Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Brilliant Bing Fire

This is another chart that shows how transformation affect the strength of the DM. Ding-ren transforms into wood stars supported by the yin wood month.

1st criteria : strong - wood season.
2nd criteria : weak - mao against hai and xu.

3rd criteria : strong - ding and ren (turn into wood stars) against ji.
Overall : 2 strong against 1 weak makes this bing a strong DM.

This is a chart of a 3rd year student in a Singapore university. He was one of my students during his pre-U years. He obtained straight As and then got accepted into the Singapore university on a full scholarship. The brilliance of this chart again lies in the rooted useful god of the earth stars. Here again, the negative wood stars are strongly rooted since ding-ren has transformed into wood stars. He has a muscular problem that caused his hands and legs to be weak. Although he is able to walk, he needs some assistance climbing up and down the stairs. Basically, growth problem is a wood problem since wood is the only star that grows.


PostScript (David) : This was interesting. While writing a commentary, I noticed that there may be a transformation fire structure at the Yin Wu Xu combination with lure and supported by season, although the Wu is being pushed up. If this transformation take place, it is no longer a spring season that we are talking about, but the entire fire frames composition rendering it as fire season instead. Ofcourse there is one school that state that, the season as a reference cannot change its cherecter similarly to the self reference, at this juncture the transformation is eminent. If this condition enable such transformation to take place, then the Ren and Ding may not combine and transform into wood. What is your take?


Anonymous said...

- Relationship with father not close.
- Closer to mother.
- Likely to have 3 or 4 siblings.
- Not parents' favourite child.
- Will get married.
- Marriage will not be blissful; constant quarrel.
- Will not divorce, one marriage.
- Career will not be outstanding.
- Not suitable to run business.
- Has a bad temper.
- Has very few close friends.
- First child likely to be daughter.
- Will not be wealthy.
- Overall a below average chart.



Hi Lwee,

Notice also the Yin Wu Xu, silent push with lure at Ding and Bing supported by wood season, forming fire frame. Is Fire, self favourable to a strong chart?

Lwee said...

Hi anonymous,

You are right that he is not close to his dad but close to his mum. He has only a sister and he looks like a soft spoken guy to me.

I think he should do well in the current ji-hai LP and the next LP which is wu-xu.

Regards, Lwee.

Lwee said...

Hi David,

Looks like the spring is here to stay and the ding-ren will transform while the fire frame will not.

Regards, Lwee.


Hi Lwee,

Yup, you are right. The Springs are here to stay for good. ;-)


Corrine said...

Hi everyone,
How do you know he won't be wealthy?
Hidden inside his chart under the Dog in the Hour Pillar is Metal, which is his wealth element. Being a strong DM, its important that its not present. Explain why not a wealthy chart please. Thanks

Yibazi said...

Hi Corrine,

Absent of the wealth star may not necessary mean the person will not be wealthy. Similarly with too many wealth star, the person may not also be wealthy. So the whole chart will need to be looked upon together with its LP and AP. As none of us know who Anonymous is, I don't think you will get a straight forward answer from it.

On a second note, sub qi is not read in that manner.



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