Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Perfect Chart For A Perfect Workshop

A BaZi connoisseur wrote to Lenny, “I have been given a much-appreciated reading by a member of a BaZi forum recently. He said my Four Pillars was near 'Perfect' and that I would eventually find someone with a similarly pure structure as my partner. It has made me very happy…” 

Being elevated, Lenny pass the chart for me to take a look. Well, not very often would you get a glimpse of a near perfect chart, if it ever existed. What caught my attention was a synchronicity of Bing-Xin combination which happened to be coincidentally similar with the last ZPZQ classics commentary. Well, there must be a purposeful coincident for such, even with the upcoming workshop on BaZi, I shall reserved the “interesting part” for Master Ng to expose. 

Entry level, one has to qualify the strength of this chart by looking at the month Xu. Is this an earth month or a metal month to start with? So, which is which? Even more interesting, Yin Wu and Xu, the entire fire frame in the branch – would it transform? Is this a summer Qi instead? Wei and Wu combines to form fire, again. Would it transform? Here combines and there combines, which one take precedent over the other?

None of the stem or the branch supports the Self with the exception of Yin branch at year pillar. It is rooted there. Strong enough not to qualify as a follower chart? Even more interesting, Bing and Xin combines to form water, nourishing Jia and thus disqualify itself as a follower chart. Would that be the case? Can Bing and Xin transform in the first instance?

It is a very interesting chart indeed. Student of QuanYuan would understand the questions I raised and the answers are obvious if you have enough practice. If you know the answers to these questions, then I am sure you will get something more from the coming workshop. Saying thus, if you do not know: -

1. The rule of accessing the strength of the chart.
2. The rule of transformations and what it means.
3. The rule of the Earth month.
4. The structure of the chart.
5. The uses of the 6 Gods.
6. When an Officer is Noblemen or Petty People
6. And Others…

Don’t wait any longer; this is definitely the workshop you must enroll! Failure to even lay out the bottom line in this chart, there isn’t any point to discuss about Cai Guan Yin whatsoever. 

A perfect chart would also render its imperfection, after all. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello YiBazi and the gang,

IMHO, this is a Follower chart (probably a Follow Fire chart).

This is the month of earth, because Wu earth is directly protruded at the Month stem.

Yin Wu Xu will transform into fire, because Bing heaven stem protruded in the Year stem.

Xin Bing will not transform into water because they are separated by far, and the earth is strong in the earthly branch. If a Bing arrive from the Luck, given Bing Shen pillar, Xin Bing will turn into fire.

Maybe this is near perfect because there occured a Direct Officer to Guard the wealth, and there occur eating god there give birth to the wealth.

Do you agree?



Hi Annonymous,

I was so eager to answer you... but wait a minute, I just do not know who I am answering to...

Drop me a private mail and let me know who you are for a beneficial discourse.


Anonymous said...

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Ling said...

Hello Master Ng, Lenny, David and everyone here:
I am the owner of this chart and just found out that it has been featured here in YiBazi. What an honour!
If I may ask, were there any confirmations made about my chart? Please share with me what you can. I would really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Is this really a 'near perfect' chart ?? It seems there is an imbalance in Yin-Yang, ie, all earthly stems are Yang (hot and dry).

Not sure this is a follower's chart, because the Xu is at the month stem. Chart reading is never an easy task...


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