Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Lady Of The Nite

Sometimes one get a request liked an "Agony Aunt" in the Sunday News that sounded liked this: -

"My name is A. I have a friend (female), still just a friend, and so far I try to make approaching with her but until now I found that it's hard to make it. She know that I love her, but right now I feel she indirectly can't accept me (I still don't know the reasons, maybe about my character, my status, my wealthiness, etc not suitable with her preference?). And many times I try to make approaching but the results still not so good. Please tell me everything what you know about her life, especially in a romance matter. I just make sure that Is she a woman worthy to be loved? So I can avoid unwanted occurrence of love or marital in the future. She has exactly 2 moles under right eyes, and some of my friends said that this is not a good moles especially for woman but I don't know why. If you have addition information about her natal chart, please let me know. So far I have consult some BaZi Master and some of them said that:

"When it comes to relationship with the opposite sex, she is inclined to be overly assertive and this may lead to communication problem. The Hurting Officer suggests a tendency to impose her will on others and your actions can bring misunderstanding with loved ones. There is further harmful interaction of the zodiacs that impacts on her Spouse Palace. This suggests marital problem cause by money and third party affairs. Her chart indicates that she is very popular with guys and can be flirty. She is not the faithful type and can be quite rebellious. For her, the year of the Ox tends to make her prone to sexual entanglement....and so on"
Somehow we feel a little strange having to screen a perfect stranger for another perfect stranger. This comes to mind when someone actually pops in with a beautiful lady by his side, one fine day and start to ask you funny questions liked this. Will one say the same thing as said by the other masters? We send the man away and start to ask the lady in private.

Thus, this is a very interesting chart for a lady. With all the movements in the branches, yet appearing beautiful in the stem. Hidden 7Killings with the combination of the Direct Officer, not transforming, what does this means? "Thong Guan" water in arbitration, yet being the much needed resource on one hand and the lack of it on the other, what is going on with her mindset, thinking, emotions and if she is betray what would she do at the most extreme case? Would one take her as a wife or a concubine?

You let me know...


Preethi kini said...

Hi David,
She has all the peach blossoms in the chart and they are in clash ,punishment and destruction.Relationships problem. A concubine would be better. The you and you self punish shows she totally puts them off(BF'S) by her agressiveness. And no water in the chart, resource is missing and is also the reqd element, without water she can go to extremes ,if betrayed. She is emotionless and when she is down,may commit the unthinkable.
Relation with her parents and siblings may not also be good .Looks like, she comes frm a good family.

Yibazi said...

Hi Preethi,

Very perceptive...

Yes, indeed all the peach blossoms are moving in turbulence. She has many boy friends and these people are not very sincere with her. Similarly if you see closer, there is a mama-san who is accompanying her, yet directed by the unseen male. She is often being spiked and end up drunken. She is not aggressive, but possessive. When betrayed she will loop herself into depressed mode, very often and emotionally unstable. She had on various account, attempted suicide.

She admitted the above description without the attendance of the male companion. On second thought, reading charts liked these may ended up getting into trouble with the mafia.


Shi Xiang said...

Hi David,

In my opinion,for a women ,this is not a good chart. Reasoning is it is the 7 killings that sit at the spouse palace instead of the "direct officer", and there further occur another 7 killings at hour branch, and the 7 killings is the "pure qi", in the "xing" condition with another "you, resulting greatly unfavorable, clashing self further at the month branch.

resource water might require to "tong guan". Si from the luck pillar can also use to combine the You, and emancipate the clash.As Xin is the "boyfriend", Xin metal is pure, shining, "those" guy aftering here might be those who are very mind of their appearance, i.e stylish hairstyle, wearing modern fashion cloth, mimic certain style of pattern in living (j k) .

"guan sha hun za, yi hun bu ke zhong lao" <-- what advice will you give to the owner that owned this kind of chart?


Shi Xiang said...

I started to read back those "material" that I had, and roughly browse through some of the classic as well, do start to realized as Bazi can't be read based on the strength of self only... instead the "sickness" should be identified, that might be one of the reason why certain people still be able to decode an outcome eventhou the strength of self is undetermined.

Yibazi said...

Shi Xiang,

Very perceptive opinion.

The glittering Xin metal shows where she makes her living and what she is going after. Those guys are not serious with her.

We were not told who she was and what she is working as. Only when we broke the code to her, she broke out in tears. That is when she revealed the truth, in private.

" bu ke zhong lao" is very true...

Apparently it ended up as a counseling to her. In reality to come out from her situation is rather difficult.

Yibazi said...

Strength is again a point of departure. How could one identify sickness without identifying the strength? Similarly how would one use the strength when the elements are lop sided? Ultimately, how would one use the negative elements?

Good hunting.


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