Monday, March 26, 2012

3 Pillars And A Criminal Breach Of Trusts

The above example, from a case shared in our Facebook, it is rather straight forward without the Hour Pillar, and it qualifies as a weak chart. However, matching description: -

“… a lady’s chart who was suspected of committing ‘criminal breach of trusts’ was caught on 20 January 2012 with incidents started in 2011 while she is in her 30s…”

So, in XinMao year, her resource is revealing. For a weak chart, resource is favorable, but why she was caught? Looking at Mao, her action, which is also assumed unfavorable for a weak chart, is in a state of destruction with Wu, wealth, which is also assumed unfavorable for a weak chart. Unfavorable element destructing unfavorable element should have been favorable? Yet it is not the case?

Something must have been very wrong in the reading of this chart. If this chart falls within the special structure of a follower’s chart, then the reading would be entirely different. One postulation states that with the resource revealing, the following structure would been broken. Therefore, read it as a weak chart. Again, this is not the case. One cannot play football by shifting goal post.

Well, this event state that she is engrossed by NEED for money (negative wealth) rather than GREED for money. In her character palace, it is the appropriate star even though it is not sentimental. There is something that has pushed her to the limits before she resulted to her actions. The ingredients are in the hidden stems. 

Looking as the cause and effects of this event require a throughout understanding of the 10 gods and movements within the chart. Likewise, if you had spent a fortune learning the art of BaZi and you are not able to qualify its strength, not able to understand its relationship between elements in the palaces, not able to comprehend movements and clashes between elements, not able to open up the chart to identify the underlying reasons and consequences, it is time to re-learn the art. 

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