Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Judge's Chart

Seldom do we come across a chart belongs to a Judge. How do a judge's chart looks liked?

This gentleman is Ji element. Ji Earth is liked soft earth ie. Mud. Soft earth is afraid of being too muddy. An overly muddy soil will not even stick on the wall and rendered useless. He must at all times be watchful of the water elements. What is water to this earth person?

This Ji earth gentleman is born with a strong chart favors output and wealth. Output means he has the ability to write and to speak, and most important, he also looks good in the audience. The more he puts his thought into actions, the better he becomes and the more wealth he accumulates. The problem is that this Ji earth person lacks the ability to manage himself and organize his affairs.

His destiny revealed that his childhood and younger days are turbulent in nature. However, at the later stage of this person life would be good. Saying that this person is undergoing good luck is reflected from the 10 years cycle, however, good luck to him may also be a bumpy ride.

For example, he is currently in the Gui Wei luck pillar. He is geared in the 10 years to accumulate wealth. Yet, seating beneath his wealth is a Wei branch, trying to siphon his wealth away. That will not be a problem, if he makes more wealth then to be robed away by others. With the same token, he has to work doubly hard. The question remains, who are these to rob his wealth?


JICHOU year, a solid earth pillar. As this person is a strong Ji earth, 2009 would be an unfavorable year for him. Earth to this person is seeing his own images, meaning he sees stiffer competitions this year. With a weakened authority star, he too will encounter a lot of petty people. Assuming a lot of projects may be robed away from his desk with others disputing his actions and his action to come may not in any way resolve the problem.


GENGYIN year, with metal protruding. This year is better for this person as he seems to be a little harder working, putting more actions, more likely to produce more public speaking and to write more books. However, the undercurrent that his work may upset others is prominent. He needs to use his wealth to arbitrate his critics and to gain a larger audience. The more people buy to his idea the better he will become.

So, in a nut shell, a judge's chart is of no any different from a normal person's chart. The question is what if the judge's chart has lousy officer and yet officer especially direct officer is important to enable a impartial judgment be made?


preethikini said...

This chart can use wood and wood being his DO element is why he is a judge.It is still peak ofwinter but yes ji earth is well supported. SO it is competition in 2009.Next yr wood coming to him will make him attain more fame and name for himself.The metal on top will makehim work harder but lot of problems in the will be able to handle it though.
thks and regds

Yibazi said...


Being a strong chart, resource to him is unfavorable. It will only make him more egoistic. Here is where the quality of the wood is being diminished.

He needs wealth to buy his officer.

Shi Xiang said...

Hi David,

"long time no see" haha...

In my opinion,

2009 Ji Chou year, "Chou" is strong enough to "he" the Zi,resulting the Zi strength decrease.

Ji at heaven stem "ke" the gui at luck pillar as well, wealth luck might be not very favorable in 2009. besides, Ji drain the "ding" that act as "tiao hou", nobleman luck might not be that good either.

2010 Geng Yin year, Geng is the hurting officer for this owner. Yi at year stem is the 7 killings for this owner. 7 killings (power) is being combined but can't transform, might have career problem or problem related to "ancestor palace", or head problem, as Wei Wei harm further weaken the Yi wood at the year stem. Yin(tiger) is weak because "gai tou" by Geng, when harm the Snake, resulting snake birth the self more, thus might not be so favorable as well.


Yibazi said...

Your commentary of 2010 is interesting.

GengYin is a weaken wood because of GaiTou. In fact, it is a piece of furniture. How beautiful this piece of furniture depends on the corresponding to the natal chart or the luck pillar with the reference to Bing or Ding. When we look at the annual luck, Yi and Geng will have the tendency to combine to form metal but it does not transform. Output to him is favorable no doubt. Because it does not transform, there is a tendency for his officer to be combine away. What does this portend?

In one perspective, he wants to for example, write a book or to give a presentation, to advertise himself for higher appointment. This intention will be hampered for some reasons that his officer will be led away by his action. Because it does not transform itself to his favorable action, the outcome may not be that favorable to him.

On the same note, this also apply to his mental health or thinking. The palace is growing his authority star. Because he has a lousy authority star, it is good that it is combine away to form other things. Unfortunately it does not transform.

So, he may remain confuse about his action for the year to come. Needless to say because of output is seen he will be working even harder. The question now boils down to his ability to use his wealth in arbitration.

Shi Xiang said...

hi david,

while, I don't think his authority star is "lousy" enough,... or else he won't be the judge (ha ha)...

maybe what make this "7 killings" stand out is it is the only one appear in stem (does not mixed with direct officer), and is rooted in the hour pillar (Mao), and sitting on top of "bank/grave-Wei". While, his family member might be hold certain authority in society as well?


Yibazi said...


Emmm... perhaps I should rephrase the term lousy to "unfavorable".

His dad was a security guard and the mum was a housewife operating some food stall. Not really from a rich family.


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