Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dr Jackle And Mr Hyde

It has been sometimes since I last wrote in YiBazi. Let’s go to some very basic fundamental. What is Stem and what is Branch? Stem is something you can see from the appearance. Branch is something you cannot see. Not because it is hidden but it is mixed. Among these mixed Qi, there appear to be one that predominantly strong while others hidden. The hidden Qi are the mixed emotions. That can only happen for a person. Therefore, reading hidden Qi reveals the hidden agenda of person and also the hidden sickness a person may succumb to inherit. 

These 2 pictures revealed strongly the interplay of stem and branch. One may look good but with hidden danger while the other may look bad but with hidden goodness. It means to say, if you look at a pillar itself, the stem tell you one thing, the branch the other thing, the branch’s main Qi some other while the hidden Qi yet another and a combination of stem and branch also another set of story. The same apply with the luck pillar. One may be in good luck but there is inherent danger. One may be in bad luck but there are new opportunity arising. So, reading BaZi is not really about reading the apparent face value. Face value tell you one thing but one must also understand what is behind such especially on matter of health issue.

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