Sunday, July 19, 2009

A case of a very bad eyesight problem

This is the chart of a 17 years old boy who is already blind in one eye and almost blind in the other due to very high power. Normally, serious health issues can be seen in charts that are very ill balance due to the presence of a very strong negative star.

Let us analyse beginning from the strength of the DM.
1st criteria : strong - the chen month is a wood month because jia wood is protruding.
2nd criteria : weak - wu against xu and you.
3rd criteria : strong - jia and bing (month stem) against gui.
Overall : 2 strong against 1 weak. Therefore, this is a strong bing DM.

This chart is unfortunate because there is a xu-chen clash which will release all the protruding negative stars when activated. Water stars will strengthen the wood stars and the wood stars will ultimately strengthen the fire stars. So, this chart is out of balance due to the strong presence of the fire stars which are also rooted in the fire horse.

The heart, eyes and blood are the fire parts of our body.Can you see why it's the eyes from the chart?

Some people think that earth clashes will always bring about health problems. This is not true. If the clashes release positive stars that are protruding in the stems, then it can actually be favourable.

Good health to all, Lwee.

PostScript: Lwee has brought up a novel idea in the interpretation of the strenght of this chart. We are being taught all this while that Yin Mao and Chen were the three seasonal frames representing Spring seasons. The Taiwanese method further described that in the first 9 days, Chen is dominated by Yi, for the subsequent 3 days, Chen is dominated by Gui and only for the last remaining 18 days, Chen becomes a truly earth star. Counting backward, it could have been the days when Chen is dominated by Gui, therefore may be read as not in season. Although Lwee and myself do not subsribed to this method of postulations, however, it could be a worthwile topic for discussions.


Anonymous said...

Hi. What could he do to improve his health condition fengshui wise?



Hi Anonymous,

There are ways to go about it using FengShui. That will be reserved for another article in YiFengShui.


Anonymous said...

will lookout for it & keep the postings coming!

Shi Xiang said...


with the material I am having now, it seems Bing fire representing the eyes. But in the chart, fire is strong, while the Jia wood is prone to perishing.

Jia at heaven, represent left
Jia as Yang stem, represent left
Jia locate at time pillar- represent left as well.

seems there is an injury in the left side of the body.


Hi ShiXiang,

Yes, when you are reading the chart as imagery. Apparently one article state that in the TCM elements of the eye is not fire but wood. This is true. It is the water related problems that eye being wood is affected.

However, at times when we look at the chart, it speaks to you in imagery. This is called divination. Just look at the chart again, you have 2 Bings staring at you. Why not the heart as it is revealed in stem and not in branch.

However the source to the problem does not stem from the eye. It is from somewhere else hidden. The clash is only indicative of the time that such will materialised.

One postulation is to look at You as the 10th year plus another 7 years to reach the clash.

Perhaps Lwee could add.

Happy Hunting.

Lwee said...


I'm a great fan of the Zi Ping technical reading method which stresses on the simple fundamentals of the production and the destruction cycles.

Just by using this technical reading method, we can quickly see whether a chart is off balance or not.

As for timing, we look at the LPs.
His 1st LP is yi-mao and the coming 2nd LP is jia-yin. Both LPs have strongly rooted negative wood stars which will naturally strengthen the fire stars in the natal chart. Really unfortunate that he met his bad LPs so early on.

The xu-chen clash can be activated during any xu or chen year. As a matter of fact, it can also be activated during any xu or chen month of any year.

So, it's the natal chart and the LPs doing the damage.

From the chart image, the 2 bings in the middle represent the eyes.

Regards, Lwee.

Khoo Kong Wah said...

Hello my frens.
My take is the early LP of mao-xu created the prob by forming fire, leaving chen on its own to create more fire. The gui-Xin covered the prob and the eye prob was not detected early.

Based on the growth stages, I think his right eye was blind first.

Lwee said...

Hi Shi Xiang,

You were absolutely right that the left side is the problem side. Feedback from his sister shows that the left retina deteriorated when he was 3 or 4 years old and then the left eye became blind.

Regards, Lwee.

Lwee said...

Hi Khoo,

Didn't expect to meet you here. Hope you are well.

As for the chart, his left eye was already blind when he was 3 or 4 years old, even before he entered his 1st LP of yi-mao.

Warm regards, Lwee.


Hi Khoo,

Welcome to the blog. Good to have you here to contribute. Do you want to be our frequent contributors, liked Lwee?

Warmest Regards

Guest said...

BTW, Lwee if chen considered as wood month, I think Wu-Xu half san he frame will combine & transform into fire with bing lure on the stem, make the 2nd criteria is also strong. Does Xu-Chen clash fail this transformation? or You-Chen combo emancipate the clash?

yibazi said...

The spring season would have Yin Wu Xu transform into fire frame when the Bing is seen. First, there is no Yin, one perspective said it will not transform.



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