Saturday, October 17, 2009

Strong Reacting As Weak - Where Does It Goes Wrong?

The case of a strong chart that reacts liked a weak chart. Salvaged from another forum of Chinese Metaphysics, a Wu earth male born in Singapore with a strong chart that favours output and wealth. Yet he is not satisfied as his life path does not match with the reading of the strong chart. We would investigate under ONE assumption: -

1) The first chart is based on his birth date and time in accordance to the country of birth. This concept is in lined with the notion of affinity and synchronicity.

His life path among others indicated the followings: -

1) For the first 20 years, he did well in academic achievement.
2) Relationship with dad is distant. Mother is close.
3) For the first LP, family conditions were poor.

Let us investigate these charts…

The first chart, Wu born in summer. Supported by Heaven and Earth. Strong self. Cannot be a vibrant
Chart. Ren and Ding cannot form wood. Some school of thought did not agree on this principle. The chart favours metal and water, among others are the output and wealth. For a strong chart, to be brainy as it claimed, the favourable gods must be prominent. A solid wealth at the hour pillar demonstrated such that this person has IQ, yet the tendency to combine and to clash away such by over self confident is significant and luckily does not transformed. So, the impact is lesser and unrevealed. On his own accord he will do well in school, although not without its price.

The father palace revealed a clash with the resource star and being unfavourable, indicated his distant relationship with his father. However, it is a different stroke for his mum, as revealed in the mother palace, mutually prospers with his resource. Because resource is unfavourable, his mum will have to toil for his livelihood.

Similarly, looking at his home conditions, a palace relationship clash occurred, activated by the 1st LP with the revealed of the unfavourable authority star, meaning their livelihood could have been better if his father would resume the responsibility as the bread winner.

So, this chart does reflect his life path after all, the only problem is the way it was read or as taught to him by others, makes it entirely lopsided as though it should have been a weak chart.


MYL said...

Hi David,

Always fascinating to read your analysis, an insightful analysis as usual.

For my benefits:
1. Where is father palace? Month stem or Ren in Hour stem?
2. Where is mother palace? Month branch?
3. Where is home? Month pillar?

Best, MYL

Yibazi said...

When you place this chart over the forum, I cannot belived that the discussions were so lengthy that the disputes were centralised on trivial issues such as the time adjustment, vibrant chart and so forth. Most could not even get a clue as how would a strong chart liked this does not fit into the strong chart characteristic. When the fact was, the manner in which a chart was read has gone hey-wired.

One school advocated that one in the branch is better then 3 in the stems. So such reading has gone so wrong. I take a hint from your discription as to the fire year and so on...

This is fundamental. Palace and star relationships are fundamental principles one has to know when reading a chart. If you could get in thouch with ShiXiang perhaps he could let you know where these palaces are.


Lost, help said...

Hi Yibazi,

I’m not sure about the forum discussion. Is there anyway that you can provide the link?
I believe ShiXiang is still busy studying, did noticed he posted several comments on Five Arts, but wish not to interrupt him right now.

My question is similar to MYL 1 & 2 questions. Let’s say the father palace is located on the monthly stem and mother palace is located on the monthly branch, why did you stated the father would have a clash to the person’s resource. The only metal I see is hidden and located in the yearly branch. Just to reconfirm, the mother palace has hidden elements and process star relationship. Is that the reason your interpretation between the father and mother palace are differ?

Greatly appreciate on anyone’s opinion and insight on my comment, thanks.

Yibazi said...

Hi Lost and In needs of Help,

Let just say you are right, the father palace is located at the month stem and the mother palace is located at the month branch. What is the father's star to this Wu person and what is the mother star to this Wu person? Knowing this you will understand why.


Anon said...


Isn't the father's star the wealth? Means it is water. Father's palace should be zi, and mom should be month branch wu, or self EB. I'm not sure. But mom should support the son right? Before wife comes into picture.

So, hence relationship with mom is good. But dad is not so good. Because clashes with mom, which supports him.

IN essence, it looks like a strong chart. But if you look at the chart interactions (resource being clashed away by dad it becomes a weak one. Output is also not strong, so lack of ideas to convert into wealth.

He can be quite lucky with lotteries and indirect wealth.

Yibazi said...


Yup, you have put the riddle in the sense that, in essence it is a strong chart, because it is a strong one. The strength cannot just change characters, unlike playing football with changing goal-post.

Star to star relationship is only single dimensional reading, one has to go beyond that.


Lost, help said...

Thank you all for the information.


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