Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Case Of A Childless Couple

There has been many questions related to wealth, health and career. Lwee has been instrumental in providing cases relating to health. Currently I was reading a case about childless couple that I wish to share. Attached is his request:-


My wife and I are childless, due to two miscarriages. Are we fated not to have a child? Even adopting (illegal way) many years ago met with obstacles ie. the authorities were clamping down on the activity. We, especially me, occasionally get depressed of the current (childless) state we are in.

Born Yi wood at the end of autumn season. Not supported by Earth and neither is supported by Heaven. Technically speaking, this is a true follower chart, favoring fire and earth. Most fear of resource, water and self, wood. Authority could have been favorable, but because there is another output that will eventually keep his authority at bay, unless wealth is there to arbitrate, but is not seen. Heavenly clash of Bing and Ding and earthly harm in Xu and You among the self, parents, ancestor and children palace summarized part of the reasons of being childless and emotional stress that reach beyond the couple and also the immediate family.

Investigating the children star, for a Yi male, authority star among others represents children. Noted that the Heavenly clash of Bing and Geng. Another clash of Bing and Geng occurred making it a three tier whammy. These are seen. The unseen revealed harm into the marital palace making childlessness an issue between the couples with their family especially the mother. Xu and You harm usually denotes physical or bodily harm, because it is unseen, there are implications that in the anxiety of getting a child, intake of food or practices, through a slow process may have affected the miscarriage.

As this is shown in the natal chart, it is a difficult to break the spell, although he may try again in the GengYin luck and XinMao luck, although he must be wary that it is another FuYin for both luck pillars affecting the children star and self. As to why a preference is given to a metal stem, is that the authority star is revealing. Unfortunately, there are again, obstacles – FuYin.

FuYin, is known as crying event. Liked BaZi Diary experienced from his wife’s chart revealing through his blog, “…There was a FuYin in my wife’s chart – but I didn’t expect that it would mean losing a dear friend…” the gravity could sometime be heavy. So, stepping into his shoe, I would not take the risk although through some FengShui help, the crying event would actually mean he would finally have his own child!

Because metal to him is not favorable, no point taking the risk.


What would one suggest to make this person to have his own child or is this the end of the road?

PostScript: A harm in the home conditions, for a FengShui master's concerns and perspective also indicate a foregoing FengShui problem affecting the household. Most likely in the SanHe view, it indicates that the water is exiting at Conception (Tai) palace.


Anonymous said...

I know this suggestion is not Bazi related but if it is legal in their country of residence, have they thought of surrogacy?

YiBazi said...

Surrogacy is not favored in Malaysia.

A recent check in the home revealed some FengShui problem that required ratifications. Read

Will put up a similar chart about miscarriage soon.


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