, this is because they like to subdue a task through their own ability. If Geng Metal people have the abundant of earth in the four pillar, it will meet obstacle to get out of a predicament (being recognized). But if the Prosperous Metal meet the Fire, then it will added the softness into the nature of Geng Metal. Result it to more conveyable and flexible...", is clearly defined here.

He is strong headed, largely due to his self structure. There is only him and nothing else. His education in Architecture further mould him into what he is today. It is not easy to survive in an architecture school, let alone make it a good grade. However, it is favourable to him of such training and discipline for his profession both as an employee and a practitioner but it is never an easy task. As this structure indicates he is not being satisfy with himself in the reflections of his employers, as it is not up to his expectation. That result in his job hopping and finally work best to be on his own. He is always in confrontation with authority be it self or others. It is all reflected in the strong self structure, negative in a way that a strong chart does not favour self which weakened his authority star. There is an intrinsic self competition and this is the unseen pressure, if it is not control will bring forth unecessary problems.

Being artitistic is view from his positive output, in a long run, he is telented because of the root. The only shortfall is his officer is not rooted and there is a self star weakening his officer. Wealth is also absent from his chart, which is needed to make his officer star stronger. These left him with 2 things. First, he must refine his talent through his action or output. Second, he must at some times, put aside his principle to gain favours. These favours will bring him the desired wealth.

Anything I left out?


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your wonderful insight. Yes, you are spot on that I have a strong character in relating to other people and I seldom compromise my principles for something I dun believe in. All the comments about good outward appearance is true and I have been a fashion model when I was an architecture student. Not sure about having a "noble charisma" but I sure have my admirers!

As for "building wealth from nothing", also quite true or at least that's what I am trying to do now!

And yes, my straighforwardness, I have noticed, often offends incompetent and petty-minded "small people" but if taken on by people who are focussed and competent, are often much appreciated and subsequently my advice implemented with successful results.

I will take note of the 2 things in your advice although you might have already guessed that it would be a challenge for me to put aside my pinciples so as " to gain favours". Nevertheless, suggestions accepted and appreciated.

Anyhow, thank you for your insight and interest in my Bazi. It has definitely "enlightened" me in a more positive direction.


Guest said...

wow, insightful article. I'm also a geng day master, born in rooster month. Your hurting officer star is strong too!

YiBazi said...

Hi Guest,

Another Geng DM. Do you fit into the context as above mentioned?
Oops... my HO is not strong, perhaps my DO is stronger.

Anonymous said...

I'm born on bing xu hour, geng zi day, xin you month, gui hai year.

-"a very strong headed person"
-"I have a problem with been too "serious" with what I do and probably, with myself"
-"I changed my jobs very often and I realised that it is often because I am unsatisfied with my bossess"
-"extremely pursuasive in what I believe in'
-"Value brotherhood'
-"firm, brave, and decisive. Unyielding"
-"Prefer to be straight and frank in words and actions"
-"Dislike speaking in a roundabout(indirect) way"
-"Often voice out the emphasis yet unaware of offended other people"
- "like to subdue a task through their own ability"

All these characteristics describes me very well, except that i'm in science field, can't wait change job soon, can't wait for these year to be over...hate it...
Oops..i don't mean u, i mean the his HO in this bazi entry is strong



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