Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Classics: ZPZQPZ Example 2

Another example from ZPZQ. The script says: -


ShiXiang aka BaiMa translated as: -

"... Wu and Gui combined, with  water rooted as qi leakage (self weaken) is too strong, thus Wu earth which can support self is used to counter hurting officer (gui water)..."

This Geng person is classified as a weak chart. Gui combines Wu has the tendency to form Fire. However it is implied that fire cannot transform. The classical rationale as Output rooted thus weakened the weak chart further has no bearing whatsoever to its ability of the output star to combine with the resource star to form fire. It suggests, it is better that such transformation does not occur so that resource star can keep the output star in control. No fire was mentioned in this phrase and Yin combines Hai is kept silence for unknown reasons.

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