Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Annual Outlook

RenChen year, revealing stem water sitting on earth branch which is also the graveyard of wood and the storage of water. Nayin of the year is also water. Looking at the pillar itself, there is already over abundance of water. The nature of Ren water itself is an abyss risk of overflowing. Not knowing its depth, it occupies the center crater of a huge fertile TangLang mountain. Chen represents among other, a huge mountain capable of bearing lives. Unlike Xu which represents rugged PoJun or broken mountain which is barren waiting to be exploited, Chen gives a perspective of potential growth. However, the caveat is the risk of everything being flushed away when the reservoir of water gives way. Thus, it brings forth the notion of a major house cleaning, an absolute change in the government (especially those with weak fundamentals) and corporate restructuring. There are much uncertainties forecast especially individuals or establishments with weak fundamentals such as heavy debts, mismanagement, high corruptions and so forth. Underlying survival technique – self reliance and believes there is no free-lunch. 


Among all the industries, logistic, speculative investment, finance and manufacturing industries are at risk. It also means to say, there is a potential of credit crunch with lesser purchasing power across border. Stiff competitions result in everyone looking for alternatives and new horizon, such as FengShui, religious linked industry, fashions, advertisements and designs are thriving while underlying uncertainties prosper insurances, bonds and real estates. Malaysian economy which is heavily geared towards agriculture and manufacturing may not be spared.


Some quarters may hail the arrival of a political tsunami come the election for Malaysia, somewhere in the first quarter of the year. Although RenChen may promise some kind of a revolution, ChenYou tendency to combine fails to transform into another authority star. It means to say there are major buyouts with money hidden and laced with conspiracies and upper handed approach. Unless otherwise, it happens in the month where metal stem revealed which is very unlikely. Yet, in a glimmer of hope, human factors will prevail as only those with firm fundamentals and principles marches on.


Carry through 2011 which witnessed the major flood in Bangkok, flooding may occur within the region of west and southwest with deltas and low laying areas are more prone to flood.

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