Monday, July 27, 2009

A Family Chart With Disciplinary Problem

Seldom do we discuss the BaZi of the entire family. So, I took the liberty to put forth a family chart for discussion. Qian represents the father, Kun the mother, Xun the elder daughter and Li the youngest daughter of the family of four, living in Europe. Let just not complicate matters, how would a FengShui master goes about it putting the tapestry of these charts into a collective whole?

Among others, the predicaments of this family are as the followings: -

Qian’s career is static, it is difficult for him to achieve his goals as an electronic engineers. In fact, he is a bit fed up by electronics and would like to go back to his real interest: mathematics.

Qian and Kun have a very bad relationship with their eldest daughter who is 15 this year and impossible to manage, giving eventually way to bouts of violence against her father, and breaking things in her bedroom where she locks in when in wrath.

The assumptions are Hour of birth for the Kun is unknown as she has difficult family history with unknown parentage and some violence.

Qian, technically a fake follower undergoing JiaShen or YiYou luck, risked of being just a weak chart instead. Daughter palace indicates elemental producing in, so it is auspicious. In the context of a fake follower chart following wealth, then wealth which is auspicious and thus, weakened. Then, why would there be bouts of violence from his daughter instead? Is she not her biological daughter? So, my take it cannot be a follower chart but just a weak chart. There is where the father spoilt her daughter by over providing her. Again, this is another problem with a lousy officer star.

Career palace of Qian revealed an elemental clash between his resource and output. That is where he is not feeling that his goal has been achieved. With the authority with no root, things may be a little difficult for him. So, as a note, he has authority issue which not keep tab may ended up with legal matters.

Kun, technically a weak chart, with the correct element at the correct daughter palace, things should not have been difficult for her. So, the hour pillar may have been wrong. In terms of disciplining her daughter, without resource, authority for her is unfavourable and beside, authority does not revealed at all.

However, another school of thought provided that the self is a stubborn fire pillar supported by wood season and strengthened by another fire at the side. So this could well be a strong chart. She too has a lousy authority star to start with.

Xun, technically a strong chart as there is a fire frame supported by season and lure. With the absent of the father’s star, she may not have the affinity with her biological father and could that be the case? If not then the father only acts as a material provider for her. A palace elemental revealed that a producing out into her authority star which is revealed and yet weakened by the resource which happened to be the mother, then her authority star is indeed a lousy one. It all boils down to disciplinary matter and the sources are her parents. Over provisions can some times be a harming factor.

So, if one is auditing the FengShui of the house, from the readings of the charts, one could zoom into the officer issues either there could be mismatched in water flowing out of the officer palace or there is a ShaQi located at the officer’s location. That will be the tale for another day.

For a friend who has asked the question as to how do we read the BaZi chart in correspond to a FengShui audit, this is an example. Ultimately, I honestly could not understand that there are respond to say BaZi is not require in the art of FengShui. Perhaps I am a little dull to see beyond that.


Lwee said...

Hi David,

Yi DM born at the end of spring can never follow. Perhaps, it slipped through your mind.

Warm regards, Lwee.


Ha ha ha...

You let the cat out of the bag again! That is why I say, my take it cannot be a follower chart.

Just for discussion sake, do you reckon Chen month as the month of wood or the month of earth?


Lwee said...

Hi David,

You are right. It does not follow.
Technically, it is the earth month.
However, No DM will follow when they are at the end of its own season.

Regards, Lwee.


Perhaps ShiXiang could provide us some hard fact as to Lwee's postulation that specify, No DM will follow when they are at the end of its own season.

Happy Hunting

Shi Xiang said...

Quote: No DM will follow when they are at the end of its own season.

I had not heard of this before...


Ah Shi Xiang,

You seems to have a pet project to do.


Your mentorship is sought after. :-)


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