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Classics: ZPZQPZ Example 1

SiXiang has done a remarkable job attempting to translate  ZiPing ZhenQuan PingZhu (子平真诠评注) and thus spark some interest in us to understand the substances of such classics as with one example given, it states that: -

"... 丙辛相合,而官旺通根。此为官多同煞,以丙火制官为用也。此为安徽主席刘镇华之造 ..."

It translates to: -

"  Bing and Xin combine, the Authority is prosperous and rooted. Such is known as "Too strong of Authority equals 7Killings". Bing fire is used to control Authority..."

Strange, Bing and Xin is not even side by side. How to combine? Second, this is a Direct Authority structure and where do we find Seven Killing? Fire to control Metal, yet fire is not even rooted and how possible can it controls metal which is rooted in the seasonal branch? Better, using imagery method, where do you find the "Sun" Bing fire in the wee hour of the morning, Yin? Now, this is the problem with reading the classics and I liked the idea that this classic is written for the experts of that time in order of the Qing Dynasty. It is assumed that readers are well versed with the fundamental of BaZi. 

Our humble opinion, One way to read this chart is that the Jia Day Master born in You month (Autumn), untimely, supported only by Yin branch and Gui stem is technically a weak chart, favoring Self, Resource and Authority. The Authority is absolutely strong and wouldn't this be favorable? However, contrary to popular believes, Earth is the arbitrating element but was unfortunately not protruding in the chart. So, the next choice in line would be naturally fire. In a weak chart, wouldn't fire and earth be the negative gods and yet it is said to be the useful god instead? However, that doesn't mean Earth is not important and will be dormant forever or this person would need to live in the Sahara for his lack of Earth in the stem.

Another postulation is Authority is rooted in the month pillar making the structure of this chart as the Direct Authority structure, it can be said that the Direct Authority becomes so strong that it takes the traits of a Seven Killing (7K) natures – “Abundant of officer equals 7K”. Another way of saying the stubborn Direct Authority structure is negative, implying that this Jia person would do things by the book without compromising is equally bad as a person who would do things without boundaries – The Extremist. This is only true when Earth as an arbitrating element is missing. By saying Fire is used to counter Authority, it implies Fire is used to produce Earth. This is as though using money to buy officer – Bribery! At the end of the line, your Officer (Authority) would listen to you, a typical suggestion given the background context of the Qing Aristocratic Society.
Now, is that exactly the Classics try to tell us?


Anonymous said...

hello David

my humble opinion:

Day Master is Weak. Direct Resource in the chart can't be used because it can subdue the Eating God (Bing Fire) that counter the 7K.

The classics says, 7K is best to be countered. the root of Bing fire is the Tiger. I guess this is the Eating God Countering 7 Killings structure.

Earth (wealth) is inauspicious, because it can drain eating god and gives birth to 7 K. This Bazi does not favor meeting Ren and Hai, because Hai can harm the Tiger, which is the root of Bing, and Ren can counter the Bing fire.



白马王子, Shixiang,

Very please with your translation work! Good job!
The problem with ZPZQ is that it is not everybody's cup of tea. In a weak chart we want to see resource be it direct or indirect. Since output is negative wouldn't it better to be countered?

Next, You will see that this counter that counter, so finally what useful god can be used?

ZPZQ is not meant to be read literally. Otherwise you will find many contradictions. If time permits I will continue to make commentary on you splendid translations. The we will have many things to talk about via email.



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