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A Fake Follower That Refuse To Follow?

In one of the commentary to the tread http://yibazi.blogspot.com/2009/07/another-fake-follower.html, MYL has requested for a reading of a female chart that is seen as a fake follower chart as the followings: -

“… Please kindly confirm that my diagnosis of the following chart as fake follower is correct?
Year: Gui Mao
Month: Ding Si
Day: Gui Chou
Hour: Yi Mao
I understand that the favourable elements become Fire and Wood?...”

Technically speaking, Gui self born in Si month, not in season. Not supported by the branches neither are the stems with a small exception of Gui, at the year pillar. Because Gui is not rooted at all, it can be construed as a fake follower chart, following summer season which is wealth. So her favourable elements are fire, earth and wood. All the presumably negative stars become positive. Here we shall match her life path to determine does a fake follower really follow.

[MYL Quote]: I did ask her to give me a bit more insight of her life. I have also known her for some years now and she has generously let me practice on her chart while I am struggling to make sense of what I had read on BaZi! She told me that she was born overseas (country 1) and spent her earlier years there. The family move back to the parent homeland (country 2) when she was about 7 or 8 where she started to learn new language and new custom at new environment. But she does not think that it is stressful to her, she said may be it is stressful for her parent but since she is too young to know any better, she does not think that it is a bad period for her. The family was not rich but she was well provided for within reason.

[DY Response]: Rendering her coming of luck to be WuWu, the revealed earth is generally favourable to her. There is a harm at her palace of home conditions which affecting her authority, here generally means she needs to learn a new custom and a new language. The classics note that this is called the temperamental harm, among others signify the lack of patient and small anxiety. But she may be too young to recognise as something serious.

[MYL Quote]: At the final year of Ji Wei period (1990) she obtained foreign country scholarship (country 3) where she met her husband, married and settle down there now. She had some hard time to obtain employment during the early year after she had moved to the new country but she got something eventually and so during her Geng Shen and Xin You periods, she thinks she had an average luck as well. So it seems her life has been quite comfortable since childhood until now.

[DY Response]: JiWei solid earth pillar, authority revealed and rooted, she got married. That is natural. However, when the solid metal luck comes in as her resource star, will that be still comfortable for a weak follower chart that disliked to be strengthened? Here, the fake follower does not want to follow?

One perspective states that the season of summer weakened the negative resource of her luck pillar, providing yet another line of defence. That is where it is just another mixed luck, average.

Another perspective states that when the resource revealed, if it is a real follower chart, the effects will be detrimental as the structure will be broken. However for a fake follower, it will be read as a weak chart. So the fake follower cannot follow and the self find itself surrounded by negative stars.

[MYL Quote]: Luck started to turn in 2006 during her mid Xin You Period, her father fell and broken a leg, an arm and pelvic and while waiting at hospital for operation suffered a stroke which paralysed the other leg. She herself had a health scare during this period, which makes her to let go of her employment. She had been given a clean bill of heart now but her father just had another operation last July and she is wondering whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel as she is about to enter her Ren Xu and Gui Hai cycles.

[DY Response]: Did not have a chance to look at the starting and ending year for her luck pillar but from a reverse engineering, 2006 BingXu and subsequent, these movements of the earthly branches make a health scare out of her and metal luck is not consider to be favourable either. Generally the challenging time ahead should have been the metal and water lucks. Since she survived the metal luck period which is by degree is much detrimental then the water luck and at these age, health will generally be an issue. One will have to narrow in to take care of the particular years with her negative stars revealing particularly water and metal with clashes and combinations that may combine away or clashes away her useful gods.

Perhaps this might help.


Lwee said...


From the feedback given, it is true that this chart is a fake follower chart.

She has entered her xin-you LP since 2001. Technically speaking, a fake follower chart does not favour resource stars.

Fortunately for her, this chart is still OK even when xin metal comes into picture because there is another gui in the year stem to arbitrate the countering of xin metal on the useful god, yi wood.

So, what is causing the problem?

It's the you-mao double clash that causes the chart not to be that favourable in this LP. Double clash on the useful god. The gui in the year stem does help to cushion this double clash but not completely.

This is how a very important protruding star can make a world of difference.

Without the gui in the year stem, this structure will be badly broken. The useful god, wood stars will be at the mercy of the strongly rooted metal stars of the geng-shen and xin-you LPs if there is no water stars to arbitrate.

I'm feeling some spiritually from the image of this chart. Can you please provide some feedback?

Regards, Lwee.

Lwee said...


I mean spirituality as in spiritually inclined with kindness and being compassionate.

Regards, Lwee.

Anonymous said...

Thank you David, thank you Lwee, the explanation given make sense to me. We can safely conclude that this is a fake follower chart that follows the wealth star… She was saved during her metal LPs of Geng Shen and Xin You by two factors: 1. The hot fire season of summer that weaken metal and 2. The all-important Gui at Year Stem that saves her even with the double clashes between Mao and You! And… because one of Mao is in her career palace, her career suffered as the result. I surely will view ‘friend’ with a different perspective from now on, no matter how weak and tiny they are!

