Monday, November 30, 2009

Different Stroke

Finally, BaziDiary has got his inspiration back in the Chen Hour to update his blog. Welcome back!

What caught my attention was this statement: -

“… But by layering different ‘schools of thoughts’ the reading becomes more accurate. That is one reason why I always do my analysis (online consults) via a questions and answers approach…”.

Most school advocates the strength of the chart as the entry level in deciphering BaZi.

Take the following example: - This Yi Wood is born in season. Not supported by stems and branches. One school of thought states that when the season is supportive it is read as a strong chart, while the others; this is structurally a weak chart.

Let’s investigate further; the entire solid winter is present. Born at night Ding fire is very weak. Seated on water thus painting the entire chart overly abundant with water. When there is too much water will it uproot the plant? If the chart is read as a weak chart, wouldn’t water be his favorable god, as weak chart prefers to see resource?

From the dialogue with this Yi person, we found that water related issues were prominent. Yet, if it is a weak chart, why would that be an issue after all?

Reading it as a weak chart is not entirely wrong. A weak Yi needs resource, water. In the father palace, there is a resource star. Reflecting on real life, it is true he is very reliable to his father in terms of finance and materials. Because water is favorable, therefore the outcomes to him are favorable.

So water can be both favorable and unfavorable?

In the more so called advance level, strength of charts becomes secondary. The context of the chart becomes primary. We only use the strength as a point of departure, not entirely as a reference cast in stone.

The overall context will single out the useful element as in this case is…?

So, I quite agree with BaziDiary on the layering of different strokes, but I constantly remind myself not to be confused and fixated to the rule of the games. Do you think otherwise?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Judge's Chart

Seldom do we come across a chart belongs to a Judge. How do a judge's chart looks liked?

This gentleman is Ji element. Ji Earth is liked soft earth ie. Mud. Soft earth is afraid of being too muddy. An overly muddy soil will not even stick on the wall and rendered useless. He must at all times be watchful of the water elements. What is water to this earth person?

This Ji earth gentleman is born with a strong chart favors output and wealth. Output means he has the ability to write and to speak, and most important, he also looks good in the audience. The more he puts his thought into actions, the better he becomes and the more wealth he accumulates. The problem is that this Ji earth person lacks the ability to manage himself and organize his affairs.

His destiny revealed that his childhood and younger days are turbulent in nature. However, at the later stage of this person life would be good. Saying that this person is undergoing good luck is reflected from the 10 years cycle, however, good luck to him may also be a bumpy ride.

For example, he is currently in the Gui Wei luck pillar. He is geared in the 10 years to accumulate wealth. Yet, seating beneath his wealth is a Wei branch, trying to siphon his wealth away. That will not be a problem, if he makes more wealth then to be robed away by others. With the same token, he has to work doubly hard. The question remains, who are these to rob his wealth?


JICHOU year, a solid earth pillar. As this person is a strong Ji earth, 2009 would be an unfavorable year for him. Earth to this person is seeing his own images, meaning he sees stiffer competitions this year. With a weakened authority star, he too will encounter a lot of petty people. Assuming a lot of projects may be robed away from his desk with others disputing his actions and his action to come may not in any way resolve the problem.


GENGYIN year, with metal protruding. This year is better for this person as he seems to be a little harder working, putting more actions, more likely to produce more public speaking and to write more books. However, the undercurrent that his work may upset others is prominent. He needs to use his wealth to arbitrate his critics and to gain a larger audience. The more people buy to his idea the better he will become.

So, in a nut shell, a judge's chart is of no any different from a normal person's chart. The question is what if the judge's chart has lousy officer and yet officer especially direct officer is important to enable a impartial judgment be made?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Muddy Affair

A glance on this Ren water person is astonishing. Embrace by the solid wealth and resource, facing with the elegance of speech. Perfect for a leader or at least a super salesmen quality. Reminded me of selling snow to the Eskimo. JiChou for him is a little bit challenging and we just would like to know why?

First and foremost water needs to be clean to stay elegance. What we see is when a solid mud pillar comes in, pollutions sip in. Polluted water means polluted thinking. Our Ren friend is not going to think wisely. Not being able to think wisely will result in his unsentimental output. This is when the bumpy rides occurred. Born in the month when water is trapped, he favors resource. Resource is idea. Idea is wealth to him. When the year comes when he cannot think out of the box, what would his output be? Imagine stirring a glass of muddy water, would that makes the water clean?

The Ren person is destined to be the boss. Boss doesn’t work. His subordinates do. That is what makes him the boss. However, one forgets who makes the subordinates subordinate, if it is not the bosses’ boss? Err… a bit confusing. Don’t forget the boss’s boss is also the boss’s son. When Chou Wei clashes what does it means? Clashing with the boss’s boss means more confusion. Noblemen become petty people. Not others are petty but self being petty to others. Extremely calculative, becomes he.

GengYin comes with a different twist. Wants more? The same policy applies.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Lady Of The Nite

Sometimes one get a request liked an "Agony Aunt" in the Sunday News that sounded liked this: -

"My name is A. I have a friend (female), still just a friend, and so far I try to make approaching with her but until now I found that it's hard to make it. She know that I love her, but right now I feel she indirectly can't accept me (I still don't know the reasons, maybe about my character, my status, my wealthiness, etc not suitable with her preference?). And many times I try to make approaching but the results still not so good. Please tell me everything what you know about her life, especially in a romance matter. I just make sure that Is she a woman worthy to be loved? So I can avoid unwanted occurrence of love or marital in the future. She has exactly 2 moles under right eyes, and some of my friends said that this is not a good moles especially for woman but I don't know why. If you have addition information about her natal chart, please let me know. So far I have consult some BaZi Master and some of them said that:

"When it comes to relationship with the opposite sex, she is inclined to be overly assertive and this may lead to communication problem. The Hurting Officer suggests a tendency to impose her will on others and your actions can bring misunderstanding with loved ones. There is further harmful interaction of the zodiacs that impacts on her Spouse Palace. This suggests marital problem cause by money and third party affairs. Her chart indicates that she is very popular with guys and can be flirty. She is not the faithful type and can be quite rebellious. For her, the year of the Ox tends to make her prone to sexual entanglement....and so on"
Somehow we feel a little strange having to screen a perfect stranger for another perfect stranger. This comes to mind when someone actually pops in with a beautiful lady by his side, one fine day and start to ask you funny questions liked this. Will one say the same thing as said by the other masters? We send the man away and start to ask the lady in private.

Thus, this is a very interesting chart for a lady. With all the movements in the branches, yet appearing beautiful in the stem. Hidden 7Killings with the combination of the Direct Officer, not transforming, what does this means? "Thong Guan" water in arbitration, yet being the much needed resource on one hand and the lack of it on the other, what is going on with her mindset, thinking, emotions and if she is betray what would she do at the most extreme case? Would one take her as a wife or a concubine?

You let me know...


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