Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breast Cancer

This is the chart of a 50 years old lady who was diagnosed with cancer of the breast in this ji-chou year.

She has undergone an opeartion and is being treated with chemotherapy. Can you see the image of an operation from the chart?

She entered into her present geng-chen LP in 2003.

This is a strong geng DM. So, the negative stars are the fire, earth and metal stars. As you can see, the earth and metal stars are strongly rooted and the end product is a very strong presence of metal stars in the chart.

What happens when she moves into the geng-chen LP?

Obviously, the chart will be overload with metal stars as chen-you combines and transforms into metals stars with geng protruding. The strongly rooted earth stars from this ji-chou year is the final blow.

Can you see the consistencies in the charts of people who have serious health issues?

Therein lies the POWER of BAZI. There are so much more.......

Let us pray and hope that she too will recover.



Shi Xiang said...


In my opinion, it happened at 2009 because the Zi that located at year pillar which is important to exhaust the Metal has been transform into earth once combine with Chou.

There is a Zheng He in the chart. Day Master sitting at Xu , while Friend Sitting at Zi(exhaust), thus Seft will have greater strength to combine the Yi wood. which shows that in realife, this women have the ability to rob the wealth from friend and sibling.

does she have injury at the liver?


Lwee said...

Hi Shi Xiang,

Yup. It happened in 2009. Sorry, I couldn't get feedback about the liver at the moment.

Regards, Lwee.


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