Monday, November 16, 2009

Muddy Affair

A glance on this Ren water person is astonishing. Embrace by the solid wealth and resource, facing with the elegance of speech. Perfect for a leader or at least a super salesmen quality. Reminded me of selling snow to the Eskimo. JiChou for him is a little bit challenging and we just would like to know why?

First and foremost water needs to be clean to stay elegance. What we see is when a solid mud pillar comes in, pollutions sip in. Polluted water means polluted thinking. Our Ren friend is not going to think wisely. Not being able to think wisely will result in his unsentimental output. This is when the bumpy rides occurred. Born in the month when water is trapped, he favors resource. Resource is idea. Idea is wealth to him. When the year comes when he cannot think out of the box, what would his output be? Imagine stirring a glass of muddy water, would that makes the water clean?

The Ren person is destined to be the boss. Boss doesn’t work. His subordinates do. That is what makes him the boss. However, one forgets who makes the subordinates subordinate, if it is not the bosses’ boss? Err… a bit confusing. Don’t forget the boss’s boss is also the boss’s son. When Chou Wei clashes what does it means? Clashing with the boss’s boss means more confusion. Noblemen become petty people. Not others are petty but self being petty to others. Extremely calculative, becomes he.

GengYin comes with a different twist. Wants more? The same policy applies.


Anon said...

I'm not sure why this chart favours resource? Shouldn't it favour Fire to make the stronger element more abundant? Unless there is Metal in the Hour pillar :)

Then I think it would be right to say so.

Yibazi said...

Hi Anon,

That is one perspective which I agree.


Anonymous said...

Fire is a no no, already too much fire. Yup, metal is in the hour pillar for this fellow to have a nice life. The Yin is very important as it holds the earth together. The wood represents creativity to minimize contamination. Earth also reduces the affect of fire, thus creating more balance....wu earth. Ji earth contaiminates. Earth is also the resource to metal. SO while the Ji Chou year was tough because of the clash, it also brought bring opportunities.

Yibazi said...


Very perceptive indeed!

METAL is the lucky star. Stillness is the way to go. Strive on it as all waters return to its source.


Help, clueless said...

If this person doesn't not have metal in the hourly pillar, how would we recommend this person to look for metal? I'm not sure if wearing exotic / colorful items or facing the proper direction would help. Does anyone has a opinion on this matter?

Yibazi said...

First and foremost, without the metal in the chart, it paints an entirely different picture. One can see that it is not quantity that matters but the quality of the element in the chart.

By the same token, if the element is missing. Let it be so missing. The chart has no AFFINITY with the element. Even when the dynamic sides come in with the missing element, it will be off balance.

However, when the chart is read, multi dimensional, ie. NAYIN, do you see metal in the other pillars? So, how could the chart be with a missing element?

Help, Clueless said...

Thanks for the information. I understood the first and second paragraph. However, I'm not sure if I understand the word "NAYIN". Does this mean combination / transformation? If so, then this is a weak skill spot on myself and I'll need to study a little more on this matter.

Anonymous said...

It is a multi layers reading, ie Nayin, ChangShen and so on so forth. When the Stem and Branch comes together as an entire pillar, it resonates an element. It no longer resonates the stem element and the branch element alone. Nayin elements are useful when it comes to FengShui application and date selections.


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