During my many hours of starring on the chart, I came up with another possible explanation (please forgive if I am embarrassing you blog with dumb ideas). I believe that the chart is on the hotter side, being summer month with lots of wood to fuel the fire. As such, even though water is a negative star, it cools the temperature of the chart and makes it more comfortable. And that is why Water is less harmful than Metal?

If this scenario is true then it will also help in explaining why she had better years during her Geng Shen LP, which is the direct resource, which by default is more gentle and supportive by producing a “good” water, compare to Xin You LP with its ‘non-sentimental support’.

On your last note, Lwee, She is not religious; she is a pragmatic person. But she does charity works for various organisations regardless of the organisation’s belief and religion. She is a gentle, softly spoken person who does not speak much unnecessarily. She let others cut her sentence mid way and will not try to resume where it is cut. She also let others dumps their workload on her because she simply cannot say No. She avoids confrontation like plague. She is very neat and tidy and like cleanliness or order. She has the aura of sophistication about her, which I think is what you have perceived from her chart.

One more question please, does the upcoming Ren Xu LP with earth on the branch means another move? There is also a possible Chou Wei Xu Punishment in 2015 the year of Yi Wei. What can be expected from this form of punishment?

Best, myl

Lwee said...


The ren-xu LP is a money making LP.
The xu will combine with the mao of the year branch and transforms into favourable fire stars which is her wealth star. However, she needs to share this wealth with the ren self star. Perhaps a fruitful business partnership.

When the xu has transformed, where is the punishment?

Regards, Lwee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lwee,

Understood and thank you.

On the subject of Luck Pillar, the first luck pillar starts on a certain age that is calculated according to a rule. What about period before this first LP? Does the Month Pillar in the chart rules luck during these years?

Best, myl

DAVID YEK TAK WAI (email:yektakwai@hotmail.com) said...


On the subject of the luck pillar, it was quite a challenge to decipher the luck pillar itself and seldom do we go into those pillars before the commence of the 10 yrs luck pillar, usually use to read a child's chart.

If you are accustomed to the Taiwanese method, then the month pillar becomes the lead.

Perhaps ShiXiang could dig up a little on this.


MYL said...

Hi Lwee, Hi David,

I have taken a step further in analysing this chart. I have taken the method prescribed by Bazi Diary and classify her acquaintances into separate DM groups and surprisingly she is more comfortable with Water and Metal DMs. This does not seem to match our consensus earlier. However, of the two group DMs, she is more at ease with Water DMs compare to Metal DMs, which corresponds with our consensus.

There is another fact from her childhood period: her mother used to tell her that the mother had a difficult pregnancy with severe allergy and fainting caused by low blood pressure attacks. Her mother was bed ridden during the last few months of pregnancy. After she was born, she was a very sick baby. She stayed in hospital a few months before being discharge. Even after being discharged, she is back and forth to the hospital due to illness. Her mother said she was not sure whether the baby will live or not during those periods. Out of desperation, the parent brought her to Chinese Traditional Doctor and apparently this help improve her conditions substantially. As these happened prior her first Luck Pillar, previously we think this is not relevant. However, it seems from David’s previous comment, regardless whether we use her first pillar of Wu Wu or month pillar of Ding Si, both Earth and Fire was supposed to be her favourable stars. So is this an indication that the chart is weak rather than fake follower?

Does the fact that she moved south during her Wu Wu LP and south again during her Geng Shen LP have any effect on how the chart behaves? Can the move to the south direction make her Fire element stronger and make the chart to be fake follower instead of the original weak?

Best, myl

yibazi said...

Bazi Diary laws of attractions do have a huge followings. Indeed true that is the nature or rather when affinity crosses paths, the DM tend to attract certained elements. That is totally something else and does not relate to ZiPing structural readings.

If you look at the mother palace there is a Ding fire star representing her wealth. This wealth star is weakening her mother palace, that contributes to the difficulty of the mother at birth. However, the Ding fire is positive for a fake follower chart so the outcome is favourable.

Moving South has nothing to do with the chart. Liked I have hinted many times, the external element will not fly into the natal chart neither do your element fly out from the natal chart.

If you are keen on the side of my experience, read http://www.yifengshui.blogspot.com/2007/09/taken-for-ride-lately.html

That tells a story of moving south because the chart needs to be kept warmth.

Warmest Regards

MYL said...

Nice story there, I guess one needs to keep common sense intact from being carried away in the pursuit. We can put the case to rest. Thanks again.

Best wishes and keep writing.

yibazi said...


Well said, well said.


Robert said...

Hi Lwee,

Isnt SanXing has greater priority than LiuHe? If this is the case, then Xu-Mao will not transform...Chou-Xu-Wei will prevent that transformation?

Bingbazi said...

Hi Robert,

As long as the transformation criteria are right, xu-mao will transform into fire stars. In this case, the ding-si month pillar supports the transformation.

Regards, Lwee.


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