Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn SeX-capes

Classic example of Following Wealth where there is Money, there is HIM, befitting an IMF chief. However, it is not money that brings him fame but women. Othordox Chinese Worldview, woman equals wealth - a commodity. Since Wealth is favorable, why would he engross with Sexual Assault?

Common lead is XinMao annual pillar, triggering FanYin? One contributory factor as many follower charts alike, it is lopsided. His solid water pillar luck is not over as yet. Career Palace sees Heaven and Earth combines, seeking comfort in the expanse of his action where his peach blossom clashing outward as some may called it being "horny" and the nature of FanYin, his sudden impulse to seek sexual comfort has affected him, being in the position of power, he is caught with the pants down. There is always the harm effect between his desire and his action.

Question, how to derive such? 

1. Would a combination to resource taken place?
2. If resource transformed, why it happens?
3. What will be the nature of this chart meeting resource?
4. Would a combination to output also taken place?
5. Why would output be negative in a follower chart?
6. What is the harm signify?
7. What it means by spouse palace clashing out peach blossom?
8. Is his officer noblemen or ghost?
9. Others…

More questions…

1. Will suicide takes place?
2. Will he get off the hoke?
3. Is the entire plot a set up?
4. Who is the unseen hand in manipulation?
5. More…

One of the challenges of reading BaZi is the ability to peel opens the chart and to look at it in many angles. Technicality on the rules of transformation and so forth is only one dimensional. As Master Ng common advice, if you do not strip naked the chart, you see nothing…

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Postscripts: -

"Even though technically this chart looks liked a follower chart, it cannot be a follower upon ONE very important factor - Chen month. The end of spring, wood Qi still has its root and Yi wood cannot follow... - Master Ng."

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