Friday, May 27, 2011

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Received a call from BingBazi (Yes, his blog may have been dead but his interest in BaZi is ever burning) reminded me that I may have overlooked something on the rules of a follower chart. That is the end of season, the day cannot follow. Reason, there is still residue of Qi strengthening the Self. However, there is still a catch. Master Ng, was cheekily telling me, just put up a postscript and say, Even though technically this chart looks like a follower chart, it cannot be a follower upon ONE very important factor - Chen month. The end of spring, wood Qi still has its root and Yi wood cannot follow... However, is this really a Chen month we are talking about? Is it really an end of spring we are talking about?

Well, he continues by saying, if you look at the structure of people born in the Wealth Month, assuming Chen is an Earth month, the classics assumed that he (strong daymaster) will bring good tiding for his dad in terms of prosperity. His biography recorded that he is liked Osama, was born into a rich family. Someone translated from the French, Dominique Strauss-Kahn Andre Gaston is the son of Gilbert Strauss-Kahn, legal and tax adviser and member of the Grand Orient of France, and Jacqueline Fellus, journalist of Russian descent and Tunisia. Born into a Jewish family who settled in Morocco in 1951, he grew up in Agadir. He finally left Morocco following the earthquake of Agadir in 1960, to Monaco. Now, how do you wish to read this chart? Weak or too weak that it becomes Strong? Perhaps, rewrite the classic? Master Ng will discuss more in the workshop.

My good buddy referred me to a English Forum of Chinese Metaphysics where the same chart was discussed, although I may not able to read the hidden texts. The lists go on to discussed on the loopholes up to 5 pages or more with many things contributed, sentiment thrown as though some master is going to be crucified and among others: -

1. First were the loopholes such as XinSi hour instead of BingXu. One forummer suggested that the hour of 11:10am in France. The True Solar Time is XinSi instead of RenWu. If it is RenWu, needless to say, it is a weak chart. His entire biography would have to be rewritten. Whereas XinSi, would have given a better matching to his biography, especially a follower chart. Now, if you read a possible Si You and Chou combination to metal, which is his “unfavorable” officer, you are able to gauge the possibility of a ploy to bring him down. The question is, will it be successful?

2. Fire as the useful gods. In many schools useful gods is always equals to favorable gods. However, we beg to differ. Unfavorable gods may also be of use. The question is how? Now assuming Fire as the useful gods in reflection to the day the incident happens, XinMao year, GuiSi month JiSi day and GengWu hour, where summer is only one component to the entire chart, it is not even strong enough to save the day. Thus, unlikely to strike out Fire as his favorable element. Any serious BaZi practitioner should also understand that singled out a season itself is not prudence where the entire day is affected by all the 4 pillars and not one. Therefore, the question of Is Output and Wealth star desirable remains certained for a follower chart even if the day and month when the incident happens are of fire Qi on reason that the day Qi must be read in totality.

3. The effect of Luck Pillar (LP) changing the basic characteristic of the strength of the chart. There are many schools of thoughts on this matter. However, the basic principle is, you cannot play football with changing goal posts. The correct explanation is the strength of the chart remains, however because of its lopsidedness, the incurred LP will make the chart off balance. What may seems to be favorable will unlikely to be so. However, if one is able to use the unfavorable elements to one's advantage, it may also save your day. That is why it is also a useful god. However the question remains is how? It may appears that some blog writer may not necessary explain such and that doesn't mean he/she is not aware of it. However, a chart cannot simply sometimes follow sometimes don't.

4. I appreciate the fact that the critiques from the forum does make an attempt to explain why Yi daymaster in Chen month cannot follow. I must agree to his postulation which sound, Wood born in end of Spring Chen month has Gui Water and Yi Wood Qi from remaining Mao Month and they remains even as graveyard and storage. Those from the Dominant Qi theory school may also agree on this unless if the daymaster is born in other seasons like Summer or Autumn Earth Month. In which case, one has to look into the hidden stems to qualify further. Therefore, Yi daymaster born in Chen month or Gui daymaster born in Chou and so forth cannot follow. However, only those who understand the nature of 1 in the branch is better then 3 in the stem theory would understand that there is exception to the rules. It is not secret, is just a different school of thought unlikely to be new age as well.

In summary, it is a good discussion and gutsy challenge with regards to investigating a real life case. As I am not granted access to the forum and mainly depends on feedback from my buddy, it will just be good for me to contribute my thought here meanwhile my view in this matter, as always, is subject to be corrected. As I congratulating both Singapore's BaZi practitioners of sparring in a gentlemen way, my view may have indirectly giving hints of so called "secret" techniques which is no longer a secret, as according to Master Ng and many forummers alike. There are just more layers in the chart worth investigating and I leave it to Master Ng to peel open in the coming workshop.


Kathleen said...

Why isn't bing bazi up and running again? I really like his readings, those with ghostly encounters, being rich etc...

He has a flair for writing. Miss those articles.

Bing bazi if you can hear me...PLEASE PUT SOME ARTICLES UP AGAIN...we are hungry! :(

Anonymous said...

what do u think about this chart
30 january 1992-it`s a weak or follower chart?although in this lp she has succes in study

austin said...

Hi Anonymous,

Without the hour pillar and just the information given by you, i guess is a weak chart.


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