Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feeling Lucky

I recently met a gentleman who has just the right attitude of non confrontational nature, but highly influential, which I termed as peacock. The cheracteristic of a peacock is firstly appearing nice and orderly but his way of getting things done his way is highly amirable and impressing. Just don't ask how, as he has his way. The word, motivating is of a better choice just liked the motivational Guru liked Tony Robbins and the aliked. I must say when you look at his chart, you will understand the person behind the peacock in appearance. Let just say, his road of destiny is less bumpy then the one most traveled or in a nutshell, he is simply luckier! So I must admit, the FengShui CasaNova currently in the dock may have just taken a surf up the tidal wave and who knows, he may just walked out many time richer then who he is as a phony master or otherwise?

Perhaps GOD's will is written in the path called the Destiny or simply luck pillar. Be honest, most lucky people has better view of the word determination, not because they are less hardworking, but rather things will usually goes their own ways with or sometime less effort. It is the unlucky one that has to do something adverse much to the potrayal of the notion of Existentialism I think therefore I am. Have you notice why some people always happened to be at the correct place meeting the correct people and getting the correct projects at the correct time? The world seems to be their playground? It always remain the question of the unlucky one as can destiny be changed?

The natal chart is liked a car. A good chart has all the ingredient for a pedigree. However, what use of such a pedigree when the road travels are full of potholes and bumps? Whereas, for a not so pedigree type of natal chart would just be sailing along the way through a smooth super highway reflected in the destiny. This is the bunch of people I called the fellowship of the lucky ones. So the question of lucky does not stem from the strenght of the Self. We seems to see more weak self running important positions liked presidents, chairman, CEO and other. Needless to say there is also weak chart that is worst off, simply because of luck?

Knowing what you know about your own destiny is of paramount important. Knowing what is your favourable elements will make the bump and potholes less painful and knowing how to use the unfavourable elements will bring one up the pedestal of success even if the window of openings lasted only 1 miserable year. This can be known by many names, but that is not important. Your own life path is more important. There is a prophecy that stressed first fate, second destiny, third FengShui, fourth cultivates and fifth knowledge in the order of luck. I must say, it should be read, if it is not fated, yet the destiny can be altered by means of FengShui through cultivations of good deeds in the field of dispersing the opportunity of acquiring knowledge for the unfortunate ones. This is the highest blessing...


Lwee said...

Hi David,

Base on the Zi Ping Bazi method, this is a weak ji DM born in the fire month. The useful god is the fire stars and ding fire is strongly rooted in the fire month.

Since the resource fire star is protruding, this makes the officer star jia to be favourable too and the officer star is also strongly rooted in mao. Wow! Useful god and positive officer star strongly rooted. This is a fantastic chart.

With the officer star protruding too, this makes the water wealth stars also positive.

The only negative star in this chart is the xin output star which is weak as it does not have any roots at all, not even in the minor qi.

On top of that, this chart has 8 LPs with favourable stars protruding in the sequence of ren, gui, jia, yi, bing, ding, wu and ji. What a lucky chart!

Regards, Lwee.

DAVID YEK TAK WAI (email:yektakwai@hotmail.com) said...

You are right...

I have been meeting people liked these. Am I feeling lucky as well?

I believed BaZi Diary also has the same inclination if I am not mistaken. Perhaps he can revealed a little. Many things to learn from him...

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Very strong 7k in the chart,known to all he would be very nice and just , but underneath is that streak of smartness and devil may care attitude.Going thru strong metal and water luck, must be rich and in a good position.Good repute in society.
great chart.


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