Saturday, July 4, 2009

Transformation That Affects The Strength Of The DM

This is the chart of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers. The yin-mao-chen seasonal combo transforms into wood stars, supported by the yin month and lured by yi in the year stem. This transformation turns the chen earth into wood.

Here are the 3 criterias in determining the strength of the DM.

1st criteria : strong - yin month supports fire DM .
2nd criteria : strong - chen and mao against wei. (chen has turned into wood)
3rd criteria : weak - yi against xin and wu

Overall : 2 strong against 1 weak makes this a strong bing DM.

A chart that has a very strong unfavourable stars in the natal chart is very imbalance and is prone to illness. This chart has a very strong negative wood stars. The main organ for wood stars is the liver. It was reported recently that he has a liver transplant due to liver cancer.

The brilliance of this chart lies in the strongly rooted useful god which are the earth stars.

By Lwee.

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