Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wealthy But No Wealth Stars - Something Must Be Wrong?

One of Daniel Bakerzin’s interesting charts. Is this a classic example of a Fake Follower or rather just another weak chart?
XinHai, glittering pool in sheer winter. Frozen? Not really. Just lucky that the bearer of this chart is born in Si hour, sheer afternoon sun. Yet, in winter the chill would “insult” the sun. Classic says, 调候。金水生于冬令,木火生于夏令,气候太寒太燥,以调和气候为急。此以调候为用神也。, Adjusting Climate, Metal or Water born in winter month, Wood and Fire born in summer month, the climate is either too cold or too hot, and then to adjust the climate is urgent. This is Climate adjustment as Useful God. So, naturally fire would be the Useful God.
Fire in hour pillar would be good to this person. Everything he does unknowingly turns to Gold. You mean Gold? Where are the wealth stars? Chen is the storage of water and graveyard of wood. Its wealth is 6 feet under, yet how on earth could he be wealthy?
This is where Adjusting Climate, Metal or Water born in winter month the climate is either too cold and then to adjust the climate is urgent, is very misleading. So, to put a person above the stove of fire for being lack of fire in his chart is a big mistake.
Another school would say that this Xin person is not metal per se but Ren water as it follows the seasonal Qi. Xin does not take the imagery of fine jewellery but the sparkling metallic look of water bodies. Being in the afternoon, the view is majestic. No need extra adjustment; by itself it is already complete. That is why he does not need wealth star, as others bring wealth to him. How lucky!

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Anonymous said...

I learnt Bazi Reading reading from a different school of Bazi.In this chart, the individual is very talented and has many skills/hobbies. Luckily,he is very good what what he does. Wealth and position came in the big luck.Growing up 13-22 years may be tough for him, but he meets his indirect wealth in 23-32 yrs.He also does well in career as his skills/talents flow smoothly.He is definitely capable and probably started making tons of money during this period. He is lucky because the following 10yr luck 33-42 years bring high official position or position in society.BingXin combine and transform successful with the presence of Dragon Chen. This periid is most likely when this individual obtained his wealth an position.



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