Monday, December 21, 2009

The Spirited Chart Of DongZhi

My friend BingBazi has been having a wonderful experience with the spiritual domains lately that he brought up some charts that is of interest in spiritually. Some of the questions that most obvious is as the followings: -
  1. How do you see one has YinYang ability.
  2. How do you know one has YinYang eye.
  3. How do you know one is gifted in the art of metaphysics
  4. How do you know one is a ghost buster
This chart belongs to someone I knew who has the YinYang ability. He is a Daoist Master (TianShi) and at times a FengShui master and also a Ghost Buster. 
One has the YinYang ability when Bing (the ultimate Yang) meets the Gui (the ultimate Yin) in the chart. These are what is called YinYang stars. The quality of the YinYang stars must therefore be further qualify, such as when Bing meets Gui, what does it portends? The GuiSi pillar at the month is so strong penetrating heaven and rooted on earth. His ability for the paranormal is extremely high. With 2 Gui protruding, that has also cost him dearly. Imagine how would the sun be when it is shrouded between clouds?
The Hai-Si clash is a strong indication of the crashing into the heaven's gate with again, the revealed of the Gui among others signifying spiritual entities. When the Li Gua imagery of Bing is among others rested among the heavenly clouds, he sees deities and demons. Very often he communicates with them to an instant he was accepted as a disciple to one of the Deity of very signification role in the Taoist Trinity. The Wu-Gui has the tendency to combine without transforming, indicating a strong affinity with the unseen world.

We often says that only the water day person can handle the art of metaphysics, because the art belongs to Fire. However, this is not necessary the case, as the art of metaphysics has the 5 elements where water and fire are the most obvious. For this very person, the chart follows authority, which is water. In his role as a Daoist and a medium, he finally found a niche for himself after many years of struggles with other ventures.

Being a strong 7Killing structure. That indicates his guts, among others to catch ghost and venturing into the realm of the paranormal. Strangely, we often said that a person must have a strong indirect resource in order to feel the vibes of the paranormal and yet no resource is seen in this person? Even without having Gui-Hai as his day pillar, he has managed to path the paranormal with ease, thanks to the month pillar. 

I take the opportunity of the arrival of the winter solstice, to wish all BaZi enthusiasts a happy DongZhi festival of TangYuan and family reunion besides the more happening Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


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