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Cheering for Obama, Weeping for Osama

An ardent fan requesting a commentary on Osama’s Chart. Googled to locate his time of birth, with varying results from Mao hour to Si hour. I believed Mao is taken after some acrobatic effort to align it back to Beijing’s time (GMT+8). Then again, do one necessary realigned back the hour pillar to Beijing’s time? Joint our up and coming workshop and Master Ng will share with you the intricacies of such practices. 

Let’s just sideline the hour pillar for a moment and observed the Day and the month branch. Xin metal born in the Mao month, middle of spring. Metal controls wood, therefore, it is said to be born in the wealth month. Classical analogy prescribed that the day master born in the wealth month is rich for both parent and child. Osama’s biography in the Wikipedia stipulated he was born into a rich Arab family of Ben Laden. So, in order for such to happen, he must inherit a strong chart in order to be wealthy. You need the wealth of an empire to support an establishment such as the Al-Qaeda. 

Fall back to the trinity theory of in Season, Location and Formation, season is unsupportive and the stem does not fall within reach to strengthen the Day master. A large probability that Osama’s chart is a weak Xin day master. So, where has the interpretation of the classic gone so very wrong that a weak day master born in the wealth month means his parent is going to be bankrupt the moment he is born? Master Ng will able to tell you why?

Next, assumed that Mao hour is correct. We will see 2 FuYin, which is a technical term in BaZi sometimes known as Hidden Siren. If such structure compatible with the house AiXing structure one is living in it, then a possible death event may occur and the remaining question is who? Otherwise, such “Crying Event”, which happen when one is cheering for Obama and weeping for Osama, is entirely different. Noticeable treat, first and the last line of defense is completely null, leaving the Day master vulnerable for attack. Do you see FuYin beyond just crying event? Better, go ask Master Ng.

Bet that you will know even more with the electrifying, exposed all no hold back approach of Master Ng’s BaZi Workshop extravaganza. Don’t miss it, make a date with us as the followings: -

Free Your Mind in the coming QUANYUAN’s BaZi Preparatory Workshop, which needs no further introduction. Again, we organize this workshop out of compassion to our students and as a refreshment course as well as to give more opportunity for others to participate.

Calling for enrollment for the 2011 session as the followings: -

Date: 3rd June 2011 – 5th June 2011 (3 Days)

Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm (may be extended to organizer’s discretion)

Venue: Royale Bintang Resort and SPA Seremban (

Workshop Fee:  

Launching Price: RM 4,200.00 (Save RM1,600.00) Reserved only for the first 10 participants with payment made before 20th May 2011.

Normal Price: RM 5,800.00

Repeat Student: By Invitation

Easy Payment scheme is provided (Maybank & Eon Bank only). Kindly enquire within:
For Payment Via Bank Transfer: Kindly Enquire Within.

For Further Enquiry please click HERE.
All Terms and Conditions Applied.

Includes: Workbook, Lodging and Meals.

Since its inception in 2010, it has benefitted many students and some is calling for more just as what Master Ng has to say: -

“However during my class especially on the first day, I was carried away and drew into “advance” mode of my teaching due to the enthusiasms of my students and the newcomers who had already professed some fundamental knowledge of BaZi… From the nature of the questions put forth, it made me realized as to why some students who has studied these subjects are not able to read a chart. It is not that the theory that they are lacking, but the real applications of reading the chart…”


If you want to know more about YOURSELF beyond just Profiling based on your Day stem and structure with fanciful names liked Thinker, Manager, Artist and the sort, this is the workshop you must not miss!

If you want to know more about OTHERS liked affairs, academic achievements, wealth, health matters and beyond just some fanciful jargons liked extrapolations, shifting palaces and the sorts, this is definitely a workshop you must not miss!

If you care to know what is the RIGHT TIME FOR THE RIGHT ACTION to be taken by yourself without relying too much of the computer printed Fortune Reading that is available online, there is only this workshop you must not miss!

The emphasis of this workshop is direct hands-on approach without much to do with academic or theoretical approach. That is why it is a workshop. This manner guarantees the participants of a strong fundamental and methodology to be immediately apply and seeing the results for themselves. More importantly, participants are able to be well informed of their respective destinies and are able to maximize them accordingly.

There is no other person to know oneself better other than our very own self. We are our own teachers. So, this workshop will open up a whole new dimensions to verify first hand our very own destinies based on our past experiences, current predicaments for a better future, as all has been inscribed in our very own BaZi chart as from Master Ng’s very own words: -

“It is my honor to show you the TRUE application of BaZi beyond methods that were currently available elsewhere… I realized that students who joint us are coming from a wide spectrum of backgrounds… Both will find that my approach to BaZi is different and the manner of which the chart is “peeled” open is throughout. As I am happy to know that my earlier students have shown remarkable improvement in their BaZi readings, their attendance this time proved to be even greater value as they are able to see more things from the chart…”


Knowing your BaZi without knowing what step to be taken is not benefiting. Although on and off, Master Ng would leak out some nuggets of FengShui remedy, it is meant only for those who know how to apply. This workshop is a prelude to QUANYUAN’s up and coming FengShui workshop which enrolment is only by invitation. QUANYUAN FengShui workshop is a complete Theory and Practical session, to enable participants to competently apply their knowledge in BaZi into the application of time tested FengShui method practiced by QuanYuan. A competency test would be conducted. Upon passing such test, would QuanYuan offer such candidates to be part of the professional team in QuanYuan. In line with QuanYuan’s objective, we are building up our team slowly and steadily.


